Following a Llandaff Cathedral prayer service, King Charles III gave a speech on Welsh to his first visit as monarch.

After receiving a Motion to Condolence in the chamber, the former Prince of Wales met with members of Senedd and Youth Parliament. He paused for a few minutes and spoke briefly with each individual.

Mark Drakeford, Wales’ First Minster, stated that Queen Elizabeth had a lifelong relationship with Wales and its citizens’. He spoke out about the transition Wales is currently experiencing.

The King spoke first in Welsh and then expressed gratitude for the condolence messages to Queen Elizabeth II.

He did it after shaking hands with well-wishers at Llandaff Cathedral, following the moving tribute to his mother. 

It was touching when, five years old, a girl and her mother presented a gift to Queen Consort.  

Charles and Camilla then made their way towards Cardiff Castle to receive Mr Drakeford. They were met with cheers, flag-waving and boos, though there was one or two exceptions by anti-monarchy protesters. 

Charles said in his speech in the Senedd: ‘I am deeply grateful for the words of condolence which so movingly paid tribute to our late sovereign, my beloved mother The Queen.’

He continued, “Through all of her reigns, the land in Wales couldn’t be closer to my Mother’s heart.

I know that she took great pride in all your achievements and also deeply felt for you during times of sadness.

“It should surely be counted as the greatest achievement to belong a country that inspired such devotion.

I am determined to follow that example, in keeping with the words of Ich dien (I serve),’

King Charles III was seen meeting schoolchildren following a service of prayer and reflection for the life of Queen Elizabeth at Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff on Friday

Following a prayer service for Queen Elizabeth’s life at Llandaff Cathedral Cardiff on Friday, King Charles III was seen with the schoolchildren.

King Charles III was seen greeting members of the public following a service of prayer and reflection for the life of Queen Elizabeth at Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff on Friday

Following a prayer service and reflection on Queen Elizabeth’s life at Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff, King Charles III was seen greeting the crowd.

King Charles III was seen meeting schoolchildren following a service of prayer and reflection for the life of Queen Elizabeth at Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff on Friday

After a Friday service at Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff, King Charles III met with schoolchildren to reflect on the life and work of Queen Elizabeth.

King Charles III was seen greeting members of the public following a service of prayer and reflection for the life of Queen Elizabeth at Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff on Friday

Following a prayer service and reflection on Queen Elizabeth’s life at Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff, King Charles III was seen greeting the crowd.

King Charles III was seen greeting members of the public following a service of prayer and reflection for the life of Queen Elizabeth at Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff on Friday

Following a prayer service and reflection on Queen Elizabeth’s life at Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff, King Charles III was seen greeting the crowd.

King Charles III and Camilla, Queen Consort waved as they arrived to receive a Motion of Condolence at the Senedd in Cardiff today

When King Charles III of England and Camilla Queen Consort arrived in Cardiff to receive the Motion of Condolence, they waved

A little girl gave the Queen Consort a bouquet of flowers outside Llandaff Cathedral today, after King Charles arrived in Wales for the first time as monarch

Today, King Charles visited Wales as a monarch for the first-time. A bouquet of flowers was given by a small girl to the Queen Consort.

King Charles III and the Queen Consort leave Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff, following a service of prayer and reflection for the life of Queen Elizabeth II

After a prayer service and reflection on Queen Elizabeth II’s life, King Charles III of Wales and Queen Consort depart Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff.

As she left the cathedral, the Queen Consort was presented with a posy by five-year-old Keira Hillebert, whose parents are from Atlanta, Georgia, in the US

Keira Hillebert (5 years old) presented the Queen Consort with a posy as she left the cathedral. Her parents, who are both from Atlanta in Georgia, gave the posy to her. 

A demonstrator holds up an anti-monarchy sign outside Cardiff Castle as King Charles arrives during his first visit as monarch

During King Charles’ first visit, a demonstrator holds an anti-monarchy sign in front of Cardiff Castle.

“I accept my new duties with great gratitude for having been able serve as Prince of Wales,” said the King.

