Namsor is a program that categorizes names based on gender, country of origin, and location. In addition to the global mobility of capital, information, and human capital, there is a major emphasis on the study of Big Data. No matter if they are written using the Latin alphabet, the Cyrillic alphabet, or any other alphabet or language, our sophisticated data mining engine can accurately identify individual names. Through the study of sociolinguistics, it is possible to obtain crucial information from the meanings of people’s names.

Our cutting-edge technology is advantageous not only to particular nations and regions but also to private businesses and a variety of community-based projects worldwide. Namsor demonstrates the significance of having access to a variety of perspectives. Namsor helps diaspora-focused governmental and business sector organizations’ growth initiatives.

An automated mentioning of sources

Data scientists, engineers, historians, and linguists collaborate to maintain and enhance artificial intelligence (AI) that handles names correctly and comprehensively. Namsors method uses name morphology to transcribe a name and determine its origin, ethnicity, gender, and country of origin, as well as to identify the type of name it is. Artificial intelligence can produce accurate predictions regardless of whether the input is a first name, the last name, a full name, a nickname, or a fictitious name such as a company or brand name. A huge number of competent authorities, including scientists, academics, and industry professionals, have deemed Namsor’s method of name verification to be the most reliable in the world.

Adaptable selection characteristics unique to Namsor

The construction of every new service Namsor provides is based on client feedback and suggestions.

  • Learn more about your customers or the demographic you are researching by discovering their place of birth, ethnicity, diaspora, race and current nation of residence.
  • Gender detection can assist in eliminating gender disparities, streamlining customer service operations, and increasing conversion rates.
  • Regarding naming things and people, it is impossible to overestimate the usefulness of our name-type recognition technology.
  •  The documentation procedure has been streamlined, and marketing and sales automation have been enhanced, as a result of our full-name separation function.
  • By transcribing Chinese names, you can simultaneously develop your business in China and your understanding of Chinese diasporas.
  • For your research on Japanese expatriates or your expansion into Japan, Japanese name transliteration is a valuable resource.
  • By formatting and confirming phone numbers in databases, it is possible to increase sales in international markets quickly and painlessly.

Namsor app is capable of processing both CSV and Excel files

Namsor app is an online file-processing app that is useful for naming evaluations. This application is compatible with CSV, Excel, OpenDocument, and Text file types. To generate an AI-enhanced variant, simply upload your file, select a task, and click the “run” button. Utilize our fully automated citation generator to avoid having to learn any particular terms.

Programming Interface Nansor’s registration API is ready for usage and accompanied by thorough documentation. Utilize the previously stated integration examples to take advantage of the name verification options that Namsor offers (JavaScript, Python, Java, and Shell).

Obtaining Namsor’s Software Development Kit

You can integrate Namsor, a software development business, and the services they offer into your app. Select an appropriate command line interface (CLI) or software development kit (SDK) for creating in Java, Python, Go, or JavaScript. Namsor will take care of you when it comes to your website needs. One login is sufficient for access to all of our websites, products, and services.