Poppy Day bomber Emad Al Swealmeen might have set off his explosive-filled ball bearing accidentally when he lost control of the taxi to take him to his destination.

Police from counterterrorism confirmed today that the Remembrance Day weapon used by the 32 year-old would have caused serious injury or death if it went off outside.

However, the bomber was only killed when it detonated in a taxi outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

The police revealed today that Al Swealmeen, a devious criminal, purchased the components of his bomb separately and used several fake names to hide flagging systems.

A connection has been ruled out to any atrocity committed in Manchester Arena by Salman Abedi.

After speaking to Al Swealmeen last night, counter-terror police are close to completing a complete picture of Al Swealmeen’s current state of mind. 

Russ Jackson Assistant Chief Constable, Head of Counter Terrorism Police North West stated: “We continue to make substantial progress in relation to CT incident at Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

The brother of Al Swealmeen was interviewed by officers yesterday. We gained valuable insight and knowledge about his childhood and recent mental state. Thank you to the members of public who were able to contact us and knew Al Swealmeen. 

Emad Al-Swealmeen, 32, pictured, loaded a homemade explosive device with nails and bolts but it failed to fully detonate when it went off in a taxi outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital just before 11am on Sunday

Emad Al-Swealmeen, 32, pictured, loaded a homemade explosive device with nails and bolts but it failed to fully detonate when it went off in a taxi outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital just before 11am on Sunday

Misfire: The taxi burns after the bomb goes off, now thought to have been sparked by the stop

Accident: After the bomb explodes, the taxi is set ablaze.

The counter-terror police's new theory means Mr Perry foiled the attack by stopping his cab

According to the counter-terror police, Perry stopped his taxi and foiled the attack.

“Although we still have much to learn about the device and its origins, there has been a lot of progress in the last five days.

“It was created using homemade explosive. It had ball bearings attached, which would have served as shrapnel. We believe that it could have inflicted serious injury or even death if it had been detonated under different conditions.

“We don’t know why or how the device went off, but it doesn’t mean that it was not intentional. It is possible the vehicle moving or stopping could have caused it to explode.

“We have spent considerable time trying to figure out how the purchase of the materials for this device was made. The complicated nature of the purchase process has meant that it took many months to complete and Al Swealmeen may have used several aliases. However, we are certain that over time, we will have a complete picture of the purchases made as well as how they were done. We also know if any other people involved in these transactions or what Al Swealmeen was doing.

“We found no link between this incident, the horrible events in Manchester in May 2017,” said a spokesperson. This device also differed from that used in attack on Manchester Arena.

“The investigation is moving at a fast pace, and will continue to the weekend and into the following weeks. 

Aerial view of damaged car being removed by forensic officer after the explosion at the Liverpool Women's Hospital on Remembrance Sunday

An aerial view shows the car that was damaged being taken away by the forensic officers following the explosion at Liverpool Women’s Hospital Remembrance Day

Emad Al Swealmeen, who was baptised and confirmed at the city's Anglican cathedral in 2017, and went on to work as a pizza chef having made repeated asylum applications and appeals, including one under a new identity

Emad Al Swealmeen, who was baptised and confirmed at the city's Anglican cathedral in 2017, and went on to work as a pizza chef having made repeated asylum applications and appeals, including one under a new identity

Emad Al Swealmeen (left), was baptised at the Anglican Cathedral in 2017, and then confirmed by Malcolm Hitchcott (right). He went on to become a pizza chef after making numerous asylum appeals.

His homemade bomb blew up as he approached the hospital after he was 'jolted'. Experts have suggested it could have been a poorly made Mother of Satan device or even one put together with fireworks

Following being “jolted”, his homemade bomb went off as he approached the hospital. Experts suggest it may have been either a Mother of Satan device made poorly or an explosive device mixed with fireworks.

Priti Patel says church helped asylum seekers to ‘game’ the system by making them convert to Christianity. 

The Church of England was today accused of aiding asylum seekers to ‘game’ the immigration system by helping hundreds to convert from Islam and ‘pray to stay’ in the UK as it emerged people smugglers are using Instagram to urge migrants to follow Jesus to help them gain British citizenship. 

