Jessop was first to appear on TV when he appeared in Holby City. Jessop also became the first Down’s-syndrome actor to take a major role in a primetime TV drama. 

Also, he has appeared in Casualty, Doctors and landed parts in critically-acclaimed short movies. He is also the first actor to be diagnosed with Down’s syndrome and play Hamlet in professional acting, which Sir Mark Rylance called ‘phenomenal. 

Tommy’s parents Jane, Edmund, and William have supported him in his acting career. William is a documentary film maker who once said that Tommy “can’t tie his shoelaces but he can walk on the stage and break your heart.”

Line Of Duty marked the return of character Terry Boyle, a man with Down's syndrome who is ruthlessly exploited by an organised crime group. But it is the actor who plays Boyle who has everyone talking, with Twitter users praising the performance by Tommy Jessop (pictured)

Line of Duty saw the return to Terry Boyle’s character, who has Down’s syndrome and is brutally exploited in an organized crime organization. However, it’s the actor playing Boyle that has people talking. Twitter users have praised Tommy Jessop’s performance (pictured).

Jane, an ex-marketing executive, found out that her youngest son was suffering from Down syndrome the day he arrived.

When I learned that Tommy was suffering from Down’s syndrome on his first day of being diagnosed, my first thought was, “Why did God send him to me?”Jane recalls the following in William’s short 2013 film Tommy’s Story. 

“But, I was also worried about his older brother and how this might affect his life. People would always look at me differently, I thought. These things were not true. 

William has produced two films about his brother, and 25 Siblings And Me is a documentary on sperm donors. He explained that they were just like other brothers growing up. 

Tommy first appeared on screens as a supporting character in a 2007 episode of Holby City

Tommy was first seen on television as a supporting role in an episode of Holby City, 2007. 

In 2012, Blue Apple Theatre's production of Hamlet toured 12 theatres and garnered celebrity attention. Sir Mark Rylance praised Tommy's 'to be' speech as 'phenomenal'. Pictured, Tommy, second from right, with the cast including his then girlfriend Katy

Blue Apple Theatre’s Hamlet production toured 12 theatres in 2012 and attracted celebrities. Sir Mark Rylance called Tommy’s speech, “to be”, ‘phenomenal” and praised it. Tommy (second from right) with Katy and the rest of his former girlfriend Katy

He recalled that they played together on the climbing frame or football, in an interview from 2014. 

‘I know that my Mum was initially worried about Tommy as a brother, but I actually don’t recall it ever being an issue.  

“I realize that Tommy is an incredible, strong and bonding force within our family. It’s still very special to me that we’re so close.  

Tommy showed a talent for acting from a very young age. 

Jane stated to the Daily Express that Tommy had always wanted to be a performer from his earliest days.

Tommy's big break came in 2007 when he was cast in the BBC1 TV adaptation of Coming Down The Mountain, a radio play by Mark Haddon which focuses on the relationship between a boy with Down's syndrome and his resentful brother. Pictured, Tommy with the cast

Tommy was fortunate enough to be cast as the BBC1 TV version of Coming Down The Mountain by Mark Haddon in 2007. This play focuses upon the love story between Down syndrome boys and their brother. Tommy and the cast. 

The feature-length film, co-starring Skins and X-Men star Hoult as Tommy's brother, was nominated for a BAFTA and an Emmy award. Pictured, Jessop and Hoult in the film

This feature-length movie, which starred Tommy Hoult, Skins and X-Men actor, and was also nominated to a BAFTA award and Emmy Award. Pictured: Jessop & Hoult in this film

He loved to make people laugh and loved his job. Tommy was always a part of the junior school’s wonderful plays. As a teenager, he was part of a mixed-ability drama club.  

Jane was the chairperson of Mencap’s local learning disability charity branch. Jane decided that her son had outgrown youth theatre and started her own theater group.

Blue Apple Theatre in Winchester, Hampshire casts adults with learning disabilities, in 20s and 30, in shows that offer them opportunities to perform. 

Tommy was fortunate enough to be cast as Tommy in BBC1 TV’s BBC1 TV version of Coming Down The Mountain in 2007. This play, written by Mark Haddon, centers on the love and relationship between Down syndrome boys and their brother. 

Tommy Jessop with his documentary filmmaker brother William Jessop at the International Emmy Awards in November 2015

Tommy Jessop & William Jessop are documentary filmmaker brothers at the International Emmy Awards, November 2015.

It was a feature-length film that starred Tommy Hoult (X-Men and Skins) and was nominated to a BAFTA Award and Emmy award.    

Jane stated, “Tommy took my to the Baftas,” It was incredible to see Tommy smile, relaxed and professional while walking the red carpet before the cameras flashed. His life would be a wonderful one. I didn’t know that.

“Tommy was shy in his youth, but now he’s much more confident and has many friends. His ability to perform onstage was something I wanted. 

The film served as a launchpad for Tommy, who has since appeared in short films Fighter, Innocence and Little S**t. He has also landed guest lead roles in BBC Radio 4’s Afternoon Plays including an episode of Stone with Hugo Speer. 

He was opposite Warwick Davies in The Climb, while he also played a part in The Archers.

Blue Apple Theatre’s Hamlet production toured 12 theatres in 2012 and attracted celebrities. Sir Mark Rylance called Tommy’s speech, “To Be”, a “phenomenal” one.

William made Growing Up Down’s, which was a documentary that covered rehearsals. He also captured Tommy, his co-stars, reflecting on their love for Down’s.

Tommy has also appeared in short films Fighter (pictured), Innocence and Little S**t

Tommy has also appeared in short films Fighter (pictured), Innocence and Little S**t

He was a star in the film with Katy his girlfriend at the time, but the couple split during production.  

‘Tommy and Katy started going out during the filming and Katy was his first-ever girlfriend,’ William said in an interview about the film.

“The powerful scene of them breaking up in the documentary is quite moving. Tommy is someone that I am familiar with so I do not see as someone with Downs. It was very moving to me to see his maturity.

Line Of Duty is Tommy’s most prominent gig.  

Terry Boyle was his first appearance in series 5. He returned to the screen as Terry Boyle for series 6. In 2012, the character was first seen in the series. However, it was played by Elliott Rosen.