Labour’s reaction to Omicron surge is now chaotic after Keir starmer rejected a lockdown of circuit-breakers, while shadow cabinet members suggested that more restrictions should be imposed prior to Christmas. 

Sir Keir has said he is not currently calling for a circuit-breaker because hospital admissions are ‘different’ to where they were in autumn 2020. 

Boris Johnson should ‘come up a plan’ and Labour is ready to back measures that protect the public’s health, he said. 

Jonathan Ashworth however made a contrast to his remarks, suggesting that Johnson should have increased restrictions. 

Labour’s shadow work and pensions secretary said Mr Johnson had missed the ‘window of opportunity’ to launch a pre-Christmas crackdown because of his ‘dither’.

Wes Streeting, the shadow health secretary, said that Mr Johnson had declared yesterday that there would not be any curbs before Christmas Day. He added that they were all able to breathe a sigh in relief at Christmas going as planned. 

Sir Keir Starmer has said he is not currently calling for a circuit-breaker because hospital admissions are 'different' to where they were in autumn 2020

Sir Keir Sterner has stated that he’s not calling for a switch because the hospital admissions in fall 2020 are different to what they were in spring 2020.

But his comments were contrasted by those made by Jonathan Ashworth who suggested Boris Johnson should have already toughened restrictions

Jonathan Ashworth, however, suggested that Boris Johnson ought to have increased restrictions.

Johnson approved Christmas plans, but warned that new restrictions may be in place after December 25, when Johnson will give his approval.  

According to the Prime Minister, ‘continuing uncertainty’ about severity of Omicron variants and hospital admission rates indicates that he doesn’t believe sufficient evidence exists at this time for stricter policies.

Johnson stated that while the current situation was ‘finely balanced, people still need to exercise caution.

Labour faces accusations that it is sitting on the fence after failing to outline its plan for addressing the Omicron variant spread in recent weeks. 

Sir Keir stated in an interview on Times Radio that he does not call for a circuit-breaker, because the admissions to hospitals are now ‘different’ from what they were in fall 2020.

“Because we can see the new variants of the drugs, these numbers should be a concern. These hospitalisations look different from what they did last autumn, when we requested a circuit break.

“Sorry. It was the fall before that we requested the circuit break. The difficult question we’re asking ourselves is “What can a responsible opposition doing in the public interest during such an event?”

“We act in the public interests, and we protect the public health. The Government should get into a good stance and create a plan. If we feel it is the right measure, we will support it. 

However, Mr Ashworth stated this morning that Johnson had “missed an opportunity” to act before Christmas.

Speaking to ITV’s Good Morning Britain programme, he said: ‘Now, look, nobody wants to see lockdowns and restrictions over Christmas. Christmas is a celebration of family, joy and coming together.

“Indeed,” he has missed the window of opportunity for anything about Christmas because Boris Johnson is dithering anyway.

Johnson says that we all anticipate some type of restriction after Christmas, and he is just kicking the can.

“But, I believe people need to be clear about where they are at the moment.” It’s important to have some certainty. We must know his future plans. I believe he should lay out those plans.

Mister Streeting responded to Johnson’s announcement, saying: ‘We’re all breathing a relief that Christmas is proceeding as planned. However, the country should also have some certainty regarding what will happen after Christmas so that businesses and families can plan in advance.

“The virus won’t take Christmas off. There’s still the possibility of the NHS becoming overwhelmed in 2019.

Boris Johnson has shown too much weakness to be able to pass any security measures through his Cabinet to ensure the safety of our country.

“The Prime Minister is focused only on his job. Half his Cabinet is preparing for leadership campaigns. The country has no plans to face the threat from Omicron.

“The government must cease arguing between itself and come up with a plan that will give clarity to people and businesses.