A man, aged 35, has been charged with murdering his mother, 56, and father 60 after being found fatally stabbed at their homes

  • Lee Tipping has been charged with murdering Anthony Tipping and Tricia Lifesey
  • Lee and Lee’s parents were both found with multiple stabbing wounds in their bodies last month.
  • Tipping will appear today before Preston magistrates to face criminal charges

After his father and his partner were found murdered at their home, a son was charged with murder.

Lee Tipping (35) will face magistrates today in connection with the killings of Anthony Tipping (61) and Tricia Livingsey (57)

Officers called out to their safety Saturday, November 20, found the couple dead.

Officers forced their way into the house of High Walton in Lancs. and made the shocking discovery.

Lee Tipping has been charged with the murder of his parents Tricia Livesey (left) and Anthony Tipping (right) after the couple were found dead at a house in Higher Walton, Lancashire

After his parents were discovered dead in a home in Higher Walton (Lancashire), Lee Tipping was charged with their murder.

Police said that both of them died after multiple stabbing wounds.

Tipping, who was living in the same home as the couple, were initially detained on suspicion of murder.

After a thorough review of his medical history, he was cleared to interview. Police were then given last night the go ahead to indict him for both the Crown Prosecution Service and murders.

Lancashire Police spokesperson said, “We were called Saturday at 1.40 pm to address safety concerns regarding occupants of Cann Bridge Street.”

Floral tributes were left at the scene after Anthony Tipping and Tricia Livesey were found dead

After Tricia Livesey and Anthony Tipping were killed, floral tributes were left on the spot.

Lancashire Police were called to a house on Cann Bridge Street in the village of Higher Walton at 1:40pm on Saturday afternoon after receiving reports of safety concerns for the occupants of the property (pictured)

After receiving safety concerns from the residents of the house (pictured), Lancashire Police called Lancashire Police to the Cann Bridge Street, Higher Walton home at 1.40 pm on Saturday.

Officers entered the house and found Tricia Livingsey aged 57, and Anthony Tipping aged 60, both deceased.

Lee Tipping (35 years old) was arrested under suspicion for murder. She was then taken into custody pursuant to Section 103 of the Mental Health Act.

After an examination, he was found fit to interview. Consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service resulted in him being charged yesterday with both murders.

“The relatives of the victims are made aware of all developments and supported by liaison officers. They are in our thoughts.

Today, he will be appearing before the Preston Magistrates Court.