Amazing moment: A mammoth, four-metre-long crocodile can be seen eating a baby shark that was caught on a fishing net.

  • Footage captured moment Boofhead, the crocodile, eats on a baby Bull Shark 
  • Near Proserpine (North Queensland), Stomach-churning vision captured 
  • A baby bull shark was caught by the crocodile in fishing line. The four-metre-long crocodile took it home. 

The baby bull shark was spotted by a hungry crocodile in North Queensland. 

The stomach-churning encounter was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday by Daniel Johnson who was fishing near Proserpine in the Whitsundays region.

Footage captures the saltwater crocodile of four metres, also known as “boofhead”, swimming along riverbanks towards a bull shark that was caught in a fishing line. 

Daniel Johnson was fishing near Proserpine in the Whitsundays region when a four-metre crocodile devoured a baby bull shark snagged in a fishing line (pictured)

Daniel Johnson was out fishing in Proserpine, Whitsundays when a four-metre crocodile ate a baby bull shark caught in a fishing net (pictured).

In less than one minute, the massive croc swooped in quickly on the shark and devoured it. 

“Sometimes, you hook a Shark and it gets eaten or snared by a Crocodile,” he said in the footage. 

“Just an average fishing day up there.” 

Johnson claimed that although the reptile measured four metres, Mr Johnson was not able to take close up shots.  

He’s quite a celebrity. Nine told him that the crocodile “is always around but it doesn’t often take a fish away from you when fishing,” he said. 

“To be able see it so close up, it was incredible,” he said. He stated that he had been there numerous times. 

Mr Johnson said the four-metre reptile was somewhat of a celebrity among the riverbank but to capture close up footage was a rare occurrence

Johnson claimed that although the reptile measured four metres, Mr Johnson was not able to take close-up footage because it is an uncommon occurrence.

Earlier this year a research scientist and photographer was lucky enough to capture an even rarer moment which involved a Nile crocodile feasting on a bull shark in North Queensland.

Mark Ziembicki 46 said Nile-crocodiles can only be seen in salt water. 

But, the excessive rain had washed out the species downstream and displaced the salt water bull Shark shark.

He said, “We had been watching both sharks and crocodiles for hours in this area and we were curious what might happen if they met.”

However, the shark was unmatched. Nile crocodile’s bite is approximately eight times as powerful than that of the great white shark.