Victor Lindelof had his children and wife in fear when intruders broke in to the home of Manchester United’s star player while he was in Brentford.

  • Victor Lindelof played all of the game in Manchester United’s victory over Brentford 
  • His home was broken into while his family, including young children, were at their place. 
  • Maja Nilsson-Lindelof, his wife revealed the severity of the disturbing incident 
  • The mother claimed that she was hiding in her bedroom, along with her two small children, before intruders entered. 

Manchester United has offered support to Victor Lindelof, his family and friends after their house was broken in during Wednesday’s Premier League match against Brentford.

Maja Nilsson Liedof claimed her wife hid with their children in a bedroom before the match.

According to a United statement, “We confirm that Victor Lindelof suffered a burglary during Brentford’s away game.”

“His relatives, who were home at that time, weren’t hurt, but they were obviously shaken. Victor learned about this after the match, which was an extremely distressing event for him and his family. We are providing our support to them.

“We urge anyone with information regarding the crime to call the police.”

Victor Lindelof's house was broken into while he played for Manchester United at Brentford

Victor Lindelof’s home was broken into during his time playing at Brentford for Manchester United.

Wife Maja Nilsson Lindelof took to social media to reveal the extent of the traumatic moment

Maja Nilsson, Maja Lindelof’s spouse, used social media to expose the severity of the moment

Maja Lindelof, Lindelof’s spouse shared the following Instagram Story: “During Victor’s Wednesday Night game we had a break in at our Manchester house.”

“I was alone at home with my two children, but we were able to conceal and lock ourselves away in a bedroom before the kids entered our house.

“It was a scary and traumatic moment, and we are okay under the circumstances.”

“We are currently in Sweden and have been enjoying some family time.”

Lindelof and his partner are pictured at the United for Unicef Gala Dinner in November 2017

Lindelof with his partner at the United for Unicef Gala dinner in November 2017.

Defender Lindelof will not be available against West Ham, having now flown back to Sweden

Because Defender Lindelof has returned to Sweden, Defender Lindelof is not available against West Ham.

United will not be able to host Lindelof tomorrow against West Ham, as the West Ham Defender has already returned from his home country. 

Ralf Rangnick, United Manager has said that he had discussed the matter with centre backs and reached an agreement for the player to be allowed to leave.

He stated that he spoke to him on the flight from London back home and again this morning.

“He informed me about what actually had happened, and it was very traumatizing for both his wife and the son who was three years old.

Lindelof shares two children with his wife, two-year-old Ted Louie and their newborn Francis

Lindelof has two children, Ted Louie (two years old) and Francis (nine months).

United manager Ralf Rangnick said he spoke to the player at length in the wake of the break-in

Ralf Rangnick, United Manager, said that he had spoken to the player in detail following the break-in

“He told me that right now he needs to be at home. 

“He does not want to leave his wife or his family alone, and that is something I understand as a father of two kids.

“We have agreed to let him not train today or tomorrow.

Lindelof had a tough few months at Old Trafford. Due to serious breathing issues, Lindelof was forced against Norwich on December 27.

Maja was left shaken last month after Lindelof suffered a health scare during a United match

Maja suffered from a serious health problem last month when Lindelof was injured during United’s match.

After visibly clutching his chest at the touchline in the second half clash at Carrow Road during the first half, the centre-back was soon subject to a series examinations. 

United was quick to insist that the heart condition wasn’t related to the Covid-19 virus at the club.

According to his wife, the incident caused them distress. 

“It’s a frightening match to see and Victor was extremely cut up after,” she wrote.

Lindelof dropped to his haunches and complained of breathing difficulties against Norwich

Lindelof fell to his knees and complained about breathing problems against Norwich

“Yesterday, he went through a number of tests. He has had a heart monitor for the past two days so that everything is in order.

It was very uncomfortable especially because I could not reach him as I do always. 

“It took me a while before someone from the team updated me. 

His teammates were worried and ran to his rescue when he collapsed under no pressure. The pitch was also evacuated quickly by medics as he pointed towards his chest.