Inquest heard that a murderer had attacked a pregnant woman (29 years old) with a screwdriver while she was decorating her nursery. He had claimed to doctors that he thought he was descended of dinosaurs and walked out from mental hospital unit.

  • Ryan Blacknell, 28, stabbed pregnant Ella Parker to death with a screwdriver 
  • Miss Parker (29), had decorated her Milton Keynes nursery. 
  • After admitting to the killing, Blacknell was taken into custody under section 57 of the Mental Health Act.
  • Inquest found that he had left the mental hospital unit just before the attack.

The murderer who killed a pregnant lady by stabbing her to death was allowed to leave the mental health unit. He claimed to be’very psychotic’, and that he had told doctors that he was descended form dinosaurs. An inquest hearing today has been heard.

Ryan Blacknell (28), had visited the Campbell Centre mental health unit just days prior to attacking Ella Parker. He was also decorating Ella Parker’s nursery in December 2017.

At Dr Sean Cummings’ inquest today, it was revealed that Blacknell’s mother called police and said that Blacknell threatened to kill her with a knife.

At the mental health unit, his medical team heard him tell them that he believes he is descended from dinosaurs.

Though community psychiatric nurse Celestina Onah recommended he stay in hospital for 48 hours, she did not have ‘concrete reasons’ for him to be detained under the Mental Health Act – meaning he was allowed to leave.

Blacknell then stabbed Miss Parker 33 more times using a screwdriver in her Milton Keynes flat, killing both the 29-year old and her unborn child.  

Ryan Blacknell (pictured) had agreed to visit the Campbell Centre in-patient mental health unit days before attacking Ella Parker while she was decorating the nursery at her home in Milton Keynes in December 2017

Ryan Blacknell, (pictured), had visited the Campbell Centre mental health unit before attacking Ella Parker. He did so while Ella was decorating her nursery in Milton Keynes. 

Blacknell later stabbed Miss Parker (pictured) 33 times with a screwdriver at her flat in New Bradwell, killing the 29-year-old and her unborn son died

Blacknell then stabbed Miss Parker (pictured), 33 times, with a screwdriver in her New Bradwell flat. This killed the 29-year old and her unborn child. 

The killer, who had pleaded guilty to manslaughter under diminished responsibility in 2018, was held at Broadmoor Psychiatric Hospital. 

Today Miss Onah said to the Inquest: “He (Blacknell), came across very psychotic but tried his best. 

“The threats he made to his mother indicated that he wasn’t well. He wanted to know if I would like to go. I replied, “You don’t feel well enough to leave.”  

Miss Onah stated that if he had not left, he would have been evaluated without any alcohol or drugs in his system.

The coroner inquired about the nursing experience of patients who said they had descended from dinosaurs.  

Her reply was: “Yes, they present as delusions and paranoid.” You may also experience drug- and alcohol-related symptoms. 

The crime scene at Miss Parker’s home in Milton Keynes in December 2017

Christmas 2017: Miss Parker’s Milton Keynes house was the crime scene

“Now that you are certain she was brutally murdered, what did you miss?”‘.

“I believe he would be able to make a mental assessment if we hadn’t let him go at first,” she replied. I communicated my concern (to the staff at hospital). It is not clear what could I have done to make things better.

Gareth Powell was a social worker, and an approved mental health worker for Milton Keynes council. After Ryan Blacknell’s arrest, Powell and two others assessed him at the police station.

According to him, they believe he has the mental ability to interview detectives.

Powell stated that he did not think Powell was suffering from a serious mental illness at the time.

‘If he was observed in another environment they may conclude he may have a more severe mental illness.’

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