Leading British anti-vaxxer, David Jones, has revealed that he was unable to cope with the Covid-19 virus after being hospitalized. He previously stated it was a common cold.

John O’Looney of Milton Keynes finally admitted that the coronavirus is real and “very nasty” after being admitted to an intensive care unit in a hospital.

His social media videos, which make unverified claims about vaccines and the pandemic, have made him a prominent figurehead for anti vaxxers at 53 years old.

Piers Corbyn (brother of ex-Labour leader Jeremy) was to lead a controversial Let the UK Live’ rally in Buckinghamshire last week.

However, Mr O’Looney was infected with Covid-19 two week ago. He went to hospital and his experiences forced him to retract on the claims that it is a virus.

John O'Looney, of Milton Keynes, was admitted to a hospital intensive care unit with Covid-19

John O’Looney of Milton Keynes was admitted into a hospital intensive-care unit equipped with Covid-19

He shared a December 31 statement with his followers that he said: “I was skeptical at first about Covid, but I can verify its validity and it’s very horrible.

“So, let’s not make any mistake that there’s an enemy we must face. But does it require interminable bouts of injections afterwards injections?”

Writing about his experiences, he added: ‘Very interestingly recently I was admitted to ICU in Milton Keynes hospital after developing Covid symptoms.

“I was there for three lateral flow testing and was told that I was negative at that time. However, later I was assured by the nurse that it had been positive. 

Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services’ President, Mr O’Looney also complained about the food quality and consistency of the hospital’s meals.

Mr O'Looney had to miss the rally in Milton Keynes which featured a speech from Piers Corbyn

Piers Corbyn spoke at the Milton Keynes rally, which Mr O’Looney was unable to attend.

He claimed doctors also offered him a trial drug for his recovery, but he refused and remained true to his guns.

According to doctors, he was said not to have sought medical advice and discharged from the hospital.

Mister O’Looney said that he felt very lucky to have survived hospitalization (I had no idea I’d be able to do so) thanks to the support of his family and close friends.

“The secretive whisperings, secrecy, and guilty faces among certain staff members spoke volumes for me.

“It was very traumatizing and chilling to watch how the environment has changed, especially when I requested to go.

Piers Corbyn speaks as protesters enter a theatre in Milton Keynes last week on December 29

Piers Corbyn addresses protesters as they enter the Milton Keynes theatre last Wednesday, December 29

O’Looney stated that he is still against Covid vaccinations, and asked parents to keep their kids out of school in order to prevent the jab.

His previous appearances at anti-vax events were his. He will also be speaking at an upcoming Freedom Rally in Milton Keynes.

Following his hospitalization, O’Looney had to shut down temporarily his funeral service that he ran since 2017, ‘due too illness’.

O’Looney shared a video with followers just weeks after he was admitted to hospital with Covid. In it, he claimed that Omicron was really just cold.

The anti-vaxxers also stormed a test and trace centre in Milton Keynes on Decmber 29

On Decmber 29, the anti-vaxxers stormed Milton Keynes’ test and trace center.

He explained that he was in winter, and that there were flus and colds all around. These are these people [who have been vaccinated]You can’t resist.

“The government quickly labelled it Omicron (a new variant). The people are not necessarily sick. However, they have basic illnesses like the common cold.

Priti Patel, Home Secretary, blasted the anti-vaxxers for storming Milton Keynes’ test and trace center. The mob disrupted an evening of pantomime.

Dozens upon dozens of marchers entered the testing facility. They were seen damaging signs, stealing equipment and taking photos of the testing facility in social media videos posted on December 29.

They also marched into Milton Keynes Theatre, claiming that they saw’staff members and patrons fearful and attacked’.

One video showed a group, which included Piers Corbyn and others, holding signs and chanting in the foyer of the theatre as it was being performed inside.

Corbyn is the elder brother to Jeremy and was accused of inciting people against MPs’ offices. 

Sir John Bell is a regius professor in medicine at Oxford University. He was a member of Vaccine Task Force.