1960:  69 peaceful protesters are killed by police in the Sharpeville Massacre; in the aftermath the ANC is banned, prompting Mandela to go into hiding. In hiding, he creates an underground military unit with armed resistance.

1962:He has been on the run for 17 months and is finally captured on August 5. He is sent to prison for five years on October 25, but he continues his run.

1964:Mandela is captured by the police and convicted for sabotage. At 46 years old, Mandela is sentenced to life imprisonment. He was initially placed on Robben Island where he would remain for 18 more years.

1968:Although his mother is deceased and his oldest son is injured in a crash, he cannot attend any of the funerals.

1980:Oliver Tambo, an exile, launches an international campaign to release his friend

1986:South Africa has been subject to severe sanctions that have cost millions in revenue.

1990:Nelson Mandela was released after being held in jail for 27 years on Tuesday, February 11. After serving the final part of his sentence, he was released from Victor Verster Prison in Paarl.

President De Klerk lifts ban on African National Congress (ANC). The ANC meets the National Party in talks to create a multi-racial South African democracy.

1991:Mandela is elected President of the ANC. International Olympic Committee removes a 21 year ban from South African athletes taking part in the Olympic Games.

1992:Winnie Mandela, who was convicted of kidnapping along with being an accessory to attack, is the one he leaves. They divorced in March of the next year.

1993:Nelson Mandela and Herr de Klerk receive the Nobel Peace Prize

1994:April 26, Free Elections, where South Africans of color are allowed to vote. Nelson Mandela will run for president, and the ANC won 252 seats in the National Assembly.

Mandela, the first African black president of South Africa is inaugurated in May. De Klerk is appointed his deputy president, and he forms the multiracial Government of National Unity.

1995:South Africa hosted the 1995 Rugby World Cup, and South Africa won. Nelson Mandela is wearing a Springbok shirt as he presents Francois Pienaar, the Afrikaner captain, with his trophy. This gesture was seen to be a significant step toward reconciliation of black and white South Africans.

1998:Marries Graca Machel on the 80th anniversary of his former presidency of Mozambique.

1999:Thabo Mabeki was elected president of the ANC in 1997.

2001:Nelson Mandela was treated for prostate cancer.

2004:Nelson Mandela declared that he will be retiring at 85 years of age from public life

2005:Makgatho Mandela, his son, died from AIDS.

2010:Mandela is seen making a rare public appearance during the South African football World Cup.

2012:Mandela, who is becoming increasingly weaker, is hospitalized twice each February and December.

2013:Mandela was 95 when he died after suffering from a severe respiratory condition. After Mandela’s passing, South Africa celebrated ten days of national mourning.

Source: www.history-timelines.org.uk