Kuwaiti Channel Migrant claims he is 17 but is in fact a 20-year old man. The court rules that he has been detained for thirteen months.

  • Issa al Tamini claimed that he lost his track of age while steering a Channel dingy
  • Border Force denied that he claimed he was an adult at the time he was detained
  • Al Tamini claimed to Al Tamini that he can’t read or write because he was raised poor. 
  • He may be removed from the country if he has been released for facilitating illegal entry to Britain. 

Kuwaiti man claimed to be a teenage after he led 11 migrants along the Channel in an inflatable yacht.

Issa Al Tami, 20 years old, admitted that he had illegally facilited entry to the UK when he drove the ship to Dungeness in Kent.

After a long cross-examination, blood tests and lengthy investigation, a judge determined that he was actually 20 years old.

Al Tamini claimed he was unable to read and write at a Newton Hearing. This is where factual disputes are resolved by lawyers without having to present a jury.

Issa Al Tamini, 20, told a court he was just 17 when he admitted illegally facilitating entrance to the UK

Issa al Tamini (20) told a court that he was only 17 years old when he admitted to illegally faciliting entry into the UK

Al Tamini was arrested by police for facilitating illegal entry into the UK by steering a boat that crossed the English Channel and landed at Dungeness, Kent

Al Tamini was charged with illegal entry to the UK. He was driving a boat across the English Channel that landed in Dungeness (Kent).

According to Canterbury Crown Court, the man was brought to Britain for a life of ‘prosperity’ after having been raised on a poor farm in northern Kuwait.

He claimed he belonged to the Shia Muslim ‘Bedoons’, which were rendered stateless and often without papers.

After being taken into custody in spring, he claimed that he wasn’t an adult but had denied telling Border Force.

Al Tamini says that he is unable to read and write. However, his mother keeps track of him and he claims that he remembers his birthdays as 14 and 15. He was also given cake.

His father sent him away at 16 when he said that he lived for one year in Greece. After which, his friend paid “a lot” for him to travel across Europe.

Al Tamini was sent to the UK for a 'prosperous' life, Canterbury Crown Court (pictured) was told, after being raised in poverty

Al Tamini, a child of poverty, was sent to the UK by Canterbury Crown Court.

Judge Mark Weekes claimed that Mark likely lost his time traveling through Europe. He could also not read.

Judge added that there is no evidence that he organised crossings, but that he didn’t have to go to country to do so.

He added: “You had many options, and it was up you to decide to abandon this hazardous sailing.”

Al Tamini spent 13 months in prison at a Young Offenders Institution.

Upon his release, he will be eligible for deportation.