“That old title, dating back to the times of these great Welsh rulers… My son William now has this title. His love for this area of the Earth makes it all the more special.

As King Charles III visits Senedd, an official speaks with pride about holding ceremonial mace 

An officer in security has expressed pride over carrying the machete during King Charles III’s visit to Senedd.

Shahzad Khan (47), a Cardiff native, performed the same ceremonial role that he played at the opening ceremony of the sixth Senedd last October, when the Queen was on her final visit to Wales.

Charles and the Queen consort have traveled to Cardiff as part of the second leg in a tour to home countries following the Queen’s passing. This follows visits to Scotland and Northern Ireland.

They attended the Senedd’s Friday service to express condolences from Senedd members.

Khan is part of the security team for the Welsh Parliament and said that he was honored to carry the Mace when Queen Elizabeth visited Wales last year. He was also unable to speak when he was asked again.

“I had a very specific experience of that meeting. Looking at her in the entrance was an extraordinary feeling. The whole room felt different.

“I will keep this memory in my heart for ever.”

“Being the Mace Bearer at this moment is a very difficult situation, however my family and I are proud to have played a part in this historical moment.

“It will be very different to do it because it is a very dark moment, but it is also an honor to participate in the transition to the reigning of the new King.”

Charles and Camilla were cheered as they arrived in a motorcade to Cardiff Castle after their visit at the Senedd. Anti-monarchy protesters could also be heard shouting, while waving signs saying ‘We want Democracy, a Welsh Republic’. 

Although the intention was to protest silently by several groups, under the banner Real Democracy Now. The rally occasionally broke out into song by Cor Cochion members, a socialist chorus based in Cardiff. 

The former Prince of Wales and the Queen Consort landed in Cardiff just before 11.15am before getting into the waiting Royal limousine to take him to Llandaff Cathedral.

Charles, who served as Prince of Wales for over 53 years flew via helicopter from Highrove where he spent the last 24 hour in mourning his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. 

As the King’s maroon Rolls-Royce swept through town, the cheers of the crowd of well-wishers turned into full-throated screams.  

His Majesty received warmly by Mark Drakeford, the first Welsh minister and other faith leaders upon his arrival at the cathedral. He was then ushered into the interior.

A congregation that included Liz Truss, Prime Minister, and Robert Buckland was singing Welsh hymns, including Guide Me O Thou Great Redemptioner. 

Right Reverend Andrew John (Archbishop of Wales) paid tribute, saying that the queen ‘had an ability to relate with the man or women on the Clapham Omnibus or here, at the Merthyr Tydfil Omnibus.

The service ended with the National Anthem, God Save The King being sung before Charles was taken to the Visitors’ Book. 

After he became frustrated at Hillsborough Castle’s attempt to sign the visitor’s book, the monarch took his pen and used it. 

The Queen Consort, five years old, was given a bouquet by Keira Hillebert (her parents hail from Atlanta, Georgia in the USA) as she left the cathedral.

Keira obtained her British citizenship just recently, and she received her British passport that day.

Krisi, Krisi’s mother, stated that she shook Queen Camillas hand. Keira believed she was meant to do the opposite so she grabbed Camillas hand. She then said, “I am Keira!”

“She ran away, saying that she was feeling cold. Camilla was so sweet and kind with her, and Camilla inquired if she’d been practicing her curtsy as she does it well.

More than 40 students from Cardiff’s five primary schools welcomed the royal couple.

Dexter Garland (10 years old) and Ella Noble (11 years old), gave Charles and Camilla their mugs with their personal artwork.

This school was established in 1970, the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s reign.

Ella stated that the Queen appreciated this and promised to make sure she had a cup with her tea.

“It was something that I will always remember.” This was my best life experience.

Charles and Camilla took a walk on the Cathedral Green, meeting members of their local community.

The recipients were presented with flowers and presents, which they thanked.

Some had already gathered to see the royals, arriving around 3:30 am.

A lone male voice at one point shouted over the crowd: ‘We pay £100 million a year for you, and for what?’

