Today, Keir Sterner was bundled in to a cop car following being challenged by demonstrators as he walked past the Houses of Parliament. 

Dramatic footage shows the Labour leader being attacked as he walks in Westminster. He was surrounded shortly before 5 p.m. by police officers. 

He was then led into the back of a car as the protesters continued to swarm around him him whilst shouting about Jimmy Savile and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and branding him a ‘traitor’. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was heavily criticised last week after claiming in the House of Commons that Sir Keir failed to prosecute paedophile Savile when he was the Director of Public Prosecutions – even though he had played no role in the case and the decision not to bring charges.  

Labour and Conservative MPs both slammed Johnson Monday evening, accusing him of inflaming protesters’ anger with his insult against Labour leader. 

David Lammy (Labour’s shadow foreign secretary) joined Sir Keir outside Parliament. Lammy appeared to be helping police protect his boss from protestors. 

Mr Lammy said on Twitter after the ordeal: ‘No surprise the conspiracy theorist thugs who harassed @Keir_Starmer & I repeated slurs we heard from @BorisJohnson last week at the despatch box. We do not allow intimidation, harassment or lies in our democracy. And they won’t ever stop me doing my job.’ 

Nigel Farage (former leader UKIP) also spoke out about Sir Keir’s experience with protesters.  

Piers Corbyn was an anti-vaccine activist. The group marched to London on Monday, in support Canada’s Freedom Convoy. 

Scotland Yard said that Sir Keir had been escorted safely to safety and two arrests were later made. 

According to a Metropolitan Police statement, a man was removed from New Scotland Yard by a police vehicle shortly after 5.10pm Monday, February 7.

After a traffic cone had been thrown at an officer, a man and woman were taken into custody for assaulting an emergency worker. They were both taken into custody.

Keir Starmer was tonight bundled into a police car after being heckled by protesters as he walked near the Houses of Parliament. Dramatic footage showed the Labour leader being shouted at as he walked in Westminster while surrounded by police officers

After being heckled as he walked by the Houses of Parliament, Keir Starmer found himself in a police car. Dramatic footage shows the Labour leader being heckled as he walks in Westminster, surrounded with police officers.

Sir Keir was joined by Labour's shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy, who appeared to help police shield his boss from the protesters

Labour shadow foreign secretary David Lammy joined Sir Keir, appearing to protect his boss from protesters.

Scotland Yard later said two arrests were made after Sir Keir was escorted to safety. Above: Sir Keir gets into a Police car

Scotland Yard said that two arrests had been made following Sir Keir’s safe escape. Above: Sir Keir is seated in a Police car

Furious Conservative and Labour MPs condemned Johnson’s remarks last week after news broke of Sir Keir’s encounter with the protesters. 

Julian Smith was the Conservative MP and Northern Ireland Secretary. He tweeted: “Whatever happened to Keir starmer tonight outside Parliament is absolutely appalling.” 

‘It is really important for our democracy & for his security that the false Savile slurs made against him are withdrawn in full.’


After news of Sir Keir's brush with the protesters emerged, furious MPs from both the Labour Party and the Conservatives slammed Mr Johnson for his comments last week

Following the news that Sir Keir had a brush with the protesters, angry MPs both from the Labour Party as well as the Conservatives criticised Mr Johnson last week

Former chief whip Mr Smith had stated last week that Sir Keir’s barb against Mr Johnson in the Commons was “wrong” and that he could not defend it. He called for the PM’s withdrawal.  

Chris Bryant, Labour’s spokesperson for the environment said via Twitter that “This is absolutely appalling.” Keir was the target of shouting from all corners, even Jimmy Savile. 

“This is what happens to a prime minister when they descend into the gutter and rehash lies from conspiracy theorists of hard-right politics. Politico poison can have an impact. Johnson lacks a moral compass. 

He claimed earlier that Sir Keir’s protesters were ‘incited’ by the Prime Minister, and added: “It was his inevitable conclusion of deliberate lies.” 

Sadiq Khan (Labour’s Mayor of London) said that “This is what happens when fake information is amplified, given credence by people who should be aware better. 

“Solidarity with @Keir_Starmer & @DavidLammy We are grateful to the Met Officers for their prompt intervention. 

Eleanor Laing, Deputy Commons Speaker, also posted about the incident. 

