Their reputation is for lavish lifestyles and not sparing any expense when hosting parties.

Kim Kardashian lit up Christmas lights at her Hidden Hills property in San Fernando Valley, worth $60 million. 

Reality TV star, 41 years old, covered trees on her vast property with thousands upon thousands of sparkling white lights. It remained in keeping with her stark monochrome interiors. 

Tis the season: Kim Kardashian went all out with Christmas lights on her $60million Hidden Hills estate nestled in the west end of the San Fernando Valley

Kim Kardashian decorated Hidden Hills, her $60m estate in San Fernando Valley’s west end with Christmas lights. 

Kim bought Kanye West’s estranged husband for $20million cash to take sole ownership of the marital home.

She also doled out an additional $3million for the contents of the home, which included the couple’s impressive art collection.

According to TMZ the rapper, 44, officially’signed over’ his rights to the property in October. This made his ex, who bought the property seven years back for $20 million, solely the owner.

Since February 2002, she has lived there together with her four children North (8, Saint (5, Chicago (3, 3 and 2 years old), and Psalm (2 year) since they filed for divorce. She is also currently in a relationship with Pete Davidson, a comedian on SNL. 

Kanye led the complete renovation of his home, costing $20 million, and was assisted by Axel Vervoort (belgian interior designer). This article appeared in Architectural Digest February 2020. 

Sparkling display: The 41-year-old reality star covered the trees lining her expansive property with thousands of glittering white lights, which stayed in theme with her already stark monochrome palette indoors

Sparkling display: 41-year old reality star decorated her sprawling property with thousands upon thousands of sparkling white lights. This kept with the theme of her monochrome indoors.

Impressive: Kim recently bought out estranged husband Kanye West for $20million in cash for sole ownership of their marital home

It’s impressive: Kim purchased Kanye West, her estranged husband, for $20million cash and sole ownership in their marital home

Wow! Kylie Jenner, 24, went all out with her decorations for the season with ribbons of lights draped down the front fences of the main residence at her $36M Holmby Hills property

Wow! Wow!

Snazzy: The seven-bedroom, 14-bathroom estate was completely lit-up, with a palm tree in the backyard also flashing green and red Christmas lights

Snazzy – The 7-bedroom, 14 bathroom estate had been fully illuminated, including a palm-tree in the back that flashed red and green Christmas lights.

Queen: Kim has been living at her Hidden Hills abode with their four children North, eight, Saint, five, Chicago, three, and two-year-old Psalm since filing for divorce in February

King: Kim and her four children North (8, Saint (5, Chicago (3, 3, 2, 2 yrs) have been living in Hidden Hills since February, when Kim filed for divorce.

Kourtney Kardashian (42), a younger sister, displayed her love for the holidays by placing a row of lights on the roof of her home. 

Bright yellow lights were used to illuminate her landscaped front yard with bright yellow lights, in order to reflect her shining $8.5million Calabasas home.

Kylie Jenner was 24 years old and decorated her Holmby Hills home with lights strung down her front fences. 

A total of seven bedrooms and 14 bathrooms were lit up, including a palm tree that flashed green and red Christmas lights.

It is equipped with professional kitchen equipment so that any Michelin-starred chef can whip up a spectacular multi-course meal. This estate includes an outdoor projection screen as well as a home theater.

The property’s back side has bars, games rooms and a gym. There is also a basketball court and pickleball courts. This area is perfect for Kylie, who is currently pregnant with Travis Scott. 

Kylie made it a point to decorate her Hidden Hills home with Christmas lights.

Trulia reports that the social media celebrity bought her property of 13,200 feet in 2016 

Hidden Hills House has a huge backyard and Stormi’s playhouse. This was Kris’ Christmas present and is estimated to have cost $12,500 

White Christmas: Ribbons of lights covered the massive mansion, which Kylie purchased in May 2020 and includes a 24/7 guardhouse

White Christmas: The massive home, purchased by Kylie in May 2020, was decorated with ribbons of light. It also includes a 24-hour guardhouse.

Holiday spirit: Kylie made sure her second home in Hidden Hills also got into the Christmas season with colorful lights surrounding the $12million estate

Holiday spirit: Kylie ensured that her Hidden Hills second home was decorated with bright lights and enjoyed the festive season. The property is valued at $12 million.

Real estate guru: The social media sensation picked up her 13,200-square-foot property in 2016, according to real estate site Trulia

Trulia: Real estate expert: This social media star purchased her 13200-square foot property in 2016.

Kris Jenner’s $20million Hidden Hills house featured some lights at the windows. Her trees were also lit by the street.

Khloe and the matriarch purchased two homes each on a plot of three acres earlier in the year. They underwent major renovations that cost $37 million. 

The smaller house of Khloe is approximately 10,000 square feet. Jenner’s home for the family is about 17,000 square feet. Both are farm houses with modern designs. 

Ron Tutor, a Los Angeles-based construction mogul and entrepreneur who owned the land previously built a 20,000-square foot house on it. This is where Britney sang once resided. 

All I Want For Christmas: Kylie's Hidden Hills house includes a massive backyard with a pool and a matching, kid-sized playhouse for Stormi, which was a Christmas gift from Kris and reportedly cost upwards of $12,500

All I Want Christmas: Kylie’s Hidden Hills House includes a huge backyard with a swimming pool, and Stormi’s playhouse that is kid-sized. It was Kris’ Christmas gift and cost upwards to $12,500

Minimalist: Kris Jenner's brand new Hidden Hills abode featured a few lights along the windows, with her trees lit up by the road

Minimalist Kris Jenner’s Hidden Hills home featured lights at the windows and her trees were lit by the road.

Bigger is better: The matriarch and her daughter, Khloe, purchased side-by-side homes on a three-acre plot earlier this year and underwent extensive renovations for a grand total of $37million

It’s better to be bigger: Khloe and the Matriarch purchased side-by-side houses on three acres of land earlier this year. The extensive renovations costing $37million total.

Quaint: Khloe's smaller home is estimated to be about 10,000-square-feet, while Jenner's family pad is roughly 17,000-square-feet, and both are modern farm house designs

Quaint: Khloe’s home, which is smaller, is approximately 10,000 square feet. Jenner’s pad, on the other hand, is about 17,000 square feet. Both are farm houses with modern designs.

Festive: Nearby, older sister Kourtney Kardashian showed her love of the holidays with a simple row of lights along the roof of her compound

Festive: Kourtney Kardashian’s older sister Kourtney showed her affection for holidays near her with a row lights strung along her roof

Merry and bright: The landscaped trees in her front yard were illuminated with bright yellow lights to match her glowing $8.5million mansion in the Calabasas neighborhood

Bright and happy: Her front yard was lit with bright yellow lights that match the glowing $8.5 million Calabasas mansion

Kris and Khloe were able to sell their properties in the area last year for $15m and $15.5m, respectively. Kris has another property of Mediterranean design in Hidden Hills where Rob lives. 

Khloe said that she and her mother are inseparable.

“Of course Queen Jenner will win but only by two weeks…we’re very neck-and neck,” she stated, noting that Kris was ‘going over every day for treats.

“She won’t want to stay there at the very end.” [my home’s]Construction anyway. Khloe said that although she thought she had won, she was actually right. She didn’t really think of it but she doesn’t intend to go there until all is calm. 

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