Owain Glyndwr Day falls on September 16. This day celebrates Owain Glyndwr Day. It is the celebration of the life and legacy the “rebel”, who was seen as the last native Welsh Prince of Wales.

Glyndwr’s revolt against Henry IV of England, which started in 1400, caused severe damage to Llandaff Cathedral.

Laura White, 55 years old, described the Cardiff Castle scene as ‘awesome’

She stated, “I can recall the 25th jubilee. I was a Browny who sat down on the cold pavement for hours. But eventually, we got a glimpse at the Queen. And it was all worthwhile.”

“I moved to Cardiff just recently and felt that it was the right time to return.

“The atmosphere is amazing. Everybody is there to have a great time, and wish the new King all the best.

Bruce McGee, aged 79, is visiting Britain from Long Beach. Fay Price, age 70, was also there and caught up in royal fever.

McGee stated that he didn’t expect it to be so amazing. Brits can be proud.

Ms. Price stated that she was just there to witness this moment when it happened. Rarely do you have the opportunity to witness a true King.

Wendy Huish, a sister to Julie Morris, joined the crowds of people outside the Castle.

Ms Morris is a 72-year-old foster carer. She was an institution.

“But being a King is extremely exciting. While it is strange to say “King Charles”, he was such an excellent Prince of Wales.

“We are here today to support our mother Jean Allen, who was very patriotic and her name is Jean Allen. Her mother would have been among those who were able to camp overnight in order to get first in line.

Sister Ms. Huish said, “It is a beautiful day to participate in.”

Jonny Lynch, 29 years old, of Aberdare stated: “I’ve seen the new king twice as many times since he was crowned. I was in London this past week, and it was quite special to be here today.

“I put on my crown especially because I wanted to look nice for the occasion. And it was so great to see him drive by.

Anne Grainger, 58 from Cardiff, travelled Friday to London to pay her respects and then returned to Cardiff in order to meet the new King.

“I wanted to be here today,” she said. That means a lot. He will know that we are your people, and they’re available for him.

Mum Clare Windsor, with her twin boys Jack and Andrew (both nine), to the castle, took the train from Flintshire, North Wales at 4.22 am.

BBC Wales spoke to her: “It’s part of history and I wanted the boys to be part of it because it won’t happen again.”

“It is a very sad event. It’s a sad occasion for King Charles, who has been waiting his entire life to see this day. He will hopefully be a great King. We’ll just have the patience to see.

Dame Tanni Gray-Thompson, a legend of Team GB, was invited to greet the King at his castle.

She stated that the ceremony was about looking back at her Majesty’s life in service and devotion, but also looking towards the future.

“We now have a new monarch and perhaps a different way to do things. It is an opportunity for society to consider what it wants from its monarchy.

Charles was the Prince of Wales and his mother will be buried in her Welsh gold wedding band. 

First Minister Mark Drakeford believed the protests taking place under the banner Real Democracy Now would not disrupt the monarch’s visit, claiming it will be a ‘footnote’ to the main proceedings. 

King Charles, with the Queen Consort, speaks after receiving a Motion of Condolence at the Senedd in Cardiff

After receiving a Motion to Condolence from the Senedd, Cardiff, King Charles and the Queen Consort speaks.

King Charles III greeted schoolchildren outside Llandaff Cathedral after attending a service of prayer and reflection for the late Queen

King Charles III greeted schoolchildren outside Llandaff Cathedral after attending a service of prayer and reflection for the late Queen

King Charles arrives at Cardiff Castle after speaking in Welsh at the Senedd today. The visit is Charles's first to Wales as monarch

Charles, the King of Wales, arrives at Cardiff Castle today after speaking in Welsh at Senedd. Charles makes his first trip to Wales in this capacity as monarch.

King Charles III greeted schoolchildren outside Llandaff Cathedral as he attended a service of prayer and reflection for the late Queen

Outside Llandaff Cathedral, King Charles III welcomed schoolchildren as he participated in a service to pray and reflect on the Queen.

