Mail Metro Media wins over ITV, Facebook and Google to win the title of best media publisher to work for: 84% respondents said that they had a good experience, according to a survey.

  •  Ad home of dmg media top in IPA Digital Media Owners Autumn 2021 Survey
  • In the advertising industry, there is a wide variety of surveys on agencies. 
  • Mail Metro Media publishes publications to millions of high-engaged readers every single day  

Ad agencies have named Mail Metro Media as the most valuable media owner in major industry surveys.

The advertising home of dmgmedia – which represents publications such as MailOnline and The Mail on Sunday – defeated rivals like ITV, Facebook and Google to claim the coveted title.

According to the IPA Digital Media Owners Autumn 2021 survey, 84% of ad agency employees agreed that working with Mail Metro Media was a positive experience. This earned it the top position. Teads, a data firm Captify followed closely by Pinterest.

The IPA Digital Media Owners Autumn 2021 Survey found 84.4% of ad agency staff agreed that the overall experience of working with Mail Metro Media was a good one

The IPA Digital Media Owners’ Autumn 2021 Survey revealed that 84.4% of ad agencies staff felt the overall experience with Mail Metro Media was good.

Mail Metro Media covers a staggering one in five UK adult readers every day.

Its services are used by many of the top brands around the globe to reach millions of engaged readers each day.

MailOnline has been ranked the number one online news brand in terms of engagement. Its readers spend over an hour per year scrolling through the site and app. This generates more than 1.9 billion page views every month.

Earlier this month, Mail Metro Media introduced industry-leading new research, Centre for Attention, at its live commercial showcase event, Upfront & Centre at The Vinyl Factory in Soho.

Centre for Attention, a joint venture with Lumen, conducts a large online study. It examines brand recall and purchase intention in digital formats.

Many of the world’s top brands use Mail Metro Media's services to reach millions of highly engaged readers every day

Mail Metro Media is used daily by top brands around the globe to reach millions upon millions of readers.

MailOnline readers more than 2500 were interviewed using eye tracking software. The results showed that digital is a powerful tool for branding and at attracting large online audiences.

Centre for Attention shows that premium ads placed on MailOnline receive almost seven-fold more attention than those in standard digital formats. 

Other factors, such as brand recall and consideration, are significantly more important.

Mail Metro Media offers customized and creative-focused attention studies to its clients. This provides them tools to analyze their creativity and drive attention to their brands.