While Boris Johnson resigned as Prime Minister less than nine miles away – a smiling and laughing Sir Keir Starmer took a break from the drama unfolding at Westminster and enjoyed a day out at Wimbledon.

He was joined by his wife Victoria on the women’s semi-finals.

Sir Keir shared jokes and affections while he was displaying his love for his spouse.

His journey from SW1A to SW19 came shortly after he unveiled a plot to remove Mr Johnson from power immediately.

After seeing a large number of Tory MPs vote against him in the last 48 hours, Prime Minister David Cameron announced this afternoon that he will be leaving Downing Street.

Johnson revealed that Johnson wants to continue in office up until a new Tory leader can be elected. That could potentially take weeks, or even months.

Many Conservatives’ are resisting the PM’s plan – wanting him to go as soon as possible – and Sir Keir had earlier attempted to further fuel the Tory civil war.

In the House of Commons, Johnson promised to vote no confidence in Johnson’s Government and Mr Johnson if the PM wasn’t removed promptly.

Sir Keir Starmer took a break from the drama unfolding at Westminster today and headed to Wimbledon

Sir Keir starmer made a quick getaway from today’s drama at Westminster and went to Wimbledon

Labour leader David Cameron was seen sitting in the Royal Box of Centre Court with Victoria on Women’s Semi-Finals Day.

Sir Keir’s journey from SW1A to SW19 came shortly after he unveiled a plot to remove Boris Johnson from power immediately

The Labour leader and his spouse watched Tunisia's Ons Jabeur reach the women's final after she defeated Germany's Tatjana Maria

The Labour leader and his spouse watched Tunisia’s Ons Jabeur reach the women’s final after she defeated Germany’s Tatjana Maria

Sir Keir shared a joke with TV presenter and Liberal Democrat peer Floella Benjamin

Sir Keir had a laugh with TV host and Liberal Democrat peer Floella Ben

Commenting on Mr Johnson’s quit pledge, Sir Keir said: ‘He needs to go completely, none of this nonsense about clinging on for a few months.

‘He’s perpetrated lies, fraud, and chaos upon the country.

“We have to live with a Government that doesn’t function in the middle a crisis of cost-of living.

“All those who supported him should be ashamed.”

Sir Keir said in a message that he was sending to Tory MPs: “He has to leave, he cannot continue this way.” His party has finally decided that he was unfit to serve as Prime Minister.

“They won’t inflict any harm on him for the next few weeks.”

And, making his promise of a no confidence vote if the PM does not leave No10 immediately, Sir Keir said: ‘If they don’t get rid of him then Labour will step up in the national interest and bring a vote of no confidence.

“Because we cannot go on with this prime minister clinging to for months and more.”

Labour’s leader has been daring Tory criticisms of the PM, to vote alongside opposition parties for Mr Johnson’s government to be toppled and to forcefully remove him.

However, the plot may trigger a general elections. Sir Keir would then enter with an enormous question mark over his future political prospects.

Durham Police has accused him of violating Covid rules by using a boozy curried in April 2013. He has repeatedly said that he will resign if the Durham Police fines him.

Andrew Bridgen from the Tory Party, who was among those calling for Johnson’s resignation, called Sir Keir’s plans ‘futile.

He told LBC Radio: ‘Conservative MPs will not vote for that because that would push us into a general election with Boris Johnson leading us.

They will vote for the Prime Minister’s confidence because this would cause the government to fall and it could lead to a general Election.

Labour’s attempts to place confidence votes on Conservatives only makes it more difficult for Conservatives not to support Boris Johnson.

“It would be futile. General elections are the last thing the country needs.

The Prime Minister, who has seen vast swathes of Tory MPs turn against him over the past 48 hours, this afternoon announced his intention to leave Downing Street

This afternoon, the Prime Minister announced that he would be leaving Downing Street after seeing large swathes Tory MPs become hostile to him.

But Mr Johnson also revealed how he wants to stay in office until a new Tory leader is elected, which could take a number of weeks, if not months

However, Johnson revealed that he would like to remain in office up until the election of a Tory leader, which may take several weeks or even months.

Many Conservatives' are resisting the PM's plan - wanting him to go as soon as possible - and Sir Keir had earlier attempted to further fuel the Tory civil war

The PM is being opposed by many Conservatives. They want him to leave as quickly as possible. Sir Keir, who had previously attempted to fuel the Tory civil conflict, also resists the plan.

He vowed to table a vote of no confidence in Mr Johnson and the Government in the House of Commons, if the PM was not removed immediately

In the House of Commons, Johnson promised to vote no confidence in Johnson and Mr Government if the PM wasn’t removed immediately

Lord William Hague and the ex-Conservative leader's wife Ffion also enjoyed an afternoon of tennis

Ffion Hague (ex-Conservative Leader) and Lord William Hague also had a great afternoon playing tennis

Lord Hague last month said Boris Johnson staying on as PM would be 'like trying to drive along the M1 with two flat tyres'

Lord Hague stated last month that Boris Johnson remaining as PM is ‘like driving down the M1 in two flat tires’

Sir Keir enjoyed tennis with a friend at Centre Court’s Royal Box, alongside Lord William Hague (Tory great) and Ffion (ex-Conservative leader).

Lord Hague said last month that Johnson’s continued service as PM was like trying to drive the M1 on two flat tires.

Labour leader and avid sports fan, but this is what got him in trouble with the parliamentary authorities.

A probe was opened last month into allegations that Sir Keir had twice broken the rules of conduct by MPs when registering interest. 

The late registration of football tickets and royalties is thought to have led to this.

The Labour leader received tickets from Premier League sides Crystal Palace in April and Watford in May worth more than £2,000.

These matches were to be viewed by Sir Keir’s Arsenal support team.