King Charles III was greeted with cannon fire and cheers as he arrived on Welsh soil for the first time as monarch today

When King Charles III, today’s monarch of Wales, arrived on Welsh soil, there was cannon firing and cheers.

On arrival at the Llandaff Cathedral, His Majesty was warmly greeted by Welsh first minister Mark Drakeford and faith leaders before being ushered into the cathedral

His Majesty was warmly welcomed by Mark Drakeford, first Welsh minister of Wales, and religious leaders upon his arrival at Llandaff Cathedral.

King Charles walked next to the Queen Consort Camilla as he made his way into Llandaff Cathedral for the service

While making his way into Llandaff Cathedral to attend the service, King Charles was accompanied by Queen Consort Camilla.

Reservists from 104 Regiment Royal Artillery fire a royal gun salute from Cardiff Castle, to mark the arrival of King Charles III in Wales

To mark King Charles III’s arrival in Wales, the 104 Regiment Royal Artillery Reserves fire a royal gun salute at Cardiff Castle.

Charles is seen standing next to the Queen consort as hymns are sung during the service at Llandaff Cathedral

Charles is seen standing next to the Queen consort as hymns are sung during the service at Llandaff Cathedral

Hundreds are seen gathered in the cathedral for the service, which marks King Charles's first visit to Wales as monarch

The service marks the first time King Charles has visited Wales in his role as monarch.

Prime Minister Liz Truss was also among the congregation. She sat next to Welsh first minister Mark Drakeford

Liz Truss, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was present as well. Mark Drakeford was the Welsh first minister. She sat beside her.

King Charles and the Queen Consort are seen during the service of remembrance for the Queen at Llandaff Cathedral

King Charles and Queen Consort can be seen in the Llandaff Cathedral Service of Remembrance. 

Britain's King Charles III and Camilla, the Queen Consort attend a Service of Prayer and Reflection for the life of Queen Elizabeth II

Britain’s King Charles III and Camilla the Queen Consort are at a Service of Prayer and Reflection to honor Queen Elizabeth II.

Charles looks solemn as he listens to readings at Llandaff Cathedral during the service of prayer and reflection for the late Queen

Charles watches in solemnity as he hears the readings from Llandaff Cathedral, during the time of reflection and prayer for the Queen.

He added that “people have a right to protest” and that there were many views. The South Wales Police was also requested to respect free speech and deal with protests in a fair manner.

The Royal fans outside the cathedral included Sally Davis, Principal at nearby Howells school, who said: ‘I am delighted to be here this morning with my girls from years five and six.

“This is an historic moment, and I wanted my children to be present. All the children have gathered at the Cathedral route, and the school is now full. 

“It is a significant moment in history and something we will remember for our entire lives.” 

Jane Rhys-Blades (social worker), Sue Rhys-Blades (physiotherapist), and Gabriella (8 years old) enjoyed the ambience in Llandaff High Street, as their new King’s Rolls-Royce passed by silently, despite the noise from the crowds.

Ms Rhys Blades declared that “I would not have missed being there today for any reason.” It’s been a long wait because it’s an historic moment. Sue stated that this was a moment we’ll cherish for all time. 

“We came to Gabriella’s house because Gabriella could one day share this with her kids. My father bought me the book when I was at King George Vl’s coronation. These are important things.

Archbishop John said in his tribute to the Queen: ‘Her ability to influence, to utilise soft power… illustrates the wise and careful thought she brought to her role. Her trustworthiness was something Prime Ministers recognized.

He said, “We also saw the monarch who could surprise us and delight. The last time we saw a jar full of marmalade, it was a different way. We can’t watch Bond without thinking about 2012, and the extraordinary leap into void.

Her late Majesty was an iconic figure in the global stage and embodied stability as well as continuity. Perhaps even more important, they represent values. 

Values shared by all nations and cultures. Her honors include numerous heads of states and many prime ministers.

He also quoted the Queen’s last Christmas broadcast, where she talked about the depth of her faith and recalled how Jesus’ birth story is ‘universally appealing.  

