52 year old man fights for his life following an attack in the ‘disorder’ that followed QPR v Luton football game

  • After the QPR vs Luton game last night, the 52-year old man was discovered near Uxbridge Road Junction with Davenport Road 
  • Police believe he sustained a serious head injury in the attack on matchday.
  • Witnesses are being asked to speak up by police, but no arrests have yet been made
  • Anyone with information or witnesses should call 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

An elderly man has been admitted to hospital after suffering a severe head injury. Police suspect that the injury may be due to an assault on his head during a Queens Park Rangers match.

After the last-night match against Luton Town, 52-year old man was discovered.

He was discovered near Uxbridge Road and Davenport Road, west London at 9.50 on Friday.  

A 52-year-old man was found with a serious head injury near the Uxbridge Road junction with Devonport Road after the Queens Park Rangers match against Luton Town last night. Pictured: Police at Loftus Road last night before the match

Following the Queens Park Rangers match last night against Luton Town, 52-year-old Man was discovered with serious head injuries near Uxbridge Road Junction with Devonport Road. Pictured last night, Loftus Road Police before the match

The man, from Luton, is suspected to have been assaulted or involved in disorder after the match, according to police. Pictured: Police vans lined up at the football stadium before the match

Police say the suspect, a Luton man, was involved in disorder or assault after the match. Pictured: Before the match, police vans were parked at the stadium. 

According to police, he was likely caught in disorder after the Championship match.

London Ambulance Service paramedics rushed the Luton man to hospital. The condition is life-threatening.  

Twitter users expressed sadness over the violence and shared photos of the disorder on social media. 

Social media users took to Twitter to express their sadness and anger after fights erupted following the QPR vs Luton Town game last night

After fighting broke out following last night’s QPR vs Luton Town match, social media users used Twitter to vent their anger and sadness. 

Metropolitan Police Detective Constable Arrash Faghi stated that the incident occurred in an “extremely busy” area. He asked for witnesses and anyone who has mobile footage to call the force.

He stated that the victim sustained serious head injuries and that it was important to get in touch with witnesses as soon as possible.

“The area was very busy following the match, and many people will have information that can help police.

“I’d like them to contact me as investigators try to piece together the whole story of Friday night.

There have not been any arrests. If you have any information, please call 101 at ref 7888/19nov. Or, anonymously, contact Crimestoppers on 0800 5555 112.

London Ambulance Service (LAS) paramedics took the man to hospital where he is in a life-threatening condition. Pictured: The match last night between QPR and Luton Town

London Ambulance Service paramedics took him to the hospital, where he was in a life-threatening situation. Pictured: Match between QPR (left) and Luton Town (right).

Police are asking any witnesses to come forward who were at the match last night or may have seen anything. Pictured: Loftus Road's match last night

The police are seeking witnesses that may have been present at the match, or who might have seen it. Photo: Loftus Road’s match from last night