Attention, cat London Tube commuters get confused when they spot a feline passenger along the Victoria line.

  • Commuters were left scratching their heads after a cat waltzed onto a carriage 
  • Nick Thomson (passenger) said that London was prone to the odd incident.
  • As the cat confidently used the tube on its own, the carriage looked in wonder. 

Even though it is not easy to convince commuters to look away from their smartphones, London’s tube passengers noticed the cat perched on one of their seats. 

Kitty the cat was a mirror of the confidence that Londoners have when they board their train. He also rode on the Victoria Line Underground.

He was snapped by passenger Nick Thomson, 50, from Clapham, who explained that he was minding his business on his daily commute when he noticed something was amiss. 

He said, “I didn’t pay particular attention to if I am honest.” “I was sitting down and noticed that the lady in the camel-colored coat was stroke a cat.   

He was indeed not lost and had just been released from his carrier to be able to sit on the train. 

Commuters were shocked to discover a moggy lounging on a seat aboard their busy underground train

Commuters were surprised to find a moggy on a train seat.

It was a common occurrence, according to the city’s business analyst.

Nick stated that he was initially curious if Nick thought the pet belonged the camel-colored woman who is pictured to the left of Nick.  

“At first I thought that it was her cat as he was standing close to her,” he stated. 

“The lady in the white coat began talking, and it became obvious that it was her cat. She also had a pet carrier.

Although the Londoner is used to the cats’ antics, he was unaffected by them and found it admirable that the other carriage passengers were also impressed with the cat’s ability to use the tube.

“The carriage was not that full, but everyone else around were still oohing and aahing at the scene.”

“Kitty wasn’t interested in the grooming and just moved around on the seat a few times. Then, he sat down again.

Nick said that the owner had not explained why Nick was leaving his carrier.

“But to be honest, she didn’t need to. It was lovely to see.

“He did not flinch at us stopping at other stations with noise and people going on,’

“But, when Vauxhall was about to depart, he didn’t want to be in the carriage and she kept him close by her chest.