She explained that she had seen the Leader of Opposition, Sir @Keir_Starmer, as well as the Shadow Foreign Secretary, @DavidLammy, being surrounded by people outside the @UKParliament.

“This is unacceptable. Period. Elected representatives should be free to do their job without fear.

On GB News, Mr Farage stated that he was familiar with this type of mob in his political career. He had it almost every day. 

It isn’t the kind of thing that we are used seeing with the Leaders of the Opposition. This is a dark side to politics, and it seems that this side gets worse by each month.

According to him, the incident could cause Mr Johnson to get into another ‘huge row’ after Johnson tried to reset his premiership, by naming Guto Harri the director of communications.

Mr Johnson had said last week that Sir Keir ‘spent most of his time prosecuting journalists and failing to prosecute Jimmy Savile’.

Johnson sought clarification on his comments. Johnson replied, “I’m very clear about it because a lot have gotten very hot under my collar. And I get why.

“I am not referring to the personal records of the Leader in the Opposition when he was DPP. I fully understand that he did nothing personally with these decisions. He is responsible for the whole organisation.

But, this clarification did not prevent Munira, his policy chief Munira, from resigning. She wrote to the PM saying that she would be leaving Downing Street because her husband had not apologised. 

Dan Rosenfield, his chief of staff, was removed and Martin Reynolds became his principal private secretary. 

Sir Keir’s brother Jeremy was Sir Corbyn’s Labour leader predecessor. He spoke later that Monday via a megaphone and discussed the Sir Keir incident. 

He said that the fact Sir Keir walked past protesters while they rallied for the Canadian lorry driver supporters was “a little too much coincidence”.

This comes after Ottawa mayor, Canada’s capital declared a national emergency because of riots.   

Jim Watson, Ottawa mayor declared the State of Emergency on Sunday. Cross-border truckers continued to congregate in Ottawa, blocking streets and setting off fireworks to protest rules which required that they be fully vaccinated before entering Canada or America. 

Watson stated that the situation was out of control at this moment. 

Boris Johnson was under fire in the Commons about Partygate when he made the claims yesterday

Mr Starmer looked furious as he heard the PM say it (right)

Boris Johnson came under attack in the Commons regarding Partygate. He accused Sir Keir starmer of letting Jimmy Savile go unpunished. As the PM said it, Mr Starmer was furious (right).

The protesters, who included anti-vaccine activist Piers Corbyn, descended on London today in support of Canada's 'Freedom Convoy' of truck drivers in Ottawa

Protesters including anti-vaccine activist Piers Cornel arrived in London today to show support for Canada’s Freedom Convoy, which includes truck drivers.

“The protestors are the ones calling the shots.” Their numbers are far greater than our police officers. 

Ottawa Police Service stated in Sunday’s statement that it has launched more than 60 criminal investigations into ongoing protests. These include thefts and hate crimes. 

Police said that seven people were already in custody by Sunday 9 PM. 

Police stated that multiple vehicles and fuel had been taken. They also warned the public they might be charged if they are found fueling demonstration trucks within the red zone. 

Police also relocated some protesters and put up fresh barricades, stating they are ‘collecting financial, digital, vehicle registration … and other evidence that will be used in criminal prosecutions.’ 

'Multiple vehicles and fuel have been seized,' police said in the statement, adding they had issued a warning to the public that they could be subject to charges if they were found to be supplying demonstration trucks in the red zone with fuel

According to police,’multiple vehicles and fuel were seized’. In a statement they also stated that they warned the public about the possibility of them being charged with fuel supply to demonstration trucks.

After being photographed with coworkers during last year’s coronavirus lockdown, it was revealed that Sir Keir would not be facing police action. 

Conservative MPs wanted police to investigate the alleged breach of lockdown, asserting that there was no difference between the growing pressure on Boris Johnson and the Partygate scandal at Downing Street.

Durham Police said it won’t take further action, The Sun reports.

One spokesperson stated that they did not believe there was an offense in connection to the guidance and legislation in force at the time.

“We will therefore cease all further actions.”

Labour leader and Labour MP, David Cameron insisted there was no comparison between his actions as Prime Minister and that of 100 other guests invited to “bring your own liquor” at Downing Street Garden’s events.