Two men and a woman aged 30 were found murdered in Somerset property with their two ‘distressed children’. Police arrested two suspects and referred them to IOPC

  • Last night, police officers responded to a call from Taunton regarding Dragon Rise at 9.45pm
  • Each man and female were both declared dead on the spot with severe injuries. 
  • The murders were suspected of two young men (aged 67 and 34 respectively). 
  • Although the incident did not cause any harm to the family, the kids are still upset by it. 
  • IOPC was launched because of prior contact by police with the involved.

A murder investigation has been launched by police after two people were murdered at home last night in front of their children. 

At 9.45pm, officers were summoned to Dragon Rise, Taunton, Somerset. There, the woman and man in their 30s were both found with severe injuries. 

Both were declared dead on the spot despite paramedics’ efforts.  

Two older men (aged 34 and 67) were arrested under suspicion of murder. They are being held in custody.

Officers were called to Dragon Rise (pictured) in Taunton, Somerset, at 9.45pm where the man and woman, both in their 30s, were found with serious injuries

Police were dispatched at 9.45 pm to Dragon Rise, Taunton, Somerset. The man and woman were both in their 30s.

Two properties are still under police control, while officers conduct a forensic investigation of the area. 

An individual involved in a police incident will have been contacted by the police before a referral is made to the Independent Office for Police Conduct. 

The formal identification and subsequent post-mortem examinations will determine the causes of death. 

Major Crime Investigation Team Detective Inspector Neil Meade said that the thoughts and prayers of all members of the force were with the loved ones of those who have tragically died.

Two men, aged 34 and 67, have been arrested on suspicion of murder and are currently in custody for questioning. Pictured: Police at the scene today

The suspects, aged 67 and 34, were taken into custody on suspicion of murder. Photo: The police at the scene today

“Two children, both young and unaffected by the accident, were present at the scene of the incident.

“They have been taken care of and specially trained officers were deployed to help the families of the victims in this most challenging time.”

He stated that he would conduct an extensive investigation into the matter and will work hard to get justice for victims’ families.

A police cordon is still in place at two properties on the street (pictured) while officers carry out a forensic examination of the scene

Two properties are still under police control (photo). Officers then conduct a thorough forensic investigation of the area.

“While it appears that this is an isolated incident,” a spokesman for the police said, “There will be more police activity in the vicinity to provide the community comfort.”

“Incidents such as this are rare, but we do know that they can cause serious concern. We urge anybody with concerns or questions to talk to an officer.

If you have information that would assist our investigation, please dial 101.