Premier League players James Maddison and Harvey Barnes are seen here at the “Covid BOMB” World Darts Championship, London, with over 3,000 spectators despite an increase in cases that has caused havoc on the football schedule.

  • Covid forced Leicester to postpone Saturday’s match against Norwich.  
  • Norwich was able to present multiple cases that were positive and asked for the match’s cancellation.
  • Harvey Barnes and Hamza Choudhury went to darts with James Maddison of Leicester.
  • They were part of a 3,000 strong crowd at Alexandra Palace, and fans noticed them.

Premier League stars James Maddison (Premier League), Harvey Barnes (Premier League) will make Leicester’s bosses sweat after being part of a crowd of 3,000 at the World Championship Darts.

Michael van Gerwen was forced to withdraw from the Darts tournament due to the viral infection. However, the event continues at Alexandra Palace.

The Bosses defended this week’s popular PDC event despite calls to abandon it due to growing cases of players. With Premier League matches constantly falling to Covid and Barnes, the trip will be a concern for those at Leicester. 

Due to the Canaries’ large number of cases, 18 Premier League games were postponed over the past three weeks.   

After explaining the extent of injuries to their team and positive Covid-19, Norwich requested that the Premier League postpone them. 

The World Championship Darts concludes on Monday, with the winner of that day’s final picking up £500,000, the largest cheque in the sport. 

Alexandra Palace welcomed thousands of visitors despite the fact that Omicron Covid cases are rising across the country.

James Maddison (left) and Harvey Barnes (right) were seen at the darts on Saturday night

Harvey Barnes (right), and James Maddison left, were seen at Saturday’s darts.

Leicester team-mates Hamza Choudhury (middle) and Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall (right) also made the trip to London for the World Championship Darts held at Alexandra Palace

Hamza Choudhury, Leicester’s teammate (middle), and Kiernan dewsbury-Hall made the journey to London for World Championship Darts at Alexandra Palace (right).

World Championship Darts has carried on at Alexandra Palace despite coronavirus concerns

World Championship Darts continued at Alexandra Palace in spite of coronavirus concerns

There was widespread support for abandoning darts during the tournament when Gerwyn Price, the world’s No 1, suggested that postponement be considered as the event had been “devalued” by withdrawal of the top players. 

Although he did retract his remarks on Wednesday, players were unhappy about the rapid spread of the virus among them.

Vincent van der Voort, who was initially unable to play against James Wade due to a positive test, pulled out in the third round. Raymond van Barneveld said he received Covid-19 from Rob Cross after Round 2. 

Van Gerwen was third to have his positive test ruled out. He said he was disappointed, confused, and angry to withdraw from the tournament.  

Maddison Choudhury, Barnes, and Choudhury wanted to use the Saturday off from Norwich so they went to Alexandra Palace.

Darts icon Michael van Gerwen was forced to withdraw after testing positive for Covid-19

After testing positive for Covid-19, darts legend Michael van Gerwen had to withdraw from the game

One photo shared on social media shows the Leicester team-mates sitting at a table with William Hill signs. Barnes has also a foam finger resting on his lap.

Maddison’s sign says: “Ooooooo an equaliser …’ with a arrow pointed towards Barnes. 

Maddison then delighted everyone around him when he took a sip from his chair. This earned him a big cheer from the crowd. 

England has not yet implemented tougher Covid regulations, but sporting events in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are still being held behind closed doors.

Last month, there were 103 Covid positives that top flight players and their staff reported. 

Premier League responded by setting up a system of real-time tracking in which all clubs are required to provide information about Covid cases, injury rates, and availability. 

Norwich - who are missing at least 10 players - requested a postponement from the league

Norwich, who have at most 10 missing players, requested that the league postpone their game

In spite of the national shortage, there is no danger of clubs running out testing kits. Prenetics was contracted by Premier League to perform private testing. These included daily lateral flows, twice-weeklyPCRs and assembly of testing tents in training-ground parking lots.  

Leicester does not play in the Premier League until January 11. There has also been no emergency measure that prohibits players from participating at public events held under Plan B. 

Maddison shared a video of his day last week that showed what the players must do to pass their testing before they report for training.  

Nearly 80,000 darts lovers, approximately 3,000 per hour, will attend the World Championship at Alexandra Palace.

On Saturday, January 8th, Leicester host Watford at King Power Stadium in FA Cup. 


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