In the midst of tension with Moscow, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss stated that Britain will assist Ukraine in reducing its dependency on Russian energy. This was despite having to increase access to green technology.

  • Liz Truss promised to reduce Ukraine’s dependence on Russian oil.
  • According to Foreign Secretary, the UK will assist in increasing renewable energy production in Ukraine
  • As tensions rise with Russia due to Ukraine’s crisis border, comments were made

Liz Truss pledged to assist Ukraine in reducing its dependence on Russian oil and natural gas. She also urged Ukraine to expand its use of renewable energy technology. 

The Foreign Secretary said access to Britain’s ‘leading green innovative technologies’ like wind power and hydrogen will enable Ukraine to ‘cut down its dependence’ on Russia for energy. 

This pledge is made amid rising tensions between NATO allies, Moscow and the construction of Russian forces at the Ukrainian border. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin was warned by Ms Truss that an invasion could have “massive consequences”. 
Liz Truss, the Foreign Secretary, said access to Britain's 'leading green innovative technologies' like wind power and hydrogen will enable Ukraine to 'cut down its dependence' on Russia for energy

The Foreign Secretary Liz Truss stated that Ukraine will be able to access Britain’s “leading green innovative technologies” like hydrogen and wind power to reduce its dependency on Russia.

For 50 minutes, US President Joe Biden met with Vladimir Putin yesterday to discuss Ukraine. 

Kremlin officials claimed that Mr Putin warned Mr Biden about the possibility of new sanctions.

While both sides accuse the other side of provocations, tens to thousands of Russian soldiers have been deployed close to the Ukrainian border. 

Yesterday’s warning was used by both sides to make it clear that dire consequences could result if Ukraine remains in limbo. 

NATO raised concerns about Russian forces being a prelude to invasion. However, the Kremlin dismissed the claim that it was preparing an invasion.

To mark the 30th anniversary UK-Ukraine diplomatic relationships, Ms Truss wrote an article for Ukrayinska Pravda, which was translated by The Telegraph. 

As she tweeted the link to this article, Foreign Secretary, Elizabeth May said that: “We remain resolute in supporting Ukraine’s sovereignty & freedom.” 

In the piece Ms Truss wrote: ‘We can make the most of Britain’s leading green innovative technologies such as wind and hydrogen energy so that Ukraine will be able to cut down its dependence on Russian fuel and spur up trade and investment.’ 

According to reports, Ukraine currently has 15% of its energy from renewable sources. However, the country hopes to increase that number by 25% by 2030. 

Ms Truss has warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that an invasion would have 'massive consequences'

Russian President Vladimir Putin was warned by Ms Truss that an invasion could have “massive consequences”.

Ms Truss said also that NATO and the UK had’made it very clear that any intrusion into Ukraine would be a strategic disaster’. 

She said: ‘We will offer a robust response against any such steps including coordinated sanctions to deal a heavy blow on Russia’s interests and economy.’

Ms Truss told Mr Putin that an invasion by Russia of Ukraine could have “massive consequences” earlier in the month. 

These consequences, according to the Foreign Minister, would be a severe cost for Moscow.