Royal Mail confirmed today that the sacking of a knackered postal worker who was captured on camera leaving a pensioner, frail and injured in snow after she had slipped close to her front door, has taken place.

After seeing Patricia Stewart lying on the ground in Falkirk (Scotland), Thomas McCafferty (51) thoughtlessly told her “I can’t Help You Pal”

He also also told the 72-year-old – who suffers from osteoporosis and sustained a head injury in the fall – that he was ‘too knackered’ to offer his assistance before walking away.

After the online release of door-bell footage, McCafferty was suspended. 

Royal Mail has now confirmed that the postman was fired.

The company’s spokesperson said that Royal Mail expected the most professional behavior of its staff when they were out in collections and deliveries.

Thoughtless Thomas McCafferty, 51, was filmed telling grandmother-of-two Patricia Stewart 'I can't help you pal' after seeing her lying on the ground outside her house in Falkirk, Scotland

After seeing Patricia Stewart lying on the ground in Falkirk (Scotland), Thomas McCafferty (51) thoughtlessly told her “I can’t stop you pal”

The incident was captured on a neighbour's Ring doorbell and showed the worker walk off

It was caught on a Ring neighbor’s Ring phonebell. The worker then walked away.

Thomas McCafferty

Thomas McCafferty

Pictured: Thomas McCafferty (the Royal Mail postal worker) who fell on Patricia Stewart, 72 after he collected a parcel for her because he was too knackered.

«We frequently remind our postmen/women about the importance of their role in their communities. We are able to confirm that the concerned individual has left the company.

“We also have now concluded our internal investigation, but are unable comment on any outcome due to confidentiality concerns.

“We regret the inconvenience caused by this incident.”

A spokesperson stated that bosses reached out to customers to apologize and provide updates on their investigation.

This is after footage emerged showing Mr McCafferty abandoning Ms Stewart, Falkirk, on the ground at Bainsford.

Ms. Stewart was thrown from her home by freezing temperatures on February 11, during one of 26 coldest winters. 

At the time, she said that “I was very upset” because the postal worker had abandoned me on the ground covered in snow and ice. It’s just not possible to leave someone like that.

Patricia Stewart (pictured), who suffers from osteoporosis, slipped and banged her head as she bent over to pick up two parcels left on the doorstep of her home in Bainsford, near Falkirk

Patricia Stewart, who has osteoporosis (pictured), fell and banged her head while reaching for two parcels that were left at her doorstep in Bainsford near Falkirk. 

Patricia was thankfully rescued by 22-year-old Hermes driver Karolina Domska 20 minutes later, who helped her up, got her inside her home and called her neighbours for more help

Patricia was saved by Karolina Domska, a 22-year old Hermes driver, 20 minutes later. She helped Patricia get into her home, and then called her neighbors for further help.

“If I hadn’t had the help of people like you, I’d have been there for hours.

“I can’t believe the postal worker did that to me. He just let me go after I sustained a severe head injury.

After she had gone to collect a package from her front porch, Mr McCafferty, who wasn’t her regular postal man, had also left. She fell.

After receiving her Covid vaccination the previous day, she felt dizzy and fell from the top of the stairs to the ground.

Karolina Domska, a Hermes worker, found her and alerted Patricia’s neighbors. Sheryl Harkins was also alerted.

Patricia was left with an infected lump on her head that looked like a big egg while neighbors dialled 911.

Ms Stewart stated that the postman brought a small package and she took me out to collect it. She said, “I felt dizzy because I’d had my Covid jab the previous day.”

“It was a fall from the top to the bottom, and my head banged against the ground. I couldn’t get back up.”

“I shouted to the postman for him to come to me, he did so.

“But he stated that he had been working since early this morning, and that he was tired,” and then he left.

“So I laid down and cried out for help, but no one heard me. 15/20 mins later, the Hermes Girl saw me and tried my best to help me.

Patricia's niece Sheryl Harkins, 36, accused postman of leaving her aunt 'to die' in the snow

Patricia Harkins’ niece, Sheryl Harkins (36), accused a postman of leaving her aunt “to die” in the snow

“She called my neighbor next door and he immediately came to help me. He ran after me and grabbed my niece.

“They said I shouldn’t move at all, so my neighbor called for an ambulance for me because I had a head injury.

“I was so soaked because I had been lying down for so many hours that all of my clothes got soaked.”

“Sheryl helped me to get on my bed and then I waited for the ambulance.

Sheryl, an administrator worker at the company, stated that they wouldn’t treat a dog as this in an interview earlier this year. 

He left her feeling really sad and worthless. “It is amazing,” she stated.

“When it was mentioned to me, I assumed there was some kind misunderstanding.

‘I look after my aunt. I see her 4x a day. However, she may have been there 3 hours.

He could have said it to someone in the next street. Our neighbours were amazing, they’d do anything for anyone.

“It’s just so gross, all the neighbors would have tried to assist her but she was too loud.”

“It was the coldest night for the UK in 26 years, and he left my aunt on the ground. 

“When I heard about it, I didn’t believe it. It was a misunderstanding. I was disgusted when I first saw the footage.