Boris Johnson’s fans are vocalizing their frustration with the nation’s sports stars, using hostile songs as a way to let him know.

On Monday night, fans could be heard unison singing “Stand up if You Hate Boris” at the 2022 World Darts Championship in packed Alexandra Palace.

The sign, which said “All round to Boris” and was held by a fan among the crowd, refers to the continuing Christmas party rows.

Meanwhile, at the Premier League clash between Leeds United and Arsenal on Saturday, the stands were full of fans singing ‘Boris Johnson is a c**t’ repeatedly in videos shared across social media. 

It videoThe video, which was viewed over 750,000 times by Twitter, features Leeds supporters clapping and chanting explicit words following Saturday’s 4-1 loss to Arsenal.

Fans at the World Darts Championship held in London on Monday night could be heard singing 'Stan up if you hate Boris' in unison days after football fans were heard chanting expletives

After football fans had been chanting exaggerations, the World Darts Championship was held in London Monday night. Fans could be heard unison singing “Stan up Boris” at the event.

Fans could be heard chanting the anti-Boris song at Alexandra Palace on Monday (pictured)

Alexandra Palace, Monday was awash with anti-Boris songs.

These anti-Boris sentiments are a result of increasing pressure on the Prime Minister due to a number of recent scandals.

Leaked photos show the Prime Minister with his wife Carrie at a table, while two others are nearby. On Friday May 15, 2020, 13 other people were drinking on the grass. This is the latest crisis for the Government.

Only two individuals were permitted to meet outside, while the rest of society was socially distant.

Downing Street did not apologize for the incident, but instead insisted it was not an event of the social kind. Staff were also working in the gardens in the afternoons and evenings.

Some of the top members of Johnson’s team were pictured in this photo, including Martin Reynolds, Dominic Cummings and Matt Hancock.

This is just the latest episode in a row about partying at No 10. Downing Street was accused of hosting four parties last year that violated Covid restrictions.

Johnson had to call a civil services inquiry. However, the civil servant who he selected to head the inquiry was fired after it was revealed that quizzes were being held within his department.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Cameron was hit with another blow after Lord Frost quit his position as Brexit Minister. This included the removal of Covid curbs from high taxes and the abrupt resignation of Frost.

Downing Street has now been accused of holding five parties over lockdown, including a quiz attended by dozens of staff and which the Prime Minister helped to host on December 15 – three days before another Christmas party which is being investigated.

Prior to this, No10 insisted that Downing Street had ‘often been required to be at the office to help with the pandemic response’ throughout the numerous lockdowns. Accordingly, ‘those in the office for work might have attended virtually from the desks’.

The Mirror reported that a message from No10’s Head of HR advised those who stayed behind to participate in the quiz to ‘go out of the back’ after they had left.

Johnson promised that an investigation would be launched to look into the accusations. After it was revealed that Simon Case, Cabinet Secretary to the President of the Inquiry into several alleged gatherings was unable to lead the investigation due Friday’s conclusion of an inquiry.

MailOnline has learned that there was one event on December 17, last year. An email titled “Christmas Quiz” was sent to approximately 15 individuals in Mr Case’s Private Office.

Whitehall heavyweight Sue Gray was installed at his request to conduct inquiries into the three gatherings that took place at Downing Street in November last year and the Department for Education, December last. These were during prohibitions on indoor mixing.

According to the terms of Mr Case’s then-current investigation, it was possible for it to be extended to cover any pertinent allegations.

This scandal was blamed for last Thursday’s disastrous Tories loss in North Shropshire. 

Today, Johnson spoke to journalists in Uxbridge to insist that the public is more interested in coronavirus than other issues. He suggested that the Tories lost the North Shropshire By-election because of media coverage on lockdown-busting party.

Broadcasters were told by him that he believed the broadcasters had been listening to a lot of information about politicians and politics, but not about them.  

The Conservatives suffered a humiliating defeat in the North Shropshire by-election caused by the resignation of Owen Paterson amid the lobbying scandal and were beaten by the Lib Dems

Conservatives lost a shocking defeat in North Shropshire By-election because Owen Paterson resigned amid the lobbying scandal. The Lib Dems defeated them 

The Lib Dems won by almost 6,000 votes with a 34 point swing. This wiped Owen Paterson’s 23,000 lead at the 2019 elections.

The stunning turnaround came despite the Tories fielding a candidate, Neil Shastri-Hurst, with good credentials who was regarded as having performed respectably. 

Meanwhile, Helen Morgan, a fervent Remainer was elected by the Lib Dems to contest a seat which voted in 2016 for Brexit.

Although the cause for the by-election wasn’t ideal, it was triggered after Owen Paterson resigned following Boris Johnson’s unsuccessful attempt to spare him from being punished for his lobbying.

Earlier this month, the Conservatives were fined £17,800 over a controversial donation which helped cover the lavish refurbishments to the Prime Minister’s Downing Street flat.