Man is vaccinated 10 times in the same day, despite doctors warning that it may pose serious health risk.

  • Anti-vaxxers pay man for ten Covid-19 shots in one day. Man gets ten Covid-19 injections.
  • Every time he saw New Zealand doctors, he pretend to be another person.
  • Ten anti-vaxxers can now exercise the same rights and freedoms that fully vaccinated residents.
  • A Vaccinologist called the decision to have ten shots a “really stupid thing to do”.

After being paid $10 by anti-vaxxers, a man was given the Covid-19 vaccination 10 times.

Unidentified man pretended that he was a completely different person every time he went to see a New Zealand doctor.

The jab was administered to him before records for his real name were changed.

According to police, anti-vaxxers may have paid the man for his services so that they would enjoy all the rights of the vaccinees without needing the jab.

New Zealanders need to show proof of a vaccination pass before they can visit certain businesses or attend events.

A New Zealand man has received the Covid-19 vaccine 10 times in one day after he was paid by anti-vaxxers to get their jab (pictured, a patient receives a vaccine in Brisbane)

New Zealander, Michael O’Connor, has had the Covid-19 vaccination 10 times within a single day. He was paid $80 by anti-vaxxers for his jab.

Authorities believe anti-vaxxers paid the man so they could enjoy the same freedoms as the vaccinated without having to get the jab

Police believe that anti-vaxxers paid him to have the right to the same liberties as the vaccinees without the need for the jab.

Helen Petousis Harris, University of Auckland associate professor of vaccinology, described the experience as “really stupid.”

She said that they feel more awful than people who have taken regular dosages of the drug.

Although there are not many data about the health effects of several Covid vaccines, Ms Petousis Harris predicted that the man would feel pretty bad the following day. 

As the immune response to the coronavirus will not be triggered, he will no longer be protected than those who received the two recommended doses. 

Health officials are still unsure how this man got ten vaccines. 

These people are concerned that those who do not possess a photo ID but wish to have their jabs administered could lose the chance of being protected from the virus. 

The man will be no more protected against coronavirus than people who have had two vaccine doses as the triggered immune response will plateau (pictured, Auckland, New Zealand)

Because the immune system will stop triggering, this will make it less likely that the man is protected from coronavirus.

One spokesperson from the ministry of health said that these people were often members of vulnerable groups such as the elderly, disabled, or homeless. 

“We don’t want them to be hampered from getting their vaccines,” they stated. 

New Zealand saw an increase in Covid-related cases from October to record 103 infections on Sunday and 61 hospitalisations. 

The eligible population includes 94% who have already had their first treatment and 89% who have been able to get their second. 

91% of the population who have been fully vaccinated downloaded a My Vaccine Pass’, which is the equivalent to Australia’s vaccine passport.