Lecturer, 54, is found guilty of killing grandmother, 65, and seriously injuring her husband in head-on car crash after he ‘fiddled with his car radio’

  • Iestyn Jones (54), of Tredegar lost control while driving close to Ebbw Vale, on July 6, 2020
  • Shirley Culleton (65), of Cwmbran was one of the passengers in Jones’ car. She died shortly after.
  • A college professor Mr Jones claims that he can’t recall the events before the crash. 
  • He was found guilty earlier today of death by dangerous driving.
  • By the Newport Crown Court judge, he told him to be prepared for a lengthy sentence 

The murder of her grandmother by a college lecturer and the serious injury to her husband at his hands in an accident in South Wales has led to her conviction.

Iestyn Jones (54), from Tredegar was found guilty of dangerous driving and death at Newport Crown Court today.

Shirley Culleton was 65 years old when she died following a collision near Ebbw Vale.

Following a shopping trip on Saturday, Mrs Culleton with Michael was driving along the bypass in their Suzuki Swift. Jones drifted onto their lane and collided into them in his Hyundai IX35.

Jones, an electronics teacher, and sheep farmer was charged with ‘fiddling’ with his radio which made him veer in front of oncoming traffic.

Iestyn Jones, 54 (pictured) was found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving of Shirley Culleton, 65, in a head-on crash. Mrs Culleton was a passenger out driving with her husband for a Saturday drive when lecturer Jones' Hyundai IX35 smashed into them.

Iestyn, 54, was found guilty in the head-on collision of Shirley Culleton and dangerous driving. Ms. Culleton was riding along her husband on a Saturday driving trip when the Hyundai IX35 of lecturer Jones crashed into them.

Shirley Culleton, 65, pictured right with husband Michael, died when lecturer Jones' Hyundai IX35 smashed into her car last year

Shirley Culleton, 65 years old, was pictured with Michael.

He said he denied the allegations against him, and that during his five-day trial he was unable to recall what happened.

Jones struck Stephen Williams first in Ford Fiesta. Williams escaped with only minor injuries. Then, Jones drove straight into Williams and the couple.

Then, he told witnesses, such as a cop officer and an army medical who rushed to help the wounded drivers, that at the time of the accident, he was’messing about’ on his radio.

He said, “I just took my eyes off of the road for one second,” to another.

Later, he admitted to investigators that he didn’t remember speaking with witnesses. However, he said that he had, and added: “I don’t believe I realized what I was saying.

Although he admitted to having tuned his car’s radio during the trip home, he said it was not on the road that had been bypassed.

Matthew Roberts, the defense, claimed that Matthew had experienced severe obstructive sleeping apnoea on the date of the crash.

Jones was diagnosed in 2013 with a milder form of the disease, but Jones claimed he wasn’t told he needed to tell the DVLA.

He said to the jury, “It’s all blurred.” He said that he doesn’t recall anything about the incident – it’s not there.

I’m an excellent driver. This is what I’d do if I could. That is why I’m here.

Mrs Culleton was fatally injured and later died at University Hospital of Wales.

Electronics lecturer Jones admitted earlier this week that he tuned the radio at some point - but insisted that this did not cause the crash. Jones said: 'It's all a blur. I don't remember nothing about it - there's nothing there. I'm a really good driver. If I thought I had done this I would put my hands up. That's why I'm here.'

Jones, an electronics lecturer, admitted that he had tuned his radio once in a while. However Jones insists that it did not lead to the crash. Jones stated that it was all blurred. There’s not much there. I can drive really well. I think I have done it. That is why I’m here.

He was then taken to Nevill Hospital, which was nearby. There he stayed for seven more weeks.

Lawrence Jones, the prosecutor said that Jones was not willing to accept that defendant had been distracted while retuning his Radio.

“This was not a tragic accident that could have been avoided, but a serious episode of reckless driving.”

Jones was also found guilty for causing severe injury through dangerous driving.

Judge Richard Williams placed him in custody until January 19th’s sentencing hearing, and advised that he could expect to serve a lengthy sentence.