Angela Rayner has had her communications chief suspended as a result of tensions rising between Sir Keir Sternmer and the deputy Labour leader.

Jack McKenna is a former Jeremy Corbyn aide and has been put under investigation over suspicion of a personal information breach involving another member of staff.

An investigation into a Tweet by a journalist about a dispute between Ian Murray, shadow Scotland secretary and Labour’s chief of policy Claire Ainsley over whether one his aides was being fired is the focus of this inquiry.

McKenna, who is being accused of having breached ‘personal data’ in allegedly telling the media about the row, is facing charges. However his allies insist that there’s no proof.

According to the Times, Labour stated that the investigation does not constitute a presumption or guilt.  

These allegations were denied by McKenna, Mr McKenna’s Media Relations Manager and the author of her speeches.

Now, he is believed to be talking with his union about how the media were made aware of his suspension.

It comes as allies of the deputy leader fear the move is politically motivated amid claims that relations between Sir Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner (pictured together) are now at 'rock bottom'

The deputy leader’s allies fear that this move will be motivated politically. Angela Rayner and Sir Keir Rayner are pictured together. 

Herr McKenna was there to support Ms Rayner during a particularly difficult time, from her apology for labeling Tory MPs as’scum,’ as well as her response on sleaze, multiple threats, and her settlement.

Ms Rayner was reported to have asked him to be off for a few more days earlier in the week. It is not clear if she knew of his proposal.

The deputy leader’s allies fear that this move will be motivated politically. Ms Rayner claims that relationships between Sir Keir, and Ms Rayner have hit a ‘rock bottom’ due to claims that Sir Keir had made claims about her that she was ‘humiliated’ or ‘blindsided” by last week’s surprise reshuffle in Labour’s Shadow Cabinet.

The leader of the opposition, however, insists the two have a positive relationship.

‘We’re friends. We get on. “We talk a lot,” he said to the Times.

The suspension of McKenna could lead to civil wars between the moderate and the left factions.

This comes following a May brawl in which Sir Keir tried to remove Ms Rayner from some shadow cabinet responsibilities, only to have her end up with even more.

As Ms Rayner’s chief of communications, Mr McKenna was also involved in this row.

The party’s tough week saw key moderates like Bridget Phillipson, Lisa Nandy and Wes Streeting elevated to cabinet posts, and Jon Ashworth demoted.  

When the Times contacted Mr McKenna from Labour Party, both declined to comment.  

The Mail has learned that an influential party figure disclosed to The Mail Sunday, yesterday, that Sir Keir’s advisers had talked about the unusual step of removing Ms Rayner from her post.

Jack McKenna, a former Jeremy Corbyn aide, has been placed under investigation on suspicion of a personal data breach involving another party staff member. He denies the allegations.

Jack McKenna (a former Jeremy Corbyn aide) has been under investigation for a possible personal data breach involving a party staff member. The allegations are denied by McKenna. 

Ms Rayner’s allies reacted in fury at even the idea of axeing the ‘historic’ post of deputy leader, branding it ‘brutal’ and a ‘constitutional outrage’.

According to one leading Left-winger, it revealed that Sir Keir (North London MP) was scared and intimidated by Greater Manchester MP.

“To even consider getting rid his deputy’s job is an insult to party democracy, the MP stated.” 

Moderate MPs reacted to this by pointing out it had only been two years since Left-wing ally Jeremy Corbyn attempted to eliminate the deputy position in order to rid Tom Watson (then post-holder) who was critical about Mr Corbyn.

A senior party insider told the Mail on Sunday that the so-called ‘nuclear option’ of ditching the position was revived earlier this year – including at a meeting attended by Sir Keir.

Keir said the idea was’very seriously’ thought about.

An insider admitted that it was “probably impossible” to make the changes against Rayner because they were “such a personal thing”. 

He also cautioned that the trade union leaders wouldn’t support the plan which will require their backing at a party confer.

Last night, Sir Keir’s spokeswoman denies that any discussion had taken place regarding the abolishment of the deputy leader position or plans to.