Nathan Ake, a Manchester City native, has married Kaylee Ramman in a beautiful ceremony held on Mallorca. 

The 27-year-old Dutch defender was pictured with his new bride at the exclusive beach wedding venue Son Marroig, in Mallorca’s north west, this morning.

A host of big name players – many from Ake’s native Holland – put on their sharpest suits to celebrate, with Liverpool’s Virgil Van Dijk, Manchester United’s Donny van de Beek and PSG’s Georginio Wijnaldum all in attendance. 

It’s thought that several of Ake’s teammates, including Kevin de Bruyne, Jack Grealish and Raheem Sterling have also made the trip, alongside manager Pep Guardiola. 

Before he walked down the aisle in the scorching sun, Ake, a footballer, was being taken to the venue. He looked a little nervous before he said ‘I do’.

Dutch defender Nathan Ake, 27, wed his glamorous bride Kaylee Ramman, also Dutch, at the exclusive beach wedding venue in Son Marroig, an exclusive country estate in Mallorca's north west

Dutch defenseman Nathan Ake (27), married Kaylee Ramman, a glamorous Dutch bride, at Son Marroig’s exclusive beach wedding venue. This exclusive estate is located in the north-west of Mallorca.

Designer Kaylee, 27, and Nathan, have been dating since they were teenagers...and tied the knot on the Balearic isle this weekend

Kaylee (27 years old) and Nathan (27.5 years ago) have been together since their teens. They tied the knot this weekend on Balearic islandle

A host of Netherlands international players - including Virgil Van Dijk, Donny van de Beek and Georginio Wijnaldum - were spotted at the sunny nuptials. The property, Son Marroig, features a cararra marble pavilion - the perfect place to say 'I do'

Numerous Dutch international players including Donny Van der Beek, Virgil Van Dijk, and Georginio Woijnaldum attended the nuptials. Son Marroig’s property features a pavilion made of cararra marble – the ideal place to say “I do”

Paris Saint-Germain star Georginio Wijnaldum arriving at the wedding with his partner Mirella Pereira, who wore a striking satin yellow basque dress with cut-away detail, matched with a cerise clutch bag and strappy serpent heels

Paris Saint-Germain star Georginio Wijnaldum arriving at the wedding with his partner Mirella Pereira, who wore a striking satin yellow basque dress with cut-away detail, matched with a cerise clutch bag and strappy serpent heels

Meanwhile the PSG star opted for cream chinos matched with black suede loafers and a smart grey suit jacket

PSG’s star player opted instead for cream chinos with matching black suede loafers.

Former Bournemouth teammates Ryan Fraser (right), Dominic Solanke (left) and Joshua King (back right) pictured arriving by coach this morning

Former Bournemouth teammates Ryan Fraser (right), Dominic Solanke (left) and Joshua King (back right) pictured arriving by coach this morning 

The footballers carried suitbags as they made their way to the venue ahead of the Dutch couple's big day

As they made their way towards the venue, the footballers wore suitbags in preparation for the Dutch couple’s wedding.

The happy couple was joined by Ake’s former and current teammates after the UEFA Nations League matches and at the close of football season.   

An entourage of wedding guests, including ex-Bournemouth footballers Ryan Fraser and Dominic Solanke (back right), arrived in a coach with their stylishly dressed WAGS to the Mallorcan venue for this morning. 

Josh King (ex-Manchester United, Watford) was among those in attendance. He is originally from Norway. 

Georginio, Paris Saint-Germain’s top star Georginio, was photographed looking elegant in cream chinos with black suede loafers. Mirella Pereira was also seen wearing a matching suit jacket and smart grey suit jacket. Mirella wore a bold satin yellow basque dress with cut-away detailing, along with a cerise clutch bag, and sharp serpent heels.

Liverpool star Virgil Van Dijk, third from left in the top row, looked relaxed in the Spanish sunshine as he partied with fellow guests to mark his fellow countryman's big day

Third row from the right, Liverpool star Virgil Van Dijk was relaxed as he partied in Spanish sun with other guests to celebrate his fellow countryman’s big day

Guests arrived, many opting for hues of lemon, lime and green, by coach to Son Marroig this morning

Glamorous attendees make their way into the Mallorcan resort ahead of the wedding

The guests arrived in style, with many choosing hues such as green, lime, and lemon. They were transported by coach to Son Marroig. Right: Glamourous guests arrive at the Mallorcan resort to get ready for the wedding

Paris Saint-Germain star Georginio Wijnaldum, far left, and his wife Mirella Pereira join the guests strolling into the celebration

Paris Saint-Germain star Georginio Wijaldum (far left) and Mirella Pereira, his wife, join guests as they stroll into the celebration 

Although the two were rivals this season, Liverpool’s star Virgil Van Dijk was relaxed basking in Spanish sun as he partied alongside fellow guests to celebrate his friend’s wedding.

Kaylee, 27-year-old designer, and Nathan, 26 year old photographer, were together as teenagers. The Dutch WAG, Kaylee has posted photos of Mallorca on her Instagram account – including a number of wedding-related emojis. 

Photos of her fun-looking hen parties were also shared by the author, which featured her wearing a veil as well as ‘bride-to be’ glasses. 

Photos of wedding guests show that the attires seem to be in keeping with Mallorca’s weather. Most chose shades of yellow and blue.    

Teammates past and present have jetted over to Mallorca to help Ake and his new wife celebrate

Philippe Sandler, who plays with Ake at the Manchester club, wore a linen ensemble to combat the warm Spanish weather

Former teammates and current teammates flew to Mallorca for Ake’s wedding celebration. Philippe Sandler (who plays alongside Ake at Manchester’s club) wore a linen suit to combat the hot Spanish sun.

Philippe Sandler and  Joey Groenbast

Philippe Sandler (left) and Joey Groenbast (right), make their way into the pavillion.

Ex Manchester United and now Watford star Josh King, who's originally from Norway, was also among the guests

The guests included ex-Manchester United star Josh King and Watford’s current Watford player, who are both originally from Norway.

A wedding guest in a stylish green satin sleeveless cat suit and wedge heels, carrying a Zara bag, heads into the setting

An elegant wedding guest, dressed in a green satin-sleeveless, sleeveless, cat suit with wedge heels and carrying a Zara bag heads to the ceremony.

The property is known for its breathtaking views and beautiful gardens, making it a popular choice for well-heeled couples

This property is well-known for its stunning views and gorgeous gardens. It’s a favorite choice for wealthy couples.

Rural country estate Son Marroig is the former mansion of Archduke Luis Salvado and has become a wedding venue of choice for many well-heeled couples. 

The property, known for its breathtaking views and beautiful gardens, features a cararra marble pavilion, which overlooks the ocean – and is the perfect place to say ‘I do’.