Scuffles break out at anti-lockdown protest in Parliament Square as protestors opposed to vaccine passports and Plan B rules clash  with police while ministers consider more restrictions

  •  Hundreds of anti-vaccine demonstrators congregated in Westminster today

A large crowd of Covid-19-restricted protestors gathered in Westminster against Boris Johnson’s Plan B announcement. 

The incident was captured on video. It shows protestors demonstrating against police. 

The demonstrators oppose Plan B as well. They also object to vaccine passports being introduced and a future Plan C that is more restrictive. 

Anti vaccine protesters congregated in London's Parliament Square, including this man who appears to be wearing a police hat

London’s Parliament Square was filled with anti-vaccine protesters. One of them is this man, who seems to have been wearing a police cap.

Demonstrators, most of whom were not wearing face masks, gathered to object to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions

It was mostly non-face mask wearing demonstrators who gathered against the Covid-19 restrictions 

Police were involved in scuffles as some of the demonstrators tried to push through police lines

As some demonstrators attempted to force their way through the police lines, officers were caught in an altercation.

Nearly 100,000 people contracted Covid-19 yesterday, according to a laboratory. London saw more than 60% of people who tested positive for the Omicron Variant. 

The Together Declaration organized the demonstration, stating that they represent over 200 organizations, businesses, campaigners, and professionals. They also stated, “We are deeply concerned about the consequences of the introduction vaccine passports.”

The UK enjoys many of the rights and freedoms that our ancestors fought for. These rights are fundamental for our understanding democracy and are the rights that all human beings should enjoy. 

They are also against digital ID cards and vaccine passports.    

According to the group, “Being required to present medical certificates at bars, clubs, theatres and schools as well as on public transport is not justified. It could lead further to inequalities within society.”

MailOnline received a statement from the Metropolitan Police stating that it will not offer a “running commentary” on today’s demonstration.