What is Britain’s most joyful job? A 26 year old man eats BRUSSEL STROUTS to make a living.

  • Ben Harrison (from Leeds) goes on taste-testing trips to Asda farm farms
  • There are 15 different types of sprouts.
  • Ben says that being a professional sprout-taster takes a distinct palate.
  • Ben has a degree from the Food and Nutrition Institute. 

Ben Harrison is a 26-year-old technical manager who enjoys eating Brussels sprouts. He was hired by Asda in order to check the sprouts for quality before being made available to customers.

Despite many people thinking that this is a terrible job, Ben says he loves his job. He can happily eat 50 Brussel sprouts a days.

Ben, a Leeds resident, said: “When we’re testing new varieties, and visiting our trusted growers,” I can eat as many as 50 sprouts daily.

“This is the best thing about my job!”

“It is important that we offer Asda customers only the finest tasting sprouts. We also continue to improve variety so more people can try them.

Ben Harrison, 26, is a taste-tester for Asda and goes on trips to the supermarket's partnered farms to try out the varieties on offer

26-year-old Ben Harrison is an Asda Taste Tester. He visits partner farms and tries out new varieties of Asda products

On some days, Ben tastes up to 50 Brussel sprouts in a day - a nightmare for some, although he assures us it is the dream job for him

Ben can eat up to 50 Brussel sprouts per day on some days – a horrible job, but it’s his dream job.

“The best and most freshest sprouts will have an orange-yellow colour. The shape of the variety determines whether it is oval or round.

“Over the years the variety has evolved from being bitter to one that is sweeter.

“It is very important that sprouts be cooked properly. Overcooking can cause them to become more bitter, and it could also create an unpleasant smell. That’s why sprout lovers are often put off.

Ben is a student in Food and Nutrition, and he was the ideal taster for Asda’s Brussel sprouts at Christmas.

He said, “We collaborate with trusted farmers who cultivate over 15 varieties to make sure we have the highest quality sprouts available for Asda customers in Christmas.”

With a degree in Food and Nutrition and a refined palate to boot, Ben is well equipped for his job of scouting out the best sprouts for Asda's shelves

Ben holds a degree and palate in Food and Nutrition and is equipped to find the best sprouts on Asda’s shelves.

Ben says Brussel sprouts needn't be cooked: he recommends grating them raw over salads

Ben suggests that brussel sprouts can be roasted raw, rather than grating.

BELOW: How three of Britain's top chefs recommend you prepare your sprouts this Christmas

BELOW: Three of Britain’s best chefs share their tips for how to prepare sprouts this Christmas

“It is difficult to test sprouts because it is not easy to spot the differences between varieties. However, this is necessary to provide customers with the highest quality sprouts.

“You should also be able to understand all aspects that influence harvests.

Sprouts can be a delicious addition to the Christmas dinner.

They can also be used for other purposes, so don’t limit yourself to Christmas.

You can also add sprouts to other recipes. Simply cook the sprouts and then grate them into fresh salads, whole roasts, or with herbs and garlic.

“There are many amazing sprout products at Asda this season that will make anyone love sprouts.”

You can grab plain sprouts, but you will need to make your own. The trimmed version also helps cut down the prep time for the big day.

“Brussel sprouts make Christmas special! This is just ahead of the pigs covered in blankets.

Three top chefs share their tips on how to prepare brussel sprouts

JAMIE OliVER: The Naked Chef advises that you cut large sprouts in half, and small sprouts should be left whole. They should be placed in boiling water. Let them sit for 5 minutes before removing them. 

According to Chef Oliver, sprouts should be “j.”the meat is tender and has a slight bite.

He recommends they be mixed with a “chestnut combination”, which combines the festive nuts and onion with bacon, bacon, and some sage. A recipe that he elaborates upon. His website

GORDON RAMSAY Contrary to Chef Oliver’s, Hell’s Kitchen’s chef is strict about cutting sprouts in half. This applies both to large and small. According to a Chef Ramsay recipe, “halving the sprouts makes the middles absorb more flavour.”

Ramsay suggests that sprouts should be blanched in a matter of seconds to two minutes.

Also, you can do it just like the naked chef. Ramsay recommends frying the blanched sprouts with bacon and chestnuts – although he seasons his with pepper, sea salt and a squeeze of lemon juice. 

HESTON BLUMENTHAL Chef Fat Duck says, “To me, sprouts taste best when cooked in butter and bacon.

‘But please don’t overcook them!’

His recipe states that you should ‘slice the bases from the Brussels sprouts’ before pulling the leaves off them. 

The best way to cook them is for 3 to 5 minutes.  

Chef Blumenthal doesn’t comment on whether or not sprouts should have been cut in half.