A man who tried to eat KFC every day for over a month reveals that he gained more weight by drinking alcohol than eating chicken fried rice.

  • KFC-eating man claims he gained more weight after eating KFC over a period of a month
  • Conan Visser conducts experiments in the body with food, drink and other substances 
  • After eating KFC every day for over a month, he gained 10kgs and now eats alcohol binge-everything.
  • Visser claims he has gained more weight from his drinking than he did before and that his body is “hurting”. 

One man who had KFC every day for one month said that he gained more weight by drinking alcohol over seven days than frying chicken.

Conan Visser, the founder and CEO of ICANIWILL (an organisation that uses celebrities and influential people to promote mental well-being), has conducted a number of tests on his body in order to determine weight loss and its health effects.

The popular chain’s fast-food restaurant was his only source of food, and he gained a kilo per three and a quarter days.

Now he has stopped eating KFC and has been drinking every day for the past month. He’s already gained 3 kilos in seven days, which is a 30% increase on fried chicken within a week. 

“I’m struggling today.” He posted the following TikTok message: “My body is starting to hurt.”

A man who ate KFC for a month straight says he gained more weight drinking alcohol in seven days than eating fried chicken

One man who consumed KFC every day for one month claims that he gained more weight by drinking alcohol over seven days than frying chicken.

Visser is a TikTok user with nearly 82,000 and Instagram users with 10,000 followers, respectively. He was updating his audience daily on KFC’s progress by posting diaries every day during the KFC challenge.

Visser lost about 10 kg and gained significant definition over a period of one month eating only chicken fried from the chain.

To cleanse his system after KFC, he went on a 16-day waterfast. He got the idea from an encounter he had once with a stomach parasite.

He said that he started fasting after a stomach parasite. Three courses of antibiotics were prescribed for the parasite. Each course took 3 months, so it was a year.

“I went on a fast for ten days, and it healed the parasite,” said Kelly Slater. It’s done by Halle Berry, Kelly Slater.

After three weeks on the KFC-only diet,  he found himself de-motivated, wanting to just stay sitting on the couch and not train as much. 

At the end of the month, he said he had suffered kidney damage. He was then forced to have a CT scan because of stomach pains resulting from his diet.

After a month of eating nothing but fried chicken and other foods from the chain, Visser had gained about 10 kilos and lost a significant amount of definition

Visser lost about 10 kilograms and had lost some definition after eating nothing but chicken fried in the chain for a whole month.

Visser began the month as an alcoholic and continued with consistent training.

According to him, he has been drinking at least eight or twelve standard drinks every day and is starting to feel the effects on his training.

When he has been having an explosive day, he may have had 20 or more standard drinks. He tries to get over the hangovers using natural remedies. 

According to him, he is gaining weight faster than he did when he was with KFC. “It’s only been one week, and I have already gained three kilos,” he stated. 

According to some studies, the liver stores more fat when it is consuming alcohol than the other foods. 

“I can feel my body, and mind starting to struggle.”

He began to feel feverish after eight days. After that, he sought medical attention again.

“My body hates me now.”

Visser stated that after just nine days of drinking, his sexual drive had been ‘through-the roof’. His ‘performance’ was also really impressive. This was in stark contrast to KFC’s month.

He said, “No wonder that I drink more after I start to date someone,”

“It’s exciting and adventurous. You want to try new things.”

He is now on the 10th day of his month without alcohol.

Visser can be followed on TikTok by following his updates.