Laura Kuensberg, the BBC’s Easter political editor will be retiring. She will assume a role as a senior reporter and presenter.

According to the BBC, Laura Kuensberg will leave her role at Easter as BBC’s Political Editor and will now assume senior reporting and presenting roles.

Miss Kuensberg has reported on a frenetic period of politics, including two general election results and the Brexit referendum.

As part of an extensive reshuffle in senior radio staff, it was reported that an Italian-born veteran reporter might become a Today presenter for Radio 4.

Although her future roles at the corporation are not yet known, BBC has stated she will participate in news and current affairs projects that span TV, radio, online, and offline. Further details will be released in the New Year. 

Andrew Marr’s Sunday politics program ended on the same day as his announcement about her new role. Marr resigned from the BBC after 21-years.  

There has been speculation that highly respected Laura Kuenssberg, who stands down as BBC Political Editor next year, wants a role at the Today Programme

Rumours have circulated that Laura Kuensberg, the highly-respected BBC Political Editor, may be interested in a job at Today Programme.

Kuensberg shared the following: “I have been blessed to do the best day-to-day reporting job in business with the best coworkers anyone could desire. It has been amazing to take the seat during such dramatic change, and attempt to understand it all for viewers, listeners, and readers online.

“I will miss daily drama and the wonderful people at Westminster. After nearly seven decades of coverage and what seems like decades, it is time for the next step.

“Anyway, I am taking a Christmas break, but I will have plenty of news over the next few days and while I’m still sitting in my chair until April. 

Tim Davie, BBC director-general said of Laura: “Laura was an outstanding BBC editor through the most turbulent times in human history. We have relied on her sharp commentary, hard questions and insightful insights to guide us through these seven years.

“She’s an excellent interviewer and engaged presenter. It’s great that she’s on our airwaves. Her next chapter is exciting.