Keir Starmer was accused of plotting to kill Angela Rayner and her deputy leader position by plotting a ‘brutal’ attack

  • Sir Keir and his advisers had discussed the elimination of Angela Rayner’s position
  • In the midst of claims that their relations are at rock bottom, Revelation arrives
  • His spokeswoman denies that there have been discussions about removing the post last night  

Last night, Sir Keir Starmer’s senior team was accused of plotting a “brutal” scheme to silence Angela Rayner through the axing of her direct elected Labour deputy leader position.

The Mail was informed by a senior member of the party yesterday that Sir Keir’s advisors discussed abolishing Ms Rayner’s position.

According to some, relations between Sir Keir (and Ms Rayner) are in a ‘rock bottom’. This is despite claims Rayner had made that Rayner left him ‘humiliated’ following his shock reshuffle Labour’s Shadow Cabinet. Rayner’s close friends reacted furiously to the suggestion of eliminating the post of deputy leader (which was regarded as ‘historical’) and labeled it a constitutional outrage’.

A leading Left-winger stated that it proved Sir Keir, North London’s MP, was intimidated and scared by Greater Manchester’s outspoken MP.

“To even discuss getting rid of his deputy post is an outrage, insult to party democracy,” said the MP. Moderate MPs retorted by pointing out it had only been two years since left-wing allies to then leader Jeremy Corbyn attempted to eliminate the deputy post in order to get rid former post-holder Tom Watson. Watson was critical of Mr Corbyn.

FROSTY RELATIONS: Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer and the directly elected deputy, Angela Rayner

FROSTY RELATIONS – Labour leader Sir KeirStarmer and Angela Rayner, the direct elected deputy

A senior party insider told this newspaper that the so-called ‘nuclear option’ of ditching the position was revived earlier this year – including at a meeting attended by Sir Keir.

Keir said the idea had been seriously considered. “Because Keir would feel that he tried really hard to get along with Angie but it was proved impossible.”

According to an insider, the move was unlikely because Ms Rayner was involved in it. The insider also stated that the trade union leaders would not support his plan which required backing at a party confer.

Yesterday night Sir Keir’s spokesperson denied that there were any talks about abolishing the post of deputy leader or plans to do so.

Last night, Sir Keir's spokeswoman denied there had been any discussions on abolishing the deputy leader post or plans to do so

Last night, Sir Keir’s spokeswoman denies that any discussions have taken place regarding the abolishment of the post as deputy leader.