Three years imprisonment was imposed on a dentist who tried to put bleach in his wife’s throat, and installed home CCTV and a speaker for her to clean and cook from his Chelsea office.   

Sonia Puri Goma was repeatedly attacked by Dr Amandeep Goma (39), who monitored her homework with a security camera, and threatened her death.

Goma monitored the text messages of his wife, managed her finances, and decided how much they would spend on their children. A court was able to hear Goma’s testimony. 

Goma was the owner of the Chelsea Dental Spa and had an affair with his colleague. He also beat and abused Sonia in the lockdown. 

Sonia made the report of domestic abuse to police in November. Nanki Kaur Goma’s boyfriend also filed an accusation for her brutal assault.    

Dr Amandeep Goma, 39, repeatedly assaulted Sonia Puri Goma with household objects, monitored her housework through a security camera and threatened to kill her

Sonia Puri Goma’s 39-year-old Dr Amandeep Goma repeatedly assaulted her with household items, watched her housework via a security cam and threatened to murder her

Goma put in a security camera with speaker inside their home. He used it to record his wife and talk to her when he wasn’t there. This allowed him to demand that she clean and cook.   

Sonia was unable to control his anger and would shout at her. He also pulled her hair and threatened her with death, according to the court.

Goma was sent to Southwark Crown Court for two-and-ahalf years on December 2, where Judge Gregory Perrins said that Goma had hidden her abusive behavior behind a veil o respectability.

At Westminster magistrates’ Court, the dentist was also jailed for another six months in connection to Ms Kaur’s attacks, which included an attempt at strangling her. 

Goma with his wife had an arrangement marriage in India in 2011, before moving to the UK.

Sonia’s family was aware that the couple had problems with their marriage when they moved to Earl’s Court, London. The abuse worsened last year, as the UK was under national lockdown. 

“Mr Goma was physically abusive to his wife.” Southwark Crown Court was told by Prosecutor Arizuna that Goma used abusive language. He also allegedly hit his wife repeatedly with items and turned her arm. 

The court was told that Goma pulled his wife’s arm with a shoe to hit her and then dragged her by the hair. 

Goma, according to the prosecution, had threatened to put bleach down her throat on March 24, 2013, when he got upset about her housework.

Ms Asante claimed that Goma would try to control Sonia’s financial activities and make her spend less. 

Ms Asante stated, “This was repeated. It was abusive. It was never ending.” 

Goma monitored his wife's text messages, controlled her finances and dictated how much she would see their children, Southwark Crown Court heard (file image)

Southwark Crown Court heard that Goma monitored the text messages of his wife, managed her finances, and dictated how much they would see each other.

Goma fitted a camera to the house so that he could watch her and talk directly to her via a speaker. 

She said, “This was an attempt of exercising coercion over her.” She said that he would return home to her and threaten her with violence. 

Sonia answered the court with a screen behind her mouth: “Because it was controlling the judge to decide if I was treating children the way he deemed fit.”

“I was just feeling guilty, and he showed me the videos. Then he became aggressive again. 

Southwark Crown Court heard that Goma manipulated his wife’s finances “to an abusive degree”, depositing only small amounts into their joint account.

She was subject to a lot of abuse when she spent that money. The prosecutor stated that she would have bought clothes for her children, which would be okay. But if she attempted to purchase clothes for herself, he would become upset. 

Sonia said that her husband verbally abused her about her spending habits. She said that there were many arguments over spending. He was mostly one-sided and he was employed. This meant she was allowed to spend more than him.

Jurors were told by Goma that he would shout at his wife, shouting from the rooftops and bringing in all guns.

Sonia replied, “There would a lot of name calling.” ‘B****h, cow, idiot that sort of thing, very designed to make me feel like nothing basically.’

Sonia claimed that her husband’s actions often made it feel like she was’scared and cornered’.   

Goma raged when his wife removed the children from the home. He said: “In his mind I should have stayed home and done lots and lots of cooking and cleaning throughout the day.

“He accused me not of cooking, cleaning or dragging around the children.” 

The dentist was jailed for a further six months for the attacks on Ms Kaur, including an attempt to strangle her, at Westminster magistrates' court (file image)

He was also jailed another six months in prison for his attacks on Ms Kaur (file photo)

According to the court, Goma also assaulted his wife whenever he could not find any items in their home.

Sonia replied, “If an argument were about cleaning, he’d say, “I’ll make you drink bleach to make you clean,” 

Sonia bravely recorded some disagreements on her cell phone to prove that her husband is the ‘opposite’ person with her.

While several audio clips of him being played at court were playing, she sobbed. The prosecutor said that he had recorded her pinching her, striking her with the shoes and threat to “shove bleach down your throat”.

The jury was shown an image of a woman with red marks on her hands. It was said that her husband had hit her repeatedly with a towel.

Goma once became so mad at not being able to have clean clothes for work that he pulled his wife’s hair to the wash machine and demanded she wash her laundry.

Goma of Philbeach Gardens Earls Court denied the charge but was found guilty by a jury for controlling or coercive behavior in a familial relationship.

After a separate June trial at Westminster Magistrates Court, he was found guilty of the two counts of assault by beating Ms Kaur as well as criminal damage to her cell phone.

Goma was sentenced to two and a quarter years for controlling behavior towards his wife. Six months were added for Ms Kaur’s assaults, which made it three years total.

As a result, he is currently suspended from being a dentist.