Today, Sajid Javid was charged with living on another world after he claimed there wasn’t enough lateral flow testing.

Tens of thousands tried to obtain home testing kits for their homes, but were denied by the government’s website. 

Many pharmacies, town halls, sports clubs — and even Parliament — have also run out of swabs.

The Health Secretary said that the nation had tens to millions of people already in its warehouses and more would be arriving each week.

Wes Streeting, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, blasted Javid in this debate over the lack of lateral flow test.

He said: ‘I thought the Health Secretary might be living on a different planet when he discussed the availability of testing because the Government’s website today states that home testing kits are unavailable.’ 

Javid stated that there was a sudden surge in demand, and Royal Mail could not keep pace with the deliveries. Amazon has been called in to aid. 

Ministers had urged Brits not to use the Omicron kits until they return home for Christmas. This was after confirmed Omicron cases jumped 50% in one day to 4,713. 

Every person who has been vaccinated and is in contact with someone infected will need to be tested for the virus at least once daily.

In the meantime, MPs will vote on Wednesday to allow people to go to big events or night clubs without being double-jabbed. 

Health Secretary Sajid Javid (pictured) insisted in the Commons today that there were enough lateral flows available. He said there were tens of millions in the country waiting to be delivered, but that a 'surge in demand' had overwhelmed the system

Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary, insisted that sufficient lateral flows are available today at the Commons. Although he claimed that the nation had tens to millions of people awaiting their delivery, he said that the system was overwhelmed by a surge in demand.

But for those trying to get the kits a message on the Government website today said there were none available and people should try again later. PCRs were unaffected

However, those who tried to obtain the kits were informed today that they are not available. They should try again. The PCRs were not affected. 

About 730,000 lateral flows are carried out in the UK every day according to official figures. People working in schools and parts of the health service need to test themselves twice a week for the virus using the kits

Official figures show that there are around 730,000 lateral flows per day performed in the UK. The kits can be used to check for viruses in school and other health services personnel. 

Javid states booster jabs are required for Covid passes when Britons have a “reasonable opportunity” to obtain them

Tonight, Sajid Javid warned that booster shots will soon need to count as being ‘fully vaccinated.

According to the Health Secretary, the government will change the definition once all adult have received a reasonable chance to receive a booster.

This comment was made after Boris Johnson tried to speed up the rollout. It could lead into chaos with book booking sites crashing and long queues at walk in centres.

Javid faced Tory fury at new “Plan B” restrictions that would have made it harder to address the Omicron variant of the Commons today. More than 70 MPs threaten to rebel tomorrow in crucial votes over the plans.

The new rules regarding Covid passed meant that people would need to pass a negative flow test starting Wednesday to be allowed to attend large events or nightclubs.

According to Mr Javid, double-jabbed people will be exempt. However, he added that once all adults have had an opportunity to receive their booster jabs, we plan to modify this exemption and require booster shots.

Current testing for the virus is done twice per week by those working in hospitals, schools and other institutions. 

Streeting said in the Commons: “Pharmacists across Canada are out of stock. Even here in Parliament, there are not home testing kits from Portcullis.

“This may be due to an increase in demand before the testing requirements for this week. But, surely this should have been anticipated and it is a problem.”

Javid stated there is a ‘no shortage’ in lateral flow tests, and that many were being shipped every week.

He said: ‘The limiting factor — because of the hugely increased demand and I’m sure members can understand why demand has suddenly surged — is the ability to deliver the tests, and having enough capability to deliver the tests.

“The Royal Mail’s current arrangements are insufficient. Amazon, as well as other delivery methods, have reached new agreements. [are being investigated].’

Britons who tried to place orders on the Government’s website for the kit this morning received the following message: “Sorry! We don’t have any home testing kits right now.”

You can always try again. You can also go back to the site and book an appointment. [PCR] instead.’

MailOnline reported that testing kits were not yet available for this afternoon.

Ministers such as Mr Javid called for Britons to complete the tests prior to returning home at Christmas.

In the run up to Christmas, Britons were also called upon to regularly swab their skin.  

It comes amid mounting concern over the spread of Omicron. Reported cases today rose by 50 per cent in just 24 hours, but officials fear it may now be triggering 200,000 cases a day

This comes amid growing concern about Omicron’s spread. Today’s reported cases rose by 50% in 24 hours. Officials are now concerned that it could be leading to as many as 200,000 cases each day.

Some 500,000 PCRs are also carried out every day, according to official figures

According to government figures, around 500,000 PCRs take place each day.

The UK Health Security Agency is responsible for managing and supplying lateral flow kits in England, and has ordered at least 384million at a price of £1.3billion, or £3.65 for seven swabs. The kits can be taken by anyone at no cost.

Each day 730,000 people are taken by the government alone.

Healthcare workers must be vaccinated twice per week, which is why they are in high demand.

Demand is expected to rise further from tomorrow as Covid contacts are required to pick them up once daily.

This shortage is occurring amid growing concern about the Omicron variant. Cases have risen by 50% in less than 24 hours to over 4,700.

Javid stated that the variant was already believed to cause 20 percent of all infections in England, and could trigger another 200,000 cases per day.

The virus causes 40% of the infections in Capital and it is likely to dominate the next 48-hours. 

After another 54,561 cases, Britain’s Covid case numbers rose 6.2% today.  

This is a stark reminder of September last year, when there was a spike in cases following children returning to school. 

The demand for PCR services grew quickly, and people who had been affected by the virus were asked to travel 100-miles to obtain a swab. 

Since April, everyone in England was able to take lateral flow test twice daily.

Omicron cases increased by 50% in the past 24 hours amid increasing concern regarding the spread of the variant.

Officials claim it already has 20% of the cases in England, 40% in London and is expected to be in control within 48 hours.

Ministers have also called on Britons for boosters. Mr Javid stated today that after sufficient Britons had the opportunity to obtain one, the Covid pass will include the boost.

This comment was made after Boris Johnson tried to speed up the rollout. It could lead into chaos with book booking sites crashing and long queues at walk in centres.

Javid was a victim of Tory anger over the new Plan B’ restrictions. These were meant to deal with the Omicron variant today in the Commons. More than 70 MPs threaten to rebel tomorrow in crucial votes over the plans.