The incident occurred after Drakeford, who spoke on BBC Radio 4’s Today program about anticipated protests. He stated that this week was not one in which such objections and discussion needed to “to surface”.

“But people have this right, and I think it’ll be exercised with restraint. And it’ll be a footnote of the dominant feelings today,” he stated. 

Mr Drakeford said that he believed in the police’s ability to handle protests in a proportionate manner, given questions regarding the treatment of demonstrators elsewhere in the UK.

“It should be proportionate. It should recognize all rights.

“I can trust the South Wales Police to handle this kind of situation many times. They have done it successfully every time.”

He indicated to The First Minister of Wales that he was not expecting the new Prince Of Wales to learn Welsh following in his father’s footsteps.

BBC Radio 4’s Today program featured Mr Drakeford telling Prince William that “nobody will expect miracles” on the language. He also admitted that learning it as an adult could prove challenging.

“The language of Wales is an important part of Wales. It’s spoken every day by thousands of people as a part of their daily lives. However, it is not always the easiest language to learn later.

“The Prince of Wales will be keen to recognize the role of Welsh in shaping the future identity of Wales.

He stated that the Prince would make the Welsh understand the language and appreciate it.

The King is seen being cheered by thousands as his car makes it way to Llandaff cathedral today

As his car is making its way towards Llandaff cathedral, the King can be seen getting cheered on by thousands.

King Charles III will be greeted with cannon-fire as he sets foot on Welsh soil for the first time as monarch today as Cardiff

First Minister Mark Drakeford says the protests will not ruin the event

As King Charles III arrives in Cardiff, he will be met with cheers and cannon fire as he steps onto Welsh soil as the monarch. The protests won’t ruin the event, says Mark Drakeford, First Minister.

A raft of police officers have just arrived in Llandaff. The cathedral is the first stop on the Royal couple's tour of Cardiff today.

Llandaff is home to a number of officers from the police force. Today’s first stop is Cardiff Cathedral.

Before the Wales National Service of Prayer and Reflection to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, people wait at Llandaff Cathedral

“I don’t believe anyone will expect anybody to suddenly have fluency with the Welsh language.”

“No one will expect miracles.”

Mark Drakeford stated that he had spoken with the Prince of Wales, but did not discuss the investiture process directly.

Palace grants Prince Harry permission to dress in uniform during special Westminster Hall vigil, according to Royal insiders. 

Prince Harry, who served in the British army for a decade including two tours of Afghanistan, has so far worn a morning suit with military medals to public events

Prince Harry was an active member of the British army and served two tours in Afghanistan. The special dispensation for Prince Andrew to wear his colours Friday night, however, will come after he resigned from frontline royal duties due to the Jeffrey Epstein sex scam.

Last night, Prince Harry was allowed to don his army uniform at a special vigil to honour the Queen. This decision was hailed as a triumph for common sense.

The announcement comes following reports that Harry, Harry and William are planning to attend a special vigil dedicated to the Queen’s honour on Saturday.

The Prince of Wales and the Duke of Sussex will reportedly join the Queen’s six other grandchildren in a special 15 minute vigil at Westminster Hall.

The eight grandchildren are expected to pay tribute to Her Majesty by sitting in silent beside her coffin, in a scene that will be reminiscent of the Vigil for the Princes.

This week, King Charles, Princess Anne and Prince Andrew stood guard at St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh as part of a special commemoration.

Charles, Anne and Edward will again hold a vigil at Westminster Hall Friday night. It will reportedly be followed by another event on Saturday by the grandchildren.

In a further twist, the Duke of Sussex will be allowed to wear military uniform at the event following a Palace U-turn, according to The Mirror.

Prior to this, Prince Harry could not wear military colours. This was due to his resignation from royal frontline duties.


But he seemed to suggest strongly that investiture should be different from the one that Charles was made Prince of Wales in 1969.

“The Wales 2022 looks very different from the Wales 1969.”

