Anna Vakili called 911 to alert the police about her fears of being kidnapped, but was instead arrested because she got into a fight with Mandi in April 2013.

No further details about Anna’s abduction concerns have been revealed, but the sisters were handcuffed outside of The Dorchester hotel when police arrived to find them having a row during the night out in central London.

The Love Island star, 31, said she was the one who initially called the police over fears she was going to be kidnapped – but she ended up spending the night in a cell.

Reported: Anna Vakili and her sister Mandi were arrested outside of The Dorchester hotel after fighting in the street during a boozy night out in central London (pictured recently)

Report: Anna Vakili, her sister Mandi, were taken into custody outside The Dorchester Hotel after a brawl in the streets during a drunken night in central London. (Photos from recent)

They were previously involved in a ‘vicious battle’ with a group of teenagers they claimed ‘threatened’ them with illegal arms in London’s Hyde Park, May 2020.

The siblings were waiting for the police to arrive, having reported their fears of kidnapping. They ended up fighting just after midnight last April 11.

They were charged with common assault and the sisters were taken into custody. Later, they were released unindicted. 

Anna revealed that she often ends up rowing alongside her 29-year-old sister after drinking too many drinks during the night.

She told the Sun: ‘We got arrested for fighting each other – it wasn’t even a physical fight. Mandi scratched me on the neck. It was still bleeding slightly. It was the tiniest scratch. The worst thing about this? I called the police.

Worried: However the Love Island star, 31, said she was the one who called the police over fears she was going to be kidnapped - but she ended up spending the night in a cell

Worried: However the Love Island star, 31, said she was the one who called the police over fears she was going to be kidnapped – but she ended up spending the night in a cell

Anna appeared in series 4 of ITV’s dating reality TV show. Mandi and Anna were handcuffed, then put in a van with police officers. Mandi claims that she was able to see them Googling Anna’s name. 

After realizing the seriousness of their situation, they informed officers that it wasn’t something to worry about and they were sister.

They were however taken to station, where they spent fourteen hours in cells. After that, officers quizzed them and then released them. 

Oh no! While the siblings waiting for police to arrive after reporting their kidnapping fears they ended up in fighting just after midnight on April 11 last year (pictured November 2021)

 Oh no! The siblings were waiting on police for their reports of kidnapping fear, but they got into a fight just after midnight last April 11. (pictured November 20,21).

Anna stated that Anna had said the following: “The next day during my video interview I told them that I would sue them and that she was mine sister. My response was, “Have you ever had a fight? My sister is the most important thing in my life. 

MailOnline reached out to Met police for clarification on Anna’s allegations. A Met spokesperson said that they were called around 00.06hrs Sunday, April 11th, in response to reports about a disturbance at Park Lane.

Officers spoke with a witness to learn of the altercations between two women. There were no injuries.

“Two young women (aged 29 and 30) were arrested for common assault. They were then taken into custody.

“Following investigations it was found that there was no need to take any further actions and the two were freed from their custody.”

MailOnline reached out to the Met Police for clarification. 

Anna claimed that she was set upon in May 2020 by an unknown group who threatened her with illegal weapons during the Bank Holiday weekend.

In a statement she stated that she had to defend herself after Asal, a drug-using teenager, swung at Asal. Her family strongly denied this claim.

A video of the television personality pulling a young lady by her hair across concrete is shared online. Mandi then kicks her in her head after a heated argument. 

Brawl: Anna (pictured far left), her sister Mandi (pictured far right) and her cousin were embroiled in a fight in London's Hyde Park against a group of wome

Brawl: Anna, her sister Mandi (pictured left), and her cousin got into a brawl in London’s Hyde Park with a bunch of wome.

Her post began with an observation about abuse she has been subject to on-line. The pharmacist stated that it was “normal” for strangers to abuse her in public places. She also said, “I have learned to look the other way and to remove myself from these situations.”

Anna claimed that Mandi, Anna’s cousin, and her boyfriend were approached and verbally abused by a group who said they had a gun and that they could subjugate them.

According to the TV celebrity, he added that he was out for a family picnic with his sister and boyfriend yesterday when he received verbal abuses from people near him who were doing drug-related activities.

We wanted to be free from them so we left. My cousin was thrown by the hair and she started bleeding. They had to be removed from my cousin and we were forced to leave out of self-defense.

