Sir Keir Starmer vows to ‘make Brexit work’ as he insists he IS a patriot and attacks PM over cost-of-living crisis in major New Year speech

  • Today, Labour leader Keir Sternmer unveiled in a major speech of the New Year his “Contract with The British People”
  • Boris Johnson was attacked by Sir Keir over the rising cost of living as he presented his vision to run the country
  • As he stated that both he and Labour’s premier were patriotic, the Labour premier also pledged to make Brexit work.


Sir Keir starmer, today’s prime minister of Britain, vowed to make Brexit work. He also insisted that he and Labour Party members are patriotic as he laid out his plan for leading the country. 

In a significant New Year speech, the Labour leader repeatedly attacked Boris Johnson as he sought to profit from the difficult final months of Prime Minister David Cameron. 

Sir Keir was a Remain supporter at the 2016 EU referendum. He criticised the PM for his handling of Brexit and said that he would make sure the UK can “profit from our strong international relationships”.     

He defended his credentials as a patriot as he said ‘I don’t think you cease to be a patriot because you notice your country has flaws’. 

Johnson also took aim at Johnson for his views on the crisis of the cost to live, claiming that Johnson’s “incompetence” is becoming more apparent. 

Sir Keir started 2022 with his party ahead of the Tories in a series of recent opinion polls, after Mr Johnson suffered a bruising December with 100 of his MPs rebelling over coronavirus restrictions, a row over Downing Street parties and the North Shropshire by-election loss. 

A new poll by Redfield and Wilton Strategies published today showed the Conservatives have rebounded and are now three points behind Labour.   

Sir Keir Starmer today vowed to 'make Brexit work' and insisted he and the Labour Party are 'patriotic' as he set out his vision for running the country

Today Sir Keir Starmer vowed that Brexit would work and said he and Labour Party were ‘patriotic’ in a speech outlining his plans for the future of the country.

The Labour leader took repeated aim at Boris Johnson in a major New Year speech as he looked to take advantage of the Prime Minister's difficult last few months

In a significant New Year’s speech, the Labour leader repeatedly attacked Boris Johnson as he sought to profit from the difficult past few months of Prime Minister David Cameron.

A new year poll by Redfield and Wilton Strategies shows the Conservatives have rebounded and are now just three points behind Labour

Redfield Strategies’ new survey for 2011 shows that the Conservatives are three points ahead of Labour according to Wilton Strategies.

Sir Keir announced a new contract with The British People. 

“Because, just like the Government has proven itself unworthy to your trust. Its incompetence is becoming obvious.

“The cost of living has risen.” While energy bills rise, wages stagnant. April will see tax increases. Many people don’t feel secure on their streets. Good luck to those who are trying to find a quick GP visit.

“I am making the pledge for straight leadership to begin the year. Today, I’d like to announce my Contract With The British People. 

“This agreement will solemnly address what the country requires and how a government of integrity should behave.”

The Labour premier said that ‘just because the Tories lose the public’s trust it doesn’t mean Labour simply inherits it’ because ‘trust has to be earned’.

Sir Keir stated that the “first clause” in the new contract with the country is a “binding commitment to decency, standards and public life”. 

Sir Keir, who was critical of Mr Johnson’s Brexit approach, stated that he’s ‘determined Britain should benefit from our strong international relationships. 

‘That means not just getting Brexit done but making Brexit work,’ he said.

Sir Keir gave the address in front of the Union flag. He used it to reaffirm his patriotism. 

He stated that he was going to make the speech in order to “celebrate our country” as criticizing and opposing government policies can’make us sound quite miserable”.

“This country has given me great opportunities,” he said. It’s a great place to live. But I don’t think you cease to be a patriot because you notice your country has flaws. 

‘On the contrary, the reason we in this party want to correct those flaws is precisely because we are patriotic.’