A man, aged 58, assaulted and raped a woman sleeping in her 20s at a party on New Year’s Eve before she offered to pay her for a taxi ride home. He was sentenced for seven-and-a half years

  • A man who raped a woman at a New Years Eve party was sentenced to seven-and-a-half years in prison
  • Haydn, 58, attacked the woman during her twenties, at a Coventry event
  • He raped and molested her while she was asleep upstairs.
  • When the victim talked to the police, he was almost a decade later when he was captured.

One man who had raped and molested an unconscious woman during a New Years Eve celebration was sentenced to seven-and-a-half years in prison, nearly a decade after his crime.

Haydn Bingham, 58, attacked a woman in her twenties during a house party on December 31, 2012, before offering to give her money for a taxi fare home.

After the victim shared with her partner what happened in 2018, Bingham was eventually caught.

Bingham was sentenced because he showed no remorse.

Haydn Bingham, 58, undressed, molested and raped a woman in her twenties as she was sleeping after a New Year's Eve party in Coventry

Haydn Bingham (58), raped a young woman as she slept after a New Years Eve celebration in Coventry.

Nightingale Court at Warwick Crown Court reported that Bingham from Bedworth in Warwickshire pounced upon the woman following her collapse during the Coventry house party.

The young man went upstairs in the morning to find the sleeping woman and undressed him.

Gary Venturi was the prosecution. He stated: “She woke up, and she made it clear that she didn’t want anything to do with him. But he performed oral sex and raped me.

Bingham was arrested in 2018 after his victim told her partner about her ordeal five years after it happened

After his victim, five years later, told her partner all about the ordeal she had suffered in 2018, Bingham was taken into custody 

“After she put on her clothes, he gave her some money and took her out of the house.

He stated that “much” of his mental landscape was taken up by flashbacks to the events.

Andrew Tucker, who is standing in defense, stated that Tucker was a man with very fragile health.

He stated that the rape was an ‘opportunistic’ act and one that he hadn’t planned or engineered.

In 2018, the police arrested Bingham, but he denies rape and claimed the woman had consented.

But, the jury at Warwick Crown Court’s Nightingale Court convicted him. The court has a backlog due to the pandemic.

Bingham was jailed for seven and a half years by Judge Anthony Potter at Warwick Crown Court's Nightingale Court (pictured)

Bingham was jailed for seven and a half years by Judge Anthony Potter at Warwick Crown Court’s Nightingale Court (pictured)

Judge Potter said Bingham, who pleaded not guilty, had shown 'absolutely no remorse' for his actions

Judge Potter stated that Bingham, who had pleaded not guilty to the charges, showed ‘absolutely zero remorse for his actions’

Bingham was incarcerated for seven years and one-half on Wednesday.

Anthony Potter of Judge Anthony Potter stated that Bingham was not satisfied to know that the woman lived on her own and received little family support.

His words were: “New year is a time to start fresh, but you have brought misery on her by your actions at the beginning of 2013”.

“That’s misery, which has continued for eight years.”

“You showed absolutely no remorse.”

Bingham was placed on the Sex Offender Register and kept it for life.