Manchester City’s Benjamin Mendy was moved to the notorious Maximum-Security Strangeways prison ‘for his personal protection’ while he awaits his trial for rape

  • Benjamin Mendy, Manchester City’s footballer was transferred to a high-security prison
  • He is now charged with seven rapes as well as one sexual assault.
  • Transferred to HMP Prison Manchester (commonly referred to by Strangeways). 

Manchester City footballer Benjamin Mendy was moved to a top-security prison just days before Christmas amid fears over his safety.

He is currently being accused of 7 rapes, and 1 sexual assault. The suspect, aged 27, was transferred to HMP Prison Manchester on December 23, where he will be tried for the crimes.

After the seven rape charges were brought against him, the footballer was taken to Manchester’s HMP Altcourse prison. 

Mendy’s co-defendant, Louis Saha Matturie, 40, is also understood to have been moved to the Category A prison at the same time, The Sun reports.  

Manchester City footballer Benjamin Mendy, who is now accused of a total of seven rapes and one sexual assault, was switched to the notorious HMP Prison Manchester last month

Manchester City Footballer Benjamin Mendy was charged last month with seven counts of rape and one count of sexual assault.

The Sun received this information from a source: “Both Mendy & Matturie were made to move because of the importance of their case.” 

“That could lead to safety or prisoner management problems and it was thought that Category A conditions may be better equipped for dealing with potential issues.

“The Prison Service has the responsibility of managing prisoners as safely and effectively as possible.”     

The footballer was accused of seventh-degree rape by a third complainant last month. 

Five complainants aged 16 or older are now facing charges. They are said to be involved in incidents that occurred from October 2020 to August 2021.

Louis Saha Matturie (40), is also charged with 6 counts of rape as well as 1 count of sexual assault.

Fourteen complainants aged 16 or older are the subjects of his charges. These allegations were alleged to have been filed between March 2021 – August 2021.

Mendy and Matturie will be tried in court on January 24th, but Judge Patrick Thompson last month said it was ‘unrealistic.

After being accused of four counts each of rape, and one assault sexually on August 26, the French national was held at HMP Altcourse in Liverpool.

Alle infractions are believed to have been committed at his Cheshire residence.

The footballer  was switched to the notorious HMP Prison Manchester, commonly referred to as Strangeways, on December 23

The footballer  was switched to the notorious HMP Prison Manchester, commonly referred to as Strangeways, on December 23

Three times, he is charged with raping a female victim in October 2013.

While he was being held on bail by the police in August, he allegedly raped another woman.

In January 2021, the accused was also charged with a sexual assault.

Christopher Stables was his attorney at the previous hearing and stated that he strongly denied these allegations.

Premier League champions City spent a reported £49.2million signing Mendy from French side Monaco in 2017. 

Pep Guardiola of City revealed Mendy’s injury last September.

The left-back was later removed from the city after being charged.

According to the club, Benjamin Mendy’s suspension has been lifted pending investigation after he was charged with a crime by police.

“The club cannot comment further until the legal proceedings are complete.