It is an incredible moment when a man almost gets run over by a bus while he runs across a pedestrian crossing in Russia.

  • In southwest Russia, the pedestrian can be seen diving from the path of a bus passing by.
  • After getting out of a 4×4, the driver runs along the road, and narrowly avoids being struck.
  • Before he can get to safety, he throws his body backwards on the road.

It is the moment that a man, running across a pedestrian crossing, narrowly avoided getting hit by a bus.

On Saturday, the incident was recorded on a dashcam and showed the man breaking free from the car in Voronezh.

The incident ended with the man appearing uninjured.

A dramatic video clip shows a pedestrian throwing himself out of the way of a passing bus as he attempted to cross a road in Voronezh, Russia

Dramatic video footage shows a pedestrian attempting to cross the road from Voronezh in Russia, throwing himself into the path of a bus. 

The pedestrian appears to escape unharmed after the incident, which was filmed with a dash cam on Saturday

The incident was recorded with a dashcam on Saturday and the pedestrian seems to have escaped unharmed.

Initial sight of the pedestrian emerges from the passenger-side of a 4×4 vehicle. This has become a long queue with cars that are stopped at crossings. 

He carries a large bag with a zipper and black bag.

The driver runs up to the dash cam of the car and is just about to cross the street when the bus speeds past.

He spots the vehicle just in time. The man attempts to stop his running, but fails, so he throws himself in the opposite direction. 

Fortunately, the man spots the vehicle in time, and attempts to stop running before throwing himself backwards out of harm's way

Fortunately the man spots and stops the car in his time.

After a couple of seconds, the pedestrian gets back to his feet, and checks to see if anything else is coming before carrying on to safety

The pedestrian returns to his feet after a few seconds and then checks for any other dangers before continuing to safety.

While the bus is still moving along, it appears that the man has fallen to the pavement. It’s unclear whether the driver has noticed the pedestrian.

After just a moment, the pedestrian is back on his feet and looks for anything more.

As the pedestrian crosses the street to safety, a black car is seen abruptly stopping at the crossroads.

The rest of traffic keeps moving past the pedestrian crossing and he vanishes.