Labour’s reshuffle a disaster: Angela Rayner’s speech is overshadowed in surprise cull by Keir Sternmer who supports Yvette Cooper and David Lammy…and even Emily Thornberry

  • Yesterday’s Labour Party reshuffle saw the leader, Sir Keir Sternmer, support centrists 
  • Yvette cooper, Lisa Nandy, and Wes Streeting are all on the frontlines of politics 
  • With the changes, Cat Smith (the Shadow Cabinet’s remaining Corbynite Cat Smith) was forced to leave.  

Yvette cooper made a dramatic comeback to the political frontline after Sir Keir starmer had used a broad-ranging reshuffle in order to support centrists.

After a day of chaos, Labour’s leader named Miss Cooper Shadow Home Secretary in order to fight Priti Patel.

Lisa Nandy, who was promoted as well, will be working alongside Michael Gove at his housing and levelling-up department.

Sir Keir Starmer started his reshuffle yesterday morning, sparking a row with allies of his deputy Angela Rayner, who accused him of seeking to overshadow a speech she was giving

Yesterday morning Sir Keir Starmer began his reshuffle. This sparked a dispute with Angela Rayner’s allies, who accuse him of trying to shadow a speech she was giving.

David Lammy assumed her former job as Shadow Foreign Secretary. Wes Streeting, a rising star in health communications, was promoted to the position of prominent health spokesman.

The changes – much wider than expected – will be seen as a move by Sir Keir to consolidate the power of centrists at the top of the Labour Party.

In the Shadow Cabinet, Corbynites were the only remaining members of the Shadow Cabinet after the reshuffle.

Lisa Nandy

Yvette Cooper

Yvette Cooper’s dramatic return to political life last night was witnessed by Lisa Nandy, who was also promoted

Unpopular with Corbynites for campaigning against the anti-Semitism in their ranks, Wes Streeting was handed the prominent role of health spokesman

Wes Streeting became unpopular among Corbynites because he had campaigned against anti-Semitism. He was given the role of prominent health spokesman

Cat Smith left Sir Keir with a broadside, criticizing him for not allowing Jeremy Corbyn to return into the parliamentary party.

In another change, former leader Ed Miliband’s job was reduced in size. Formerly responsible to business and climate, he now will only be involved in the briefing on climate change.

Sir Keir’s reshuffle began yesterday morning. This prompted a dispute with Angela Rayner’s associates, who accuse him of trying to dominate a speech she was giving.

The reshuffle saw the departure of the last remaining Corbynite in the Shadow Cabinet, Cat Smith (pictured right)

Cat Smith, the Shadow Cabinet’s last Corbynite (pictured right), was forced to leave during the reshuffle. 

Starmer’s WINNERS and LOSERS 

Rejoice High 

YVETTE COOPER: The former Cabinet minister – who lost the fight to be leader against Jeremy Corbyn in 2015 – makes a dramatic return to the political frontline.

LISA NANDY: Labour says her move to a major role opposing Michael Gove’s Levelling Up agenda is the biggest promotion of the reshuffle.

WES STREETING: He was disapproved by the Corbynites because he had campaigned against anti-Semitism within their ranks. Instead, he gets the prominent position of health spokesman.

BRIDGET PHILLIPSON: This is her promotion from her former role as shadow Treasury minister.

Do not sit 

CAT SMITH: The Shadow Cabinet’s last Corbynite was relieved of her role as shadow Cabinet Office minister.

ED MILIBANDFormer Labour leader was responsible for shadowing both the climate change and business briefs. He is now only responsible for climate change.

KATE GREENAfter the resignation of Rebecca Long-Bailey, a hard-Left Leftist, she was promoted to the role as shadow educator. However, she was not successful and was fired yesterday.

LORD Falconer: Shadow Attorney General is the former Lord Chancellor. He did this weeks after embarrassing the leadership with his second job.

The Labour leader said last night: ‘With this reshuffle, we are a smaller, more focused Shadow Cabinet that mirrors the shape of the Government we are shadowing.

‘We must hold the Conservative Government to account on behalf of the public and demonstrate we are the right choice to form the next government.

‘I’m delighted that Lisa Nandy will take on the vital role of shadowing Michael Gove and leading on the levelling up agenda.

‘After 11 years of Conservative mismanagement of our economy, delivering prosperity to all regions and nations in the UK will be a defining mission of the next Labour government.’

Former Labour leader Ed Miliband used to shadow both the business and the climate change briefs. Now he is only in charge of climate change

Ed Miliband, a former Labour leader, used to shadow the briefs on climate change and the business. Climate change is his responsibility now.

He added he was also delighted Mr Miliband would take the lead on holding the Government to account for its ‘failure to take action on climate change… the most important issue facing this country over the next decade’.

Sir Keir said: ‘I look forward to working with the new team to show we are once again a serious party of government.’

Nick Thomas-Symonds is replaced by Miss Cooper, who takes over as international trade spokesperson. Emily Thornberry is the shadow attorney general.

Kate Green

Lord Falconer

Yesterday, Kate Green was fired and Lord Falconer now serves as shadow attorney general

Bridget Phillipson got the shadow education role job, a promotion from her previous role as a shadow Treasury minister

Bridget Phillipson received the position of shadow education, which is a promotion to her former role as shadow Treasury minister 

Yesterday morning, allies of Mrs Rayner questioned why Sir Keir decided to carry out the changes just as she was making a speech accusing the Conservatives of ‘corruption’.

Mrs Rayner said after her speech she had not been aware of ‘the timing of’ the reshuffle.

She added: ‘Six months ago I said again we need some consistency in how we’re approaching things as an opposition.’

New fears were raised about the future of Sir Keir, his deputy.

The pair were locked in a stand-off during Sir Keir’s last reshuffle in May, when Mrs Rayner felt she was being scapegoated for the party’s disastrous Hartlepool by-election result.