A celebrity make-up artist has revealed how she’s set up make-up brush business set to be worth millions after she was forced to temporality shut down her business in lockdown.

Edy London, who is originally from Poland and now lives in London, worked as  an eyelash extension specialist and is beloved by the likes of style guru Trinny Woodall, Love Island’s Arabella Chi and singer Ellie Goulding.

Just a few months after she opened a permanent salon in March 2020, lockdown struck the UK and forced her to shut it down.

She then  invested £30,000 into setting up a business  and now, 20-months on the brush line has found an international audience, with online stores in the UK and US and the approval of online beauty juggernaut Cult Beauty. 

Earlier this month, she launched her first Brick & Mortar in Libertie’s flagship store in London. 

FEMAIL spoke exclusively with Edy. She explained how she created the brushes after witnessing hers being stolen backstage during fashion shoots.  

Edy London, who is originally from Poland and now lives in London, an eyelash extension specialist beloved by the likes of style guru Trinny Woodall, Love Island 's Arabella Chi and singer Ellie Goulding, invested £30,000 into setting up a business after she was forced to shut down her salon just days after setting it up due in March 2020.

Edy London, who is originally from Poland and now lives in London, an eyelash extension specialist beloved by the likes of style guru Trinny Woodall, Love Island ‘s Arabella Chi and singer Ellie Goulding, invested £30,000 into setting up a business after she was forced to shut down her salon just days after setting it up due in March 2020.

FEMAIL reported that “I started my professional career after I studied prosthetics and specialty effects.” 

“I built my first make-up set, and it required a large number of makeup brushes. 

“When you’re a beginner make-up artist, your ability to apply makeup is important. Your equipment also plays an important role in how professional your work looks.

‘When I broke into London’s make up artistry market,  working on various catwalks, London Fashion Week and others, I very soon realised that make up brushes get missing rapidly, especially the good ones. 

If you don’t mark them with nail polish, or any other type of marking, it is impossible to prove that these brushes are yours.

You can either replace the expensive bristles with scratchy ones or use the one that falls apart right away.

18-months on the brush line has found an international audience, with stores in the UK and US - launching in Libertie's flagship store earlier this month. It's also got the approval of online make-up juggernaut Cult Beauty. Pictured are Edy's brushes

The brush has been in use for 18 months and is already gaining international attention. Cult Beauty has approved the brush line. Edy’s brushes

“In my response, I decided to start my luxurious makeup brand that is affordable and exceptional in quality, visual recognition, affordability, and accessibility.

“I’ve carefully assembled several make-up sets, from eye contouring sets 503 for small areas to master sets 509 for professional use.

You can create your own sets depending on the area you are focusing. You can use pink brushes on your lips and eyes or turquoise brushes to apply makeup.

How to find the right make-up brush  


This brush can be used to create smokey eyes, blend the colour of the crease and soften the appearance. The eye shadow cannot be applied directly with this brush.


Many people confuse the Angled Brow Brush with an eyeliner. Brow brush is far too thick for fine-tuning your eyeslids.


This brush can be used to apply only. The look should always be perfected using a crease, blending or just the blending tool! 


“It all comes down to the level of coverage and final product you desire.

A buffing brush is recommended for medium and light coverage.

Edy says this brush can be easily used with cream concealers or cream/powder eyeshadows for example Trinny London as well as powder highlighters especially around lip area

Certain brushes can be more versatile, and they can be used to do more, like the one pictured. It can also be used as a cream or eyeshadow brush.



For example, the Master Set 509 is an excellent choice for professionals who are serious about make up applications or anyone who wants to be a master makeup artist.

Before the pandemic, Edy was working in the industry as a very make up artist, with dozens of celebrity fans.

According to her, she was haphazardly chosen as a lash-extension specialist. 

“I was photographing a shoot for a cosmetics company. The model’s eyes had to be very close to mys. I found that the mascara didn’t work well for their short lashes. Eyelash extensions were suggested by a friend.

