An alleged female clubber claims that a 6ft, heavyset bouncer punched her so severely it burst a blood vessel.

Abbey Jackson (22) stated that Manchester bouncers permitted two clubbers to enter without them showing their vaccine passports. 

Security then approached her friend as she was going to 42nd Street Nightclub for a birthday bash. 

According to reports, the 22-year old and her two friends Leon Parsons (23 years) and Kieran Bendix (28 years), were also hurt when a male bouncer became aggressive. 

Also, he allegedly hit Ms. Parsons in her eye. 

Greater Manchester Police said officers were investigating an attack but did not make any arrests.  

Abbey Jackson, 22, (pictured) said Manchester bouncers allowed two clubbers in without showing their vaccine passports

Abbey Jackson, 22 (pictured), stated that Manchester bouncers permitted two clubbers to enter without them showing their vaccine passports

Ms Parsons was also allegedly punched in the eye by the male bouncer

The male bouncer allegedly also punched Ms. Parsons in the eye.

Heavily built male bouncer at Bootle Street club allegedly also choked Parsons, and struck him so hard that his head was numb. 

The 23-year old friend claimed that he tried to capture some of the noise but his phone was confiscated by the bouncer. 

Ms Jackson from Herefordshire added that they tried to talk with them, but the bouncer was aggressive. He followed my friend and started pushing him, shouting at him, and eventually shoving him.

The bouncer measured over six feet and was heavyset. He was also twice as tall as me and my buddies.

“When we tried pushing him away, he began to turn on us and start shoving us.

“I don’t know the sequence of events, it happened so quickly that I can’t recall the exact order of things but he hit my friend across his face and choked me. He also hit my other friend so hard that he now has a lump in the back of the head.

“He hit me in the head so severely that I thought he was going to make me pass out. I later found out that he had punctured my eye with a needle.

The 42 Nightclub was also mentioned by her on Facebook.  

She said, “Last Night me and some friends went out to 42s since it was both of our birthdays.” 

We waited in line and were then asked about tickets and the NHS. As we searched for it on our phones to find out more, two men approached us from behind and let us in.

She also warned people about the 42 nightclub on Facebook.

The 42 Nightclub was also mentioned by her on Facebook.

“So, my friend inquired why. It was not a confrontational situation, but it wasn’t too extreme. However, one of the bouncers gave him an attitude and denied him entry. He also refused to allow me or the other person access by association.

“It got out of control when the bouncer began to squaring up and push my friend around, and then following him along the street.

“When I tried to intervene with my friend, the other one was also treated in this way.

“Then, this bouncer began to physically attack us all. He choked my friend, marked his face and banged on my head so hard that it made him a lump. Then he started punching me in both eyes, which caused me to bleed and gain a subconjunctival blood clot.

“Before, 42s had been my favourite Manchester club. However, after being physically and verbally assaulted by a bouncer on my birthday I have decided to stop going back.

The incident shocked locals.

Ms Parsons said the 42nd Street had been her 'favourite' nightclub in Manchester

Ms. Parsons stated that 42nd Street was her favourite nightclub in Manchester.

A member of the Facebook group stated that “The 42’s bouncers are disgusting, and I pray you’re all okay!”

“I was forced to leave the house with my friend, for five minutes. They stared at us the whole time. After that they didn’t allow us to go in the cloakroom to retrieve our belongings.

“When I tried walking in, the bouncer shoved me and then all of them stood there and laughed at my mistake.”

Greater Manchester Police confirmed it's investigating an assault at Bootle Street, Manchester, where the club is located.  (Image of 42's)

Greater Manchester Police has confirmed that they are investigating an attack at Bootle Street in Manchester.  Image of 42’s 

Another said: “Absolutely disgusting. He should be caught. Sorry guys. I wish you a speedy recovery. You should be told his name by the club.

A shocked local claimed that the bouncers were “awful”. One laughed at me for not allowing my friends to go down the stairs with me before they left.

“We were the only ones on the staircase and he shouted at me because he didn’t want them to go down. He was mad.”

Another added, “Oh my God I pray you are okay. The bouncers at 42s were vile.” 

Greater Manchester Police stated that they were notified by police at 12.15pm on Thursday 23 December about an assault reported on Bootle Street in Manchester the day before.

“The investigation continues and there have not been any arrests.”

MailOnline has reached out to the 42nd Street Night Club on Bootle Street for comment.