Post Box thefts prompt panic among mail executives. This is because they fear thieves may be stealing iconic mailboxes for sale at auctions.

  • Disappearing Royal Mail boxes from Norfolk and Suffolk villages  
  • Since January 7, 2018, nine historic post boxes disappeared from these areas.
  • According to detectives, thieves may be targeting those who could sell at an auction.

In rural areas, historic post boxes disappearing fast. This raises concerns that thieves might be stealing them as collectors.

Since January 7, nine Royal Mail boxes vanished from Norfolk and Suffolk villages.

First, in Rickinghall (Suffolk), and eight more were taken after a ten-day period.

Historic post boxes are vanishing in rural areas, prompting fears that thieves are stealing them for collectors (file photo used)

Rural areas are witnessing the disappearance of historic post boxes, leading to fears that thieves may be stealing them as collectors. (file photo).

Investigators believe that the thieves are after heritage-style postal boxes. These are frequently sold at auction for thousands.

According to Sgt Brian Calver of Suffolk Police: “We know these are very valuable and appealing for their antique/collectable value but…they could also be going for the scrap metal value.

The Norfolk Police stated that the stolen boxes had the Royal Cypher GR on them. It indicates they were placed during the reigns of George VI or King George V.

Royal Mail spokesmen said they were ‘working hard’ to replace any missing mail.

Calver stated, “These thefts are a great loss of heritage as well as identity to the village they’re stolen from.”

“There are also personal disturbances that such theft could cause to people who have written important letters or documents, and these, as a result, will be lost.

The latest thefts were linked by detectives to Ructon Hole’s disappearance on December 21, 2013 of the Norfolk postbox.

Patrick Cowell, an antique dealer, stated that there is a large international market for Royal Mail Postboxes.

Norfolk Police said their stolen boxes have the Royal Cypher 'GR' on them, indicating they were installed during the reign of King George V or George VI (file photo)

According to Norfolk Police, the Royal Cypher GR was found on the boxes that were stolen. This indicates they were taken during King George V’s reign (file photo).

The BBC interviewed him and he said that it was a surprise to see them for sale online at prices up to $4000 and one or two selling for $5000, which I found quite crazy.

Royal Mail spokeswoman said, “We are aware that there have been several thefts postboxes within parts of Suffolk or Norfolk.” Royal Mail operates over 115,000 UK postboxes and thefts of these postboxes are rare.

Royal Mail is committed to preventing the illegal removal of postal boxes.

We also employ preventive measures and technology to stop theft. This includes electronic tracking, permanent metal markings and forensic tags.

“In the case of a crime, these features may help our investigators identify and trace stolen property along with potential offenders.

After the 1840 postal reform, which allowed for inexpensive postage, the roadside mailbox was established in Britain.

Today, at least 98% live within 50 miles of one.