Christopher Boon, 28, admitted murdering his wife Laura Mortimer and her 11-year-old daughter Ella Dalby in a stabbing frenzy

Christopher Boon (28), admitted to murdering Laura Mortimer, her wife and Ella Dalby (11) in a stabbing frenzy

Reports have revealed that a husband who killed his 11-year old wife and daughter by stabbing them to death was a “perpetual abuser” who should have been dealt with sooner.

Christopher Boon, 28 stabbed Laura Mortimer (31 years old) and Ella Dalby (31 years old) 42 times. It was a “sustained, brutal” violent assault.

Boon, who was convicted of two murders in November 2018, is serving at least 29 years imprisonment.

This brutal attack happened in the early morning of May 28, 2018. It occurred after Laura had broken up with him for five years. He was having an affair.

A domestic homicide report released today shows that there were many missed opportunities over the years for authorities to prevent this tragedy.

The report found Gloucestershire Constabulary’s initial response was ‘effective and swift’ when it was called to their address on Boxing Day that year.

However, it pointed out that Boon was first investigated by police for domestic abuse following a violent attack on her previous partner early in April 2010, in front two of her young children.

According to the report, the incident was “significant” because it was the only precursor crime that Ella or Laura had committed before their murder in 2018. 

The incident also exposed years of abuse to Laura and her controlling behavior towards Laura. She called the police Boxing Day 2014. Boon had attacked Laura at their Gloucester house in Gloucester right in front of Ella.

Laura was admitted to the hospital after suffering a severe head injury. Boon was also taken into custody, but she refused to cooperate with any prosecution.

The report said Ella wasn’t questioned and that Ella had not been contacted to obtain evidence. It was considered a missed opportunity for Ella to speak out.

Also, there were missed opportunities for connecting with other agencies to support a victimless case.

Also, the report found that Laura had sought out treatment at health services multiple times over the years for injuries her family believes were related to domestic abuse.

Laura Mortimer, 31

Ella Dalby, 11

Laura Mortimer (left), 31, and Ella Dalby (right), 11, were stabbed 42 times in a ‘sustained and brutal’ violent onslaught by domestic abuser Christopher Boon was jailed for murder in 2018

The review described her as “a victim of domestic violence from the perpetrator that extended beyond the one incident reported physically”.

Boon further abused Laura with a variety of controlling and coercive behaviors, as well psychological abuse.

It was stated that “It was clear that the perpetrator used various coercive control tactics throughout his marriage to Laura.

The abuse ranged from emotional to physical violence, intimidation and financial abuse as well as isolation.

“Laura’s Family noted the way that the perpetrator made it difficult for her to contact her family.

“They saw the impact that Laura’s relationship was having on Laura, her anxiety, her weight loss and exhaustion toward the end.

A domestic homicide review has outline several missed opportunities for the authorities to intervene over the years that could have saved Laura (pictured with Boon) and Ella's lives

The domestic homicide review uncovered several missed opportunities to allow the authorities intervene in the past years, which could have saved Laura and Ella (pictured with Boon).

Boon's stepdaughter Ella (pictured) was pronounced dead at a house in Gloucester in 2018

Boon’s stepdaughter Ella (pictured), was declared dead in Gloucester, in 2018.

Laura ended her relationship with the perpetrator after learning about his affair.

“She had been talking to her friend about it on the night she was murdered.”

According to the Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children Partnership’s report, Laura stated she did not want to be involved with services, and that he wasn’t a domestic abuser.

It said, “This does not mean Laura agreed or condoned that perpetrator’s behavior.”

According to the review, there are missed opportunities to intervene. It recommended that children’s stories be more prominent.

To help victims of domestic abuse in the future, there were several recommendations. This included updating domestic abuse training for district council staff, and staff needing to be confident speaking to domestic abuse survivors.

Police at the scene following the mother and daughter's deaths in Gloucester on May 28, 2018

Following the deaths of the mother-and-daughter in Gloucester, May 28, 2018, police were on the spot

The report found, prior to the attack, no attempt had been made to secure evidence from Ella and it was viewed as a 'missed opportunity to hear the voice of the child'. Pictured: The scene

According to the report, Ella was not questioned about the incident and no evidence had been obtained from Ella. This made it a missed opportunity for Ella to speak up. Photograph: This is the scene

Review also stated that Gloucestershire Police must make use of body camera in cases of domestic abuse, and should recognize evidence from children.

Laura was the owner of a highly successful business that planned weddings. She was repeatedly stabbed, with 13 to her neck and face.

One of her wounds punctured her eye, and one of her ribs was’splintered’ by the force of one the penetrating strikes.

Ella was talented and tall dancer and weighed in at 39kg. She was also 4ft11 inches.

Her right lung was punctured and her inner jugular was cut, which demonstrates a’severe power’.

Kevin Crompton (Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children Partnership) Independent Scrutineer stated: “While there’s no question who caused their deaths, it is evident that some family members believe other agencies may have acted differently. The review also acknowledges the need for learning by agencies.

“In particular, the review reminded us all about the importance listening to our child and learning from their lives.

“Domestic abuse and domestic violence are all too common in society. The review also highlights the difficulty of identifying the impact it has on individuals as well as the associated risk. It is up to us all to make sure that these risks are fully understood.

Clare’s Law – What’s the deal? Father’s Campaign: How to find out the history of domestic violence in your partner.

Clare Wood, 36, was strangled  by an ex

Clare Wood, 36 years old, was strangled and killed by an ex.

Clare’s Law was founded in 2014 by Michael Brown after his campaign. His daughter, who was killed by Michael Brown’s ex-boyfriend, created Clare’s Law.

Officially known as the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (DVS), this initiative was created to protect people from potentially abusive situations.

This scheme permits police to reveal information on a partner’s past history of violence and domestic violence.

Clare Wood (36), was set on fire and strangled by George Appleton, her ex-boyfriend, at her Salford home, Greater Manchester in February 2009.

Appleton was a mother of one who had been introduced to her via Facebook. Appleton’s horrific past of violence against women included repeated harassment and threats, as well as the kidnapping of his ex-girlfriend at knifepoint.

“The Review makes recommendations regarding the training of key personnel with a focus to how we can improve support for those in this position as it is difficult even leaving an abusive relationship.

Nick Evans (Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, DPCC), who is also chair Safer Gloucestershire stated that this was a tragic tragedy that left two families in total despair.

“My condolences and thoughts go out to Laura’s and Ella’s immediate family as well as all of their friends, as well as those from the larger community who loved and knew them.

“As Safer Gloucestershire’s Chair, I have the responsibility to make sure that lessons and actions are taken in order to strengthen our collective response against domestic abuse.”

Ella and Laura’s families also gave new tributes as part of their review.

Laura’s mom, Hilary Stinchcombe stated that Laura was an amazing, loving mother. She loved her three children so much and showed them affection with love.

“She enjoyed having fun with them. Laura had so much to offer and so much potential.

She lived life full of laughter and joy. Laura

A friend to all, she was a cheerful person and loved to see others smile. Her family, and her many friends loved her.

Ella’s mother added that Ella was her adored grandchild, and they were extremely close.

“She was such an amazing, loving and happy little girl.