Lateal flow tests are overdue AGAIN. The Government Website is not able to conduct rapid tests, and instead advises that people go to the pharmacy.

  • The Government declared that lateral flow tests were not available for the second consecutive day.
  • At least six times lateral flow test have not been made available for delivery.
  • In the meantime, the Government has encouraged people to get tests at pharmacies 
  •  It comes as Britons check to ensure they are Covid-free ahead of New Year’s Eve

Home delivery of lateral flow tests is not possible for the second consecutive day as anxious Britons wait for results to determine if they’re Covid-free before New Year’s Eve festivities.  

Yesterday was the announcement that it wasn’t possible to order kits for lateral flow testing for home delivery via the Government website.

Today the message is still in effect.:

You may be able still to get rapid lateral flow testing from your local pharmacy. If you don’t have symptoms, only pick up the tests.

Today, the same message has appeared as yesterday, stating : 'Sorry, there are no home delivery slots left for rapid lateral flow tests right now'

Today, the same message has appeared as yesterday, stating : ‘Sorry, there are no home delivery slots left for rapid lateral flow tests right now’

Britons can pick up lateral flow tests for free from a pharmacy listed on the NHS website

Britons are eligible to receive lateral flow testing at no cost from any pharmacy on the NHS site

After yesterday’s England shortages, appointment slots for PCR tests now are available. However, the UK Health Security Agency said that this was a temporary situation.

UKHSA spokeswoman said that testing is an important part of keeping people safe, and controlling the spread Covid-19.

“We’re very thankful to all who follow the guidance of Government and get tested in order to protect their families, loved ones, and communities. 

“Everyone who has symptoms should come forward and get a PCR testing done. 

The message reminded people not to order from NHS111 and 999 numbers, so they were encouraged to get tests at their local pharmacy.

According to the government’s website, these tests can be used instead if they are not taken at school. 

The 119 service also stated that it ‘doesn’t have access to any more home delivery slots at the moment’.

UKHSA spokeswoman said that despite unprecedented demand, they continue to provide millions of rapid flow tests each day.

“Our delivery capacity has increased to 900,000.00 test kits per hour since Saturday, 18 December. This allows more people to order tests.

“During times of extraordinary demand, there might be temporary pauses when ordering or receiving tests. This is to ensure that we manage distribution throughout the system, support changing needs for LFD/PCR tests and provide delivery capacity reductions over Christmas and bank holidays.

You can order ‘Rapid Tests’ directly from your home via The availability of these tests is updated throughout the day.

‘We encourage people to re-visit the site every few hours if they are unable to order tests as more will become available – and to please ensure they are making use of any tests they already have at home before ordering or collecting more.’

Boris Johnson has just reviewed data which will show how Christmas holidays have affected the number of Covid cases.

To determine whether further measures are required to prevent the spread Omicron variant, the Prime Minister should use these data.

A public health expert advised that people use tests “responsibly” in the face of the severe shortage.

Azeem Majeed (head of primary care at Imperial College London) said via Twitter, ‘I hear about people performing multiple lateral flow test in one day.

“The test are not in sufficient supply in many areas of England. This practice will only exacerbate the supply problem, even for important workers like NHS staff. The tests should be used responsibly.

The government has not delivered lateral flow tests for at least six times. The CDC urges residents to take tests to their local pharmacy. 

How do you obtain a lateral flow study? 

How do I get a lateral flow tester?

Tests can be picked up at no cost from any pharmacy or collection point. This is for the majority of people.

Click here to visit the NHS site. There you will find information about your nearest location. Then click on the ‘get code’ button to get a code for that center.

Where can I get a lateral flow analysis?

Click here to order your lateral flow test kit. However, the NHS requires that you only place an order online if you are unable to pick it up. 

How do I perform a lateral flow study?

According to the NHS, you should have lateral flow testing done on “days when it’s more likely that you catch or spread Covid-19”, such as before mixing with others in indoor spaces or visiting someone at greater risk for becoming severely ill.

Adults who have been double jabbed are now required to undergo a lateral flow testing every day for 7 days, if they meet someone with Covid-19. 

Where can I get a test for PCR?

By clicking here, you can request a free PCR testing kit for your home. You may also book an appointment to visit a test center. 

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should seek one.

According to the Government, if there are no symptoms, you may also be eligible for a PCR kit.

  • You’ve come in contact with someone positive for HIV and now you need to self-isolate
  • You’ve been requested to take a test at a local authority or by someone from NHS Test and Trace
  • A doctor or another health professional asks you for a test
  • Participating in an official pilot program
  • You’ve been requested to take a test in order to verify a positive result.
  • A second test was ordered for you if your initial result is unclear.
  • You need to have a test done for the person you are living with who is suffering from symptoms
  • You are a part of the National Tactical Response Group

Is it necessary to isolate at all? 

This month’s new guidance states that anyone who has been in contact with confirmed Covid-19 cases should be fully vaccinated and take a quick lateral flow test for one week. It will help to slow down the spread of this virus. 

People with symptoms, or who have tested positive, are expected to remain isolated.