A man, aged 29, admitted to the killing of a 23-yearold HR adviser. His body was found in a rural lane. He denies that he did it.

  • Ross McCullam is set to be tried at Leicester Crown Court next year.
  • Megan Newborough (HR advisor) was assassinated in her 23-year-old murder
  • Ms.Cullam made her appearance via video link from HMP Leicester, Friday 

The murder of his girlfriend was denied by a 29-year old man.

Next year, Ross McCullam is due to stand trial at Leicester Crown Court. He was accused of Megan Newborough’s murder. She was found in Charley Road near Woodhouse Eaves in Leicestershire in the wee hours of Sunday August 8.

Ms. Newborough (23 years old), was reported missing by Warwickshire Police in August 7.

McCullam wore a T-shirt in black and appeared at the Crown Court via videolink, from HMP Leicester on Friday.

Ross McCullam will now face trial next year at Leicester Crown Court accused of the murder of Megan Newborough (pictured), who was discovered in Charley Road, near Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire, in the early hours of Sunday, August 8

Ross McCullam is now on trial at Leicester Crown Court for the murder of Megan Newborough.

The only reason he spoke was to confirm his guilty plea to the August 6 murder charge against Ms Newborough and to say that he would like to see the judge.

McCullam received a summons from Judge Timothy Spencer, QC to adjourn the case for a trial. He stated that McCullam had admitted, through his plea, that it was a serious matter and an extremely serous offense.

The prosecution doesn’t accept the case to be a case of manslaughter.

He spoke only to confirm his plea of not guilty to a charge alleging he murdered Ms Newborough on August 6, and to state that he could hear the judge. Pictured, the police cordon close to where Ms Newborough's body was found

His only purpose was to confirm that he had pleaded not guilty to the charge of Ms Newborough’s murder on August 6th, and to say that he would listen to the judge. The police line up close to Ms Newborough’s corpse is shown in the picture.

“They claim it is a murder case. The jury will decide. Your trial will be held on March 7.

The defendant from Coalville (Leicestershire) was placed in custody.

Her family released a statement shortly after her passing saying that they were heartbroken and distraught.

“Megan is a loving, generous and caring individual and it has been taken from us.