Emad Al Swealmeen lost his first bid to stay in Britain in 2014 but appealed again in 2017 after he worshipped at Liverpool Cathedral and his case was still outstanding when he blew himself up in a taxi on Sunday.

He was confirmed and baptized after he had apparently talked ‘endlessly, passionately about Jesus’. However, members of the largest Anglican Church in the city admitted that he did. Within months after the ceremony, he had ‘lost touch’ with him. Over a period of four years, he was among around 200 asylum-seekers who adopted the faith.

Liverpool Cathedral clergyman raised concerns that asylum seekers were posing as Christians to improve their chances for being granted refugee status. In 2016, Rev Mohammad Eghtedarian said that “plenty of people” were lying about their motives after revelations emerged that the Church of England had given hundreds of asylum seekers the name of Christians under a scheme called “pray to remain”. 

He said: ‘There are many people abusing the system… That’s something I don’t mind saying. Is it the individual’s fault, or is the system? They are deceiving who? Is it the Home Office? Or God?  

MPs are to demand a ­formal Parliamentary probe into whether fake Christian converts are duping the Church of England to avoid being deported back to strict Muslim countries they came from. 

It came as new statistics revealed that between January 2020 and June this year, 29% of all migrants arriving by boat say they are from Iran and 20% say they are from Iraq. Only 10 countries were responsible for 91% of the migrants, including Afghanistan, Iran and Syria as well as Iraq, Eritrea, Sudan, Eritrea, Yemen, Eritrea, Iraq, Sudan and Iraq. These nations are also included in the Top 20 Countries where Christians are most Persecuted because they follow Jesus. 

Priti Patel said last night that Al Swealmeen, who changed his name to Enzo Almeni shortly after finding Jesus, exploited the UK’s asylum ‘merry-go-round’ while a Home Office source said changing from Islam to Christianity is now ‘standard practice’ among asylum seekers ‘to game the asylum system’.  

Experts think that if the bomb had worked as it was intended, the metal fragments could have been scattered in every direction, shredding cars and cutting down pedestrians.

The failure of the test will likely be revealed by forensic testing.

Perry appears to have been spared serious injuries by the blast that engulfed the rear seat prior to it bursting into flames.

Early reports of Perry’s courage suggested that he stopped the taxi when he saw parts of the passenger’s device.

According to the new theory by police, the driver foiled the plot when he stopped the taxi.

Yesterday, it was revealed that Al Swealmeen (32), had spent many months searching the Internet for small amounts of chemicals and metal parts to avoid detection.

An online shopping package was said to be constantly delivered to the apartment of this failed asylum seeker who came from Iraq.

Agents found traces chemicals in the bomb factory, which indicates that he had experimented with different explosives.

One of the recipes he is understood to have followed was for hexamethylene triperoxide diamine – the same material used by the July 7 2005 London bombers.

Key ingredients for terror attacks like the Manchester Arena bombing or the Parsons Green Tube explosion were purchased on Amazon.

Yesterday, Al Swealmeen was informed by the company that they were checking for any purchases of chemicals like hydrogen peroxide.

Amazon spokesmen stated that the company only offers products compliant with UK laws. We also work closely with law enforcement and police agencies.

Officers have not been able to reach the computers of the bomber so the motive remains a mystery.

Al Swealmeen was a convert to Christianity after attending services in Fazakerley, Liverpool Cathedral. However, his leaders at the local church said that he left sight after a while.

There were reports yesterday that he may have been a frequent attendee at a mosque in his hometown.

Official figures show that Far-Right extremism is now the primary reason people are referred to Prevent by the Government for anti-radicalisation programmes.

This was responsible for 1,229 referrals. That’s about 25% of the 4,915 that were made between April 2020 and March 2019.

There were 1,064 about Islamism – 22 per cent. The majority of those who were not able to identify their ideology or are unsure about it, had mixed beliefs.

Prevent saw a 22% drop in referrals, which was the first time since 2016 records were started. Under-20s account for 48 per cent of cases – and men for 88 per cent.