Lucy Punch who portrayed Kate Middleton’s role in The Prince’s blistering royal comedy, said that airing it three months after the death of the Duke was “really unfortunate timing”. 

Family Guy’s Gary Janetti created the animated series in 12 parts. It centers on a fictional Prince George, who is a child dictator with a twisted sense of humor, expensive tastes, and dim views of his family.

The scene shows Prince Philip (who died in April at 99) drooling, vacant and eventually falling to the ground while his family continue talking around him. 

HBO faced criticism after releasing the series on a delayed schedule due to Philip’s passing. It was also criticised for mocking Prince George and Princess Charlotte following his death.

Punch (43), who lives in Los Angeles, stated that Kate’s portrayal of her was a joke. 

Lucy Punch, who voiced Kate Middleton in the blistering royal satire The Prince, says airing the cartoon three months after the Duke of Edinburgh's death was 'really unfortunate timing'. She is pictured in LA in July

Lucy Punch who performed the role of Kate Middleton was seen in The Prince. Pictured in LA, July 

The Prince, created by Family Guy producer Gary Janetti, centres around a fictional version of Prince George as a child tyrant with expensive taste, a withering sense of humour and a dim view of his family - particularly his thuggish brother Louis. Pictured l-r: Camilla, Prince Charles, the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince William and Kate

Gary Janetti produced Family Guy’s The Prince. This fictional version features Prince George as an adult tyrant who is wealthy in taste, has a dry sense of humour, and is dimly aware of his family, especially his brother Louis. Photographed from left: Camilla (Prince Charles), Prince Philip, Prince William and Kate

According to her, “It was supposed to just be silly characters.” “It was truly unfortunate timing.”  

The Duke of York was the subject of a joke by her, as he became embroiled with scandal after stepping back from his royal duties due to speculation about Jeffrey Epstein’s friendship.  

Perhaps they shouldn’t have waited till the Epstein trial when people will be like, “We hate you again!”” she stated. 

Andrew, 61,  faces a civil lawsuit brought by Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre, who claims that she was forced to have sex with Andrew on three occasions – an accusation he vehemently denies. 

HBO's The Prince was criticised for mocking the late Duke after his death, as well as its brutal depiction of royal children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis

HBO’s The Prince has been criticised for its mocking of the late Duke, after his passing, and brutal portrayal, Prince George, Prince Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Three times, Ghislaine Maxwell’s explosive case against sex-trafficking in New York has mentioned the royal.

The Prince is streaming in the US via HBO Max. It is currently not available in the UK. Dan Stevens from Downton Abbey stars as the Duke, Sophie Turner plays as the Duchess and Harry is Orlando Bloom. 

Speaking at the time the series was delayed journalist and royal commentator Robert Jobson, the author of Prince Philip’s Century: The Extraordinary Life of the Duke of Edinburgh, said the series was tasteless but that Prince Philip would have taken it with a ‘pinch of salt’.

He explained that despite the fact that satire has been around for many centuries, it was not appropriate to portray the Duke of Edinburgh in a sexist manner.

The 12-episode series - which is available to stream in the US on HBO Max but is not yet airing in the UK - was originally due to premiere in the Spring but was delayed following the Duke of Edinburgh's death on April 9. It has now been released but still features Prince Philip

It is now available on HBO Max in the US. The series of 12 episodes is still not airing in the UK. The original premiere was scheduled for the Spring, but it was postponed after the Duke died on April 9. The series has been released, but it still stars Prince Philip.

The Duke of Edinburgh, voiced by Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens, is portrayed as drooling and vacant, and at one point collapses onto the floor while the family continues to talk around him

Dan Stevens from Downton Abbey voices the Duke of Edinburgh. He is described as empty and drooling, then collapses on the ground while his family keeps talking around him

‘He had a sense of humour about his time, and he obviously would’ve taken this with a pinch of salt.’ 

After his television projects go sour, Harry finds himself in a coffee shop. The story line is a nod to real life as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have secured a $140million Netflix (£100 million) deal.

Harry, on the bus to their jobs, asks Harry, “Why are so many people in this car?” What’s the smell of it?

When he arrives he asks his stunned trainer: ‘ My favorite drink is tea. But is it too difficult to learn how to make tea?

Meghan is back to acting and teaches classes. You can also see her auditioning for television shows.

Episode 2: Meghan requests Harry to take care of Archie (who Harry misunderstands as ‘Arbie’) and to pick up milk for her while she auditions. 

TV series The Prince, created by Family Guy producer Gary Janetti, depicts Prince George as a child tyrant with expensive taste, a withering sense of humour and a dim view of his family

Gary Janetti created The Prince TV Series. This series portrays Prince George as an evil child dictator with a poor taste and dim views of his family.

Prince Harry is shown coming to terms with his post-royal life as he and Meghan arrive in an LA apartment. Looking around, he says: 'This might be the smallest palace I have ever been in'

When Prince Harry and Meghan arrive in Los Angeles, they are shown reconciling with their post-royal lives. As he looks around, he declares that this might be his smallest palace.

Harry, clearly confused about how to purchase milk, walks down the street asking strangers “Milk?” before finding his way into a grocery shop. 

‘F*** me, the whole aisle is a refrigerator,’ he says, after being directed to the milk. After being directed to the milk, he hands the employee a gold ring. He also thanks him for his kindness.  

He proudly presented the milk to Meghan, telling her: “You don’t need to be a worker anymore. I have this!” Get your game on America. 

Exasperated, his wife responds: “Okay, so you don’t get any paid but I’m really happy for you because you’re trying to figure things out!” 

Later Meghan phoned Kate and said: “Hi Kate. This is Meghan. I was just curious if Harry heard of me.” Kate is puzzled and asks, “Meghan?” 

The Duchess says: ‘Meghan markle, your sister in-law? Kate overhears William telling him that someone had given her his number.