Attacked? Anna released a statement on Instagram, insisting she was forced to act in 'self-defence' after 'threatened them with illegal weapons'

Attacked? Anna made a statement via Instagram, claiming she was forced to defend herself after they ‘threatened her with illegal arms’

Vicious: Anna can be seen dragging a young woman by her hair, before her sister Mandi kicks her in the head

Vicious: Anna is seen pulling a young girl by the hair while Mandi kicked her in the face.

Sharing her side: In a statement released on Instagram on Tuesday, the Love Island star, 29, insisted she was forced to act in 'self-defence' after a group 'swung' at her cousin

'I've just had enough': She went on to depict a video shared on social media

Sharing her side. Love Island’s star of Love Island, 29 stated that she was made to take action in self-defence after her cousin was attacked in a group.

“There was an enormous group of them but there were not many of you. They aren’t innocent children. The men with them shouted that they had a gun and tried to take my sister’s phone.

She claimed she has never been in a fight and added that the violent attack had been reported to police.  

“Watch the video long. It’s very slow. They attacked my cousin, swinging her by the hair and throwing her to the ground. All the DMs and messages that people sent me, even though they weren’t there. 

“Why would we attack someone ?????” You can use your brains. Because they were familiar with me, we were first attacked verbally as well as physically. 

“Everything that we did was to help my cousin and myself. It’s impossible to enjoy a peaceful picnic. “I’m done.” [sic] 

'People will do anything to villainize us': Mandi took to social media to share a bruise she sustained from the fight

Mandi posted a photo on social media showing a bruise that she suffered during the fight.

MailOnline received a statement from Anna’s representative: “Anna and Mandi Vali along with others in their group were involved an unprovoked violent verbal attack on Monday, Hyde Park. Mandi and their cousin were hit and punched by the attackers and attempted to steal their belongings. 

“The police are now dealing with this very serious matter as they were threatened during the attack with illegal weapons.” 

The family of the teenager have since spoken out on social media, insisting the fight kicked off when Asal told the fans to ‘shut up’ after they recognised the reality star from the ITV2 dating series. 

Nisrine, her cousin, said that she and her sister had gone to Hyde Park. Anna and Mandi were not far from them, which was the place where they met the rest of their group.

Injured: The make-up free social media influencer pictured with a cut on her forehead

Pictured with a cut to her forehead, the make-up-free social media influencer

“They were simply chilling, or whatnot, but my sister’s friend spotted her and approached to say Eid Mubarak. Because you’re a celebrity, many people will approach and call you. So she called Anna.

Asa’s girl said to her, “Shut up!” My sister’s friend ran off. My aunt and uncle stayed at home. My sister was approached by the Asal girl and asked her to stop talking. 

“My sister thought I knew you, but she was now confused. Was that what I did to you? She replied, “I’m going punch you up.”

Assisting their followers to be aware of those they look up to, she said: “Obviously, when someone approaches your face, it’s going to protect you.” Asal said, “I’m going up to F- you.” 

Anna shoved Asal, Mandi and Anna ran towards my cousin. Mandi threw Anna to the floor and Anna cut her shirt. 

Calm before the storm: Anna and Mandi pictured enjoying ice cream before the incident took place

Anna and Mandi enjoying ice cream just before the storm.

Having fun: The YouTuber enjoyed a boogie session as the group let loose amid the coronavirus lockdown

It was fun! The YouTuber had a good time with his friends as they broke free from the coronavirus lockdown.

“This could have happened to anyone, this is not for followers or people using them in a branding campaign, so what are you doing guys? These influencers are worth shouting about.

“We saw Anna’s message, wallahi [I swear to God]She is the greatest liar. Only my sister and cousin were involved. It is not her fault that she lies, but we do have the proof. 

“What are your thoughts on drugs?” A drug test sunni is required if you wish to discuss drugs. It was a felony! 

MailOnline was informed by a spokesperson from the Metropolitan Police that they were aware of an assault in Hyde Park on Monday May 25th at 20:00. To establish the facts, we will contact the complainant.

The brunette spent the past few months as an influencer on social media and television personality since her appearance on ITV2’s reality series in summer 2019. 

Anna announced last month that she will be returning to work as a pharmacist due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.  

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