“I don’t believe that looking back at the event and seeing it as something you might want to copy is the best way to do things.

“I believe the Prince of Wales would want to spend time setting himself up in this role and to figure out the best way to make Wales a success.

After his conversation with Prince William Mr Drakeford stated: “He did tell me that he was going to slow down and take on the new responsibilities. That he wanted time to get to know Wales, the important things in Wales today. For him to make his own contributions. That seemed very sensible.

He stated that the Welsh First Minister did not believe Friday’s proceedings could offer an opportunity to meet with the new Prime Minster.

Sky News spoke with Mark Drakeford: “It’s highly unlikely that such an opportunity will arise.”

These occasions are planned in detail and all details have been taken into consideration.

Llandaff will become the new Prime Minister today. She will not have the opportunity to meet with me for the first time.

Charles will make three visits to Cardiff Castle during his one-day tour of London. After meeting with Mark Drakeford, he will then meet leaders of faith and charitable organizations.

The rally attendees are expected to raise signs that read, “Why is there a Monarchy?” Signs with slogans like “Why a Monarchy?” or “Real democracy is now” are common at the rally.

Campaigners claim they would like the Welsh public think twice about if a future without the monarchy might be possible.

After the threat of arrests against protestors who held signs that said “Not My King” in other areas, the group has urged South Wales Police and the Welsh Government to allow them to peacefully demonstrate.

Former Senedd Member for Plaid Cymru Bethan Syed stated: “As soon King Charles III announced that Prince William should be Prince of Wales so quickly after the death Queen Elizabeth, many of us felt the need to respond.

“We need to discuss Wales’ future and how we envision it.

“People say that this is the wrong time for us to talk about this topic. However, once the monarchy is passed from an incumbent King to another, then this is the right time.

It is all about fairness, equality and shaping the Wales that we desire for the next generation.

Ms. Sayed shared her thoughts with PA. Everyone has family members who have died.

We don’t want to create problems but our rights should be protected and we can express an alternative view.

“Because this is perfectly legal if we really call ourselves democracy.”

Many groups, such as republicans and trade unions are participating in the demonstration under Real Democracy Now.

Ms Sayed however stated that everyone was welcome to participate, including protestors against imperialism.

Adam Johannes, left-wing activist and organizer of the recent Cardiff cost of living demonstrations, stated: “Personally, my mother has passed away so I feel all empathy for families in their personal grieving.

“But, when we have these marches, these massive public events, they’re in a sense, political acts.

“And yet, one side of this debate says “now isn’t the time”, while all other things are being rushed through such as the announcement that Prince William would be the new Prince Of Wales.

“So these events which we feel almost like PR events for the monarchy to increase support, then it seems to us that it would be legitimate to speak out.”

Labour for Independent Wales representative said, “Soon 67% will live in fuel poverty and the royals will inherit millions tax free.

“Our democracy has been weakened because of their presence. So, eventually, we demand an independent socialist Republic of Wales.”

Cerith Griffiths, Trade Unionist: “A lot has happened since Queen Elizabeth was crowned more than 70 years ago.

“Significantly Wales has now its own parliament and can pass legislation to make a difference for those who live there.

“In 2016, several provisions of the Trade Union Act in Wales were disapplied, but the Westminster government now overrules those Welsh decisions.

“If democracy is truly valued, we must have a discussion about the role and function of the monarchy. We need to debate whether allowing another government to overrule the democratic decisions made here in Wales is a good idea for the 21st Century.

In less than one week, more than 250,000 people signed a petition calling to end the title of Prince of Wales.

Adam Price, leader of Plaid Cymru’s pro-independence party, said that a discussion on the topic should take place ‘in due time’.

They believe people in independent Wales should be able to elect whether they want to continue a member or remove a member from their royal family.

Within a matter of a week after it began, the petition to stop the Prince Of Wales title was signed by 25,000.

Plaid Cymru, a pro-independence party, will have time for a public discussion about the title Prince of Wales.

After her death, here’s everything you need to know and an overview of her reign over 70 years