“After I won the contest, I was so impressed with my results that I signed up for an eyelash extensions training course to help me do more shoots. The models asked me to perform them on their shoots. Keep spreading the word to your friends and you will soon be at the top in the lash industry. My success is largely due to the fact that I can understand faces and eyes. This has made my work exceptional and natural.

“After working in prestigious salons, I decided to become a permanent resident.” 

‘The opening the premises was on 3rd March 2020,  which is just days before a famous event in out history which was the first lockdown.

“After suffering a huge financial loss from investing in the business and pandemic forcing me to put pause on it, I was able to make the most of the time I had left. It’s been the best decision I’ve made all my life. 

“With no income and two rents to cover, I’ve decided to make Edy London Products my investment. 

Edy believed lockdown would last only a couple of weeks, and was not disappointed by the time out from her bustling life.

‘I was happy to catch some sleep, binge Netflix and bake banana bread inspired from the rest. 

“When the lockdown was extended repeatedly, I finally realized the reality and it was absolutely terrifying. 

“I began worrying about my business. I also worried about the situation of my family, including my home and my salon. 

“I was driven crazy by the fact that I kept spending my savings as water. 

‘I was a heavy user of the phone and found it hard to connect with people that are business-minded and intelligent.

“One of my best friends encouraged me to make my product at this time. 

They said, “Edy, this is it. You’re going to do that now. I will assist you.”

“He’s now my business partner in our highly successful company, and that’s something I would love.

Edy’s added that her business partner Matt  had the skills she didn’t  – making them the perfect team. 

“We agreed that it was more fun to build something similar with someone else, particularly when you share the same vision and have complementary skills. 

‘The best way to describe our personal and professional relationship is that  we complete each other. Nothing is better than a shared happiness at the end of something great.

“For instance, when Cult Beauty was willing to launch us. Or when our product made it into Liberty.

“We knew that our product is luxurious, and these platforms have cemented it in the market.

It was lovely to share the financial risk with Matt, as well as take a chunk of Matt’s money into our new business. The worries went away in a matter of hours.

Despite only launching a few months ago, Edy's make-up line already has a celebrity following, with the likes of Made in Chelsea's Verity Bowditch posting about her love for their brand

Love Island's Arabella Chi has also posted her adoration for the bran

Even though Edy’s makeup line was launched only months ago, celebrities have already started to follow it. Love Island’s Arabella Chu (left) and Made in Chelsea’s Verity Bowditch, (right), are posting love stories about the brand.

Although Edy admitted that there was initially a “bit of power struggle”, she said it has now subsided and the two love to work together. 

“We began the talks in April. We had 3D designs at the end of May. Matt continued to research manufacturers and kept me informed about all options. 

After weeks of extensive research, we finally chose one due to the high quality of their work. Their work is made easier by their friendliness and good morals. The first of the samples was delivered in June. We received our last ones in August.

“I knew what I wanted after working in the industry for more than a decade. 

These brushes are loaded with bristles in a variety of colors, and have matte handle handles that provide perfect grip.

The brushes - which are high-quality but affordable - are marketed for professionals and everyday use. Edy is pictured

They are both affordable and of high quality. Edy is shown here

“I was thrilled to present my products to everybody. They stand out, and as you can see, these products are Edy London.

“I would not be surprised for companies to be inspired by my work since they now know that brushing can be fun.

Turquoise is her most popular colour, selling out in the first month. 

“Our set 505 is loved by virtually everyone who gets it!” 

Edy is pictured in her London studio - she hopes her brand will soon be worth millions

Edy in London, where she is photographing her brand.

It’s used religiously by many professional MUAs and celebrities. 

My lovely client Ellie Goulding admitted during her lash appointment that it was something she really loves to use my brushes. Glamour recently published this set. 

Edy has high hopes for its future.    

‘Matt and I have invested £30,000 each of our own savings, we have already make those money back and more , but of course we keep re-investing it in order to grow.

“We are able to save so much on huge expenses because of our many skills and strong connections between us.

“We have a desire to create a multi-million-dollar business. Only time will tell. It’s possible to make it happen with our charm sooner than expected.