A man has revealed how he took revenge on a ‘creepy’ Currys driver who messaged his pregnant fiancée after delivering a washing machine by posing as her over text.

Kacey Wheeler was 21 and pregnant. Two delivery men came to her home in Bradford, West Yorkshire. 

She claims one of the men, identified only as Jordan, ‘couldn’t stop staring at her’ and made excuses to stay back and chat to her after his colleague returned to the van. 

Twenty minutes after he left, Jordan text fiancé Ryan’s mobile phone number, believing it was Kacey’s. To update the couple on delivery status, the number was entered in the Currys system.

He wrote, “Hi it’s Jordan from the currys haha… Haha! I took you number I hope not mind, I made you laugh wanting to washer there ???? xxx.’    

Ryan, 22, an electrician decided to embarrass Jordan and reply as Kacey. The delivery driver was then enticed into a six-hour flirty exchange, which was later shared via Facebook. 

Pregnant Kacey Wheeler, of Bradford, West Yorkshire, claims the delivery man, identified only as 'Jordan', 'couldn't stop staring at her' when he arrived with the washing machine and dryer last Thursday. Pictured, Kacey in social media snaps

Kacey Wheeler

Kacey Wheeler of Bradford in West Yorkshire claims the delivery driver, named only as “Jordan”, stared at her a lot when he brought the washer and dryer to her home last Thursday. Kacey, as seen on social media.

Twenty minutes after he left, the driver text Ryan's mobile phone number, which had been entered into the Currys system for updates about the delivery, believing it was Kacey's. Ryan deliberately misspelled his partner's name in the exchange

Ryan was left behind when the driver sent Ryan a text message. Ryan had entered his phone number into Currys to get updates regarding the delivery. Ryan thought it was Kacey. Ryan deliberately mispelled his partner’s name during the exchange

Kacey's fiancé Ryan, 22, an electrician, decided to embarrass Jordan by replying and posing as Kacey over text, leading the delivery driver into a flirty six-hour exchange that was later shared on Facebook. Pictured, Kacey and Ryan

Kacey’s fiancé Ryan, 22, an electrician, decided to embarrass Jordan by replying and posing as Kacey over text, leading the delivery driver into a flirty six-hour exchange that was later shared on Facebook. Kacey and Ryan

In the messages Jordan bragged about being a former prison ‘bad boy’ earning £36,000 a year while self-employed and cheekily suggested they should ‘meet up to get this washer sorted’. 

Ryan pretended to be Kacey and asked Jordan if Jordan wanted him as her sugar daddy. 

Ryan ended the message exchange with Jordan and said that the flirtatious text messages were his fault. 

Kacey stated that she’s afraid of accepting deliveries from Ryan if Ryan isn’t at home. 

Currys claimed that they are investigating and treating the matter “very seriously”.

When Jordan messaged the following day to continue the conversation, Ryan put an end to the exchange and revealed he had been behind the flirtatious texts the entire time. Kacey said she is now afraid to accept deliveries if Ryan isn't home. Pictured, Kacey

Kacey and Ryan

Ryan ended their conversation when Jordan tried to reach him the next day with a message. He revealed that he was the one behind the flirtatious text messages. Kacey stated that she now is afraid of accepting deliveries from Ryan if he is not home. Kacey (left) with Ryan

Posing as Casey, Ryan led the delivery driver into an X-rated exchange about his fantasies

Ryan posed in the role of Casey to lead the delivery driver on an X-rated discussion about his fantasies

Kacey said, “As soon I opened the doors I saw that one of the men just couldn’t keep his eyes from me. At first I did not take it in an unusual way and thought it was hilarious. He just stared at me.

“The other guy came in, put the washer down, and left. However, the second guy refused to leave. He was talking to me, opening draw and telling where I should put the washer.

“It was very creepy, but I thought it was odd at the time. Ryan and I were talking about Ryan’s love, but Ryan said that he was mad at me. I then thought he was making fun of it when he stated that he received text messages from Ryan.

“I’m shocked that he took my number from the sheet, and knows our address. He wouldn’t even have asked my number if it had been in my house.   

Ryan pretended Kasey had a Captain America fantasy and the driver revealed he earns £36,000 a year

Ryan pretended Kasey had a Captain America fantasy and the driver revealed he earns £36,000 a year

“I assumed that it would be the end after the driver had left. Ryan found it hilarious after he received the text messages. I kept calling him, asking for any updates. When he came home, we ran to the phone to see the replies.

“It wasn’t the worst scenario, but the fact that the man was still in my house, and he went out of his way getting my number, made it clear to me that I won’t be taking any delivery on my own.   

Ryan has complained to Currys and said he will never place another order with them.  

He said, “There are my shoes in this house. Kacey is six months pregnant. She has an engagement ring.” It is just total disrespect.

‘When I got the telephone call, and the message came through, I was annoyed. However I then thought that I would make a joke of it.

Ryan pretended to invite the driver to a threesome before revealing his real identity

Ryan pretended that he invited the driver to dinner with him before disclosing his true identity

“I thought: “I’m going somewhere” [pull] your leg’. I loved his response to my question about dressing up as Marvel and his reply that he is a prison boy. He tried to make himself look good.

‘It’s embarrassing. It’s embarrassing. You can see that he is a strange man from his texts.

‘I thought I’d scared him off on the night, talking about a threesome, but then when he messaged back the next day and I wasn’t having a good day at work so I just told him to “f*** off”.

Ryan, pictured with Kasey, said he wanted to embarrass the delivery driver with the texts

Ryan was pictured here with Kasey. He said he wanted the driver to be embarrassed with his texts 

Ryan, pictured with Kasey, said the driver's behaviour was disrespectful. Kasey said she wouldn't feel safe receiving a delivery again while home alone

Ryan was pictured together with Kasey. He said that the driver had been disrespectful. Kasey indicated that she won’t be able to receive a delivery while alone at home again.

“It’s a waste of time. He’d be sitting on his couch, sweating and thinking about his little girl, every time I did something provocative. He believed he had pulled.

“If I were you, I would have felt small.” He must feel like an idiot. It would be great if he went back to the home, but this is a terrible thing for Kacey. Delivery drivers such as these shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable. 

Currys spokesperson stated that the company was investigating further into the situation and taking this matter seriously. In the course of our investigation we’ll be reaching out to Mr Sagar as well Miss Wheeler. 

The couple shared the exchange on Facebook where it's racked up 2,500 likes

This exchange was shared by the couple on Facebook and has been liked by 2,500 people.