MAIL ON SATURDAY COMMENT: What makes the BBC believe that ‘Partygate is more newsworthy than Omicron’?

Downing Street allowed a Christmas party one year ago, when it was illegal for everyone else. They even lied about the incident when it was discovered.

The idea that one rule applies only to the powerful, and another to all citizens is a fatal flaw in democracy is a threat to trust and respect. 

However, if the government is unwilling to admit wrongdoings it does more damage. 

When will politicians grasp that confessing your failings and apologising sincerely for them is actually a good thing, showing qualities – such as courage and self-awareness – that most people want to see more of?

It was incredibly foolish for Downing Street to allow a Christmas party a year ago. But governments should in the end be judged on larger issues. Pictured: Boris Johnson

To allow Christmas parties a year earlier was an incredibly dumb decision by Downing Street. However, governments must be evaluated on bigger issues. Boris Johnson

Sunday Mail wishes that neither the Government nor these errors were made. They are branded stupid and insensitive by the Mail on Sunday. This should never happen again.

However, governments must be judged on their ability to address larger problems. 

If all secrets could be revealed, how many of the strongest critics of Partygate, in politics and the media alike, would turn out to have made their own secret breaches of Covid rules, and to have been lucky – so far – that nobody has found out about them?

It is of paramount importance that the government handles the Omicron variant. 

Boris Johnson may disagree with our views. The best way to combat the effects of the virus is to promote vaccination. This has proven effective and does not hinder our economic recovery. 

Some others call for restrictions to daily living that look suspiciously similar to a new lockdown. 

More important is the Government's handling of the new Omicron variant. The Mail On Sunday believe the best course is to encourage vaccination (stock image)

It is more critical to see how the government handles the Omicron variant. Mail On Sunday thinks that encouraging vaccination is the best option (stock image).

It doesn’t matter what side you choose, the country is facing serious discussions about how it will deal with this new variant. Each side has smart, well-meaning people.

But those who listen or watch the BBC might easily believe that the fight against Covid is more important than Christmas party row. Bulletin after Bulletin insists on this theme.

This is the problem the BBC licence-funded BBC should be focusing on. Is it allowing its inexorable bias to show again? This coverage would continue if the Corporation was more in line with the wishes of its metropolitan liberals.

This problem isn’t just our fault. Andrew Marr, a BBC star interviewer, is resigning to go back to Left-wing journalism where he began his career before becoming impartial. 

He stated that in 2006, the BBC had a “publicly funded urban organization with an abnormally high proportion of younger people and people from ethnic minorities, almost certainly gay people” compared to the general population. 

This, he stated, creates an intrinsic liberal bias in the BBC.

Roger Mosey was one of its top executives and admitted that BBC is too closed to wide variety of views. 

Mark Thompson, when he was director-general, said the Corporation had suffered a ‘massive bias to the Left’ – in the past. Does it seem possible that this bias has continued into the future? It certainly looks like that.

The BBC is not a state broadcaster. But, it’s not what we want. We can read the opinion of the Guardian Left or buy them. 

These should not be shown on the BBC.