Lewis Hamilton will be banned from Monaco racing this weekend if he continues to wear his nose piercing. With the grace period of FIA almost up, all eyes are on Brit to determine if he is keeping stud in before Friday’s practice

  • Lewis Hamilton showed up in Monaco sporting a nose stud. That is against the rules
  • A seven-time champion appeared defying the ban by the FIA to place jewellery inside the cockpit 
  • Hamilton had a grace period for two races to get the piercing removed  
  • This exemption expires Friday, so everyone’s eyes will be focused on the British driver 

Lewis Hamilton runs the risk of missing Sunday’s Monaco Grand Prix if he fails to take out his nose stud on Friday.

The seven-time world champion turned up in the paddock on Thursday wearing the controversial piercing, which seemed to indicate he would defy the FIA’s ban on jewellery in the cockpit. 

Hamilton (37 years old) was granted a grace period for two races to get rid of the stud. He said that this required surgery.

Lewis Hamilton was given a grace period to remove his nose stud and it runs out on Friday

Lewis Hamilton received a grace period for removing his nose stud. It ends Friday

The exemption ends here Friday. All eyes will be on the FIA’s response if he doesn’t yield in the nick of time.

A crunch moment presents itself ahead of Friday afternoon’s first practice. 

All teams are required to complete an online self-scrutineering declaration declaring their compliance with all rules in order to take part in this session.

If Mercedes fail to do so because of Hamilton’s jewellery, the three-time winner of the world’s most famous race might be reduced to a bystander.

Fans will be keen to see how the FIA - president Mohammed ben Sulayem pictured - handle it

The FIA president Mohammed ben Sulayem will be a popular choice.

The glitz and the glamour of the Monaco Grand Prix will be on full display this weekend

This weekend, the glamour and glitz of Monaco Grand Prix will be in full force

According to a spokesperson from the FIA, Sportsmail: ‘If any team does not make the declaration, the car in question is theoretically not allowed to leave the pit lane. 

‘The matter would go not to the race director (Eduardo Freitas) but to the stewards for adjudication.’

Hamilton could also be granted an additional period of immunity, or even a penalty.

Hamilton previously said it would need surgical intervention to remove the stud from his nose

Hamilton had previously stated that the removal of his stud would